Under the microscope - Mercedes connect me: In online contact with the car

May 21, 2014
Mercedes-Benz will introduce a new package of services in Europe under the name "Mercedes connect me" with the new C-Class Estate.
Under the umbrella brand "Mercedes me" the Stuttgart-based premium automobile manufacturer bundles all existing and future service offers – easily accessible and available at all times on a digital internet platform. The line-up can be accessed via a personalised Mercedes ID on the website.
"Mercedes me" also includes the new "Mercedes connect me" services. The "Mercedes connect me" services can be used via a KOM module with its own SIM card integrated into the vehicle. The available services include accident, maintenance and breakdown management, among others. Likewise, customers can connect to their vehicle from anywhere and at any time via "Mercedes connect me“ and, among other things, retrieve the fill level of the tank or start, stop or programme the auxiliary heating system.
Mercedes-Benz emergency call system
In an accident this service automatically connects the occupants with the Mercedes-Benz Emergency Call Centre and sends the position and the condition of the vehicle to the rescue operations centre. It can then immediately dispatch a rescue vehicle. The system works automatically but can also be triggered manually.
The “Mercedes connect me” basic services comprise:
  • Accident management – after the Mercedes-Benz emergency call it connects to the Customer Assistance Center to make it possible to request additional optional aid in dealing with the accident, e.g. a tow truck.
  • Breakdown management – it provides technical assistance in the event of a breakdown. To this end it transmits the vehicle position and the condition of the vehicle to the Customer Assistance Center, which informs the Mercedes-Benz Service 24h. This allows the Mercedes‑Benz Service 24h to provide fast and optimal help.
  • Maintenance management – the vehicle detects and reports pending maintenance need and sends the necessary data to the service outlet as the basis for preparing a service quote.
  • Telediagnosis – the vehicle detects the necessary replacement of diagnostics-capable wear parts and reports it to the dealer. The dealer contacts the customers to schedule a repair shop appointment. The previously transmitted data enables the repair shop to provide optimal assistance.
The "Live Traffic Information" service comprises:
  • Real-time traffic data from TomTom in conjunction with COMAND Online – three-year term, can be extended after the end of the term for a fee.
The optional Remote Online services (can also be used with a smartphone via www.connect.mercedes.me) comprise:
  • Vehicle position – allows determining the vehicle position, for example, if the vehicle was parked in an unfamiliar city. This makes it possible to conveniently find the vehicle with the help of a smartphone within a range of 1.5 kilometres.
  • Vehicle position finding - enables pinpointing the current position of a moving vehicle via GPS. The driver has a display in the vehicle and can deactivate the service at any time with a toll-free call to the Customer Assistance Center.
  • Geographic vehicle monitoring – displays where the vehicle is in an area previously defined on the map and informs the customer if the car leaves or enters this area. Just as in the case of vehicle position finding, the driver can deactivate the service at any time. (Expected availability from late 2014.)
  • Remote door locking and unlocking – allows locking or closing the vehicle doors remotely, for example, if the driver forgot to lock the vehicle. (Expected availability from late 2014.)
  • Remote access of vehicle status – vehicle data such as fuel gauge, state of charge, range and more can be accessed from home or while on the road.
  • Programming of the auxiliary heater – if the vehicle is equipped with auxiliary heating, all functions such as starting, switching off or programming of the timer can be controlled online via a smartphone.
  • For vehicles with electric drive the Remote Online services are part of the standard specification and offer the additional functions "Programming of Charge Settings", "Pre-Entry Climate Control" and "Route Planning".
Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2014: free-standing central display
Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2014: free-standing central display