Mercedes-Benz at CES 2017: Concept EQ

Jan 5, 2017
Stuttgart/Las Vegas

With "Concept EQ", Mercedes-Benz demonstrates that attractive and high-performing electric cars will soon dominate the streetscape.

  • "Concept EQ" gives a tangible preview of a completely new vehicle generation with battery-electric drive system.
  • The new generation of electric vehicles will be based on an architecture developed specifically for battery-electric models, which is scalable in every respect and usable across all models: the wheelbase and track width as well as all other system components, especially the batteries, are variable thanks to the modular building-block system. The vehicle concept is thus optimised to meet every requirement of a future-oriented, battery-electric model family. The basic architecture is suitable for SUVs, saloons, coupés and other model series.
  • In future, every all-electric vehicle will belong to the new brand for electric mobility, "EQ".
  • The Concept EQ close-to-production show car presented in Paris in 2016 is the herald of this new e-mobility brand.
  • The market launch of the first model, based on an SUV, is planned within the next three years.