More sustainability in charging: Mercedes-Benz ensures the use of energy from renewable resources for public charging via Mercedes me Charge

More sustainability in charging: Mercedes-Benz ensures the use of energy from renewable resources for public charging via Mercedes me Charge

Dec 12, 2020
  • Milestone in the course of Ambition 2039: Green Charging integrated into Mercedes me Charge for all EQ models throughout Europe from early 2021
  • Mercedes-Benz guarantees that electricity from renewable energies will be fed into the grid for the quantities of charging flowing via Mercedes me Charge
  • Mercedes me Charge enables customers to charge at more than 175,000 public charging points throughout Europe; Mercedes-Benz ensures a sustainable compensation with green power

Stuttgart. Green power, that is to say electricity from renewable resources, is a significant factor in the life-cycle of an electric car for preventing CO2 emissions. This is because around 50 percent of the CO2 footprint of a battery-electric vehicle are produced during the use, i.e. due to CO2-affected charging sessions. In order to make green charging possible for the customers of all purely battery-electric Mercedes-EQ models and all plug-in hybrid model variants via the Mercedes me Charge service, Mercedes-Benz will start the market launch of Green Charging in Europe next year.

Green Charging – more transparency for customers

The driver often does not know whether a public charging station sources green power or electricity from non-renewable resources, because this is the responsibility of the different charging station operators. In order to counteract this lack of transparency and to promote the use of electricity from renewable resources, Mercedes-Benz is –in this magnitude-the first automotive manufacturer to use so-called Guarantees of Origin to “green” charging sessions. This ensures that an equivalent amount of electricity from renewable resources is fed into the grid for charging electric vehicles. This means that the charged amounts of energy are compensated with green power after the actual charging process.

As a result, Mercedes-Benz for the first time offers its customers the possibility to charge at public charging stations throughout Europe knowing that the use of energy from renewable resources is ensured. Until now, this was only ensured at select charging stations such as, e.g. the fast charging network along Europe's main transport arteries belonging to IONITY, the joint venture of the automotive manufacturers BMW Group, Ford Motor Company, Hyundai Motor Group, Mercedes Benz AG und Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche. The operation is relatively simple: For a certain period of time, it is analyzed exactly what amount of electricity has been charged from all Mercedes EQ vehicles via Mercedes me Charge. The defined number of high-quality Guarantees of Origin for green power (1 MWh corresponds to one Guarantee of Origin) is provided by an external supplier. A Guarantee of Origin thus verifiably certifies the origin of the energy and serves as a kind of birth certificate for electricity from renewable resources. In order to enable an environmental benefit in addition, the Guarantees of Origin comply with further additional attributes, which are defined in the form of an eco-power label and aim to step-up the construction of renewable energy plants.

Another milestone in the wake of Ambition 2039

The path to emission-free mobility is a key element of the Daimler corporate strategy Ambition 2039 – in which the vehicle production also plays a pivotal role. With a view to the energy used there, Mercedes-Benz AG is reaching another important milestone. The own plants will produce on a CO2-neutral basis from 2022. This comprises more than 30 passenger car and van plants and is another step in the implementation of the "Ambition2039" initiative with which the company aims to achieve a carbon-neutral new vehicle fleet from 2039. As a first step, emissions generated in Mercedes-Benz vehicle production and in the energy supply to the plants will be systematically reduced or where possible avoided entirely. The company relies on three strategic pillars for doing so: continuous increase in energy efficiency, use of green power and realisation of a sustainable heat supply. However, electricity from renewable energies is important not only in production - it also plays a very important role in the life-cycle of an electric car for avoiding CO2 emissions after it passes through the factory gates:

"Our aspiration is to bring modern luxury and sustainability in our products into harmony with a fascinating customer experience. The use phase of our products is a pivotal lever in this regard. With our new Green Charging solution, we are taking an important step here that benefits not only our customers, but also the environment. In doing so, we actively contribute to cutting CO2 emissions and thereby are taking the path to the CO2-neutral mobility of the future with our Ambition 2039“, says Britta Seeger, Member of the Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG Boards of Management, responsible for Marketing and Sales.

Convenient charging and transparency when paying with Mercedes me Charge

With Mercedes me, Mercedes-EQ provides comprehensive services for the electric mobility of today and tomorrow. Via Mercedes me Charge, drivers of a Mercedes-EQ or plug-in hybrid model with the latest MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment generation have the possibility to get access to one of the world's largest charging networks with over 400 different operators of public charging stations in Europe alone. This convenient access to the charging stations is provided by the Mercedes me Charge charging card, the Mercedes me App or via the vehicle's media display. No separate contracts are necessary for this: apart from simple authentication, customers benefit from an integrated payment function with simple billing after they have registered their payment method once. The objective: relaxed, uncomplicated travel with transparency and planning certainty