Daimler at anniversary of re:publica: how we're revolutionising the travel experience

Apr 27, 2016
  • Ten years of re:publica with the theme "TEN is NET"
  • Daimler Business Innovation is the main sponsor of re:publica 2016 with the motto "Touching all senses – beyond mobility"
  • The future of travel will be discussed on May 3, 2016 at the panel session "Neural Health & Story Maps"


Stuttgart/Berlin. The largest technology-inspired digital society conference will take place in Berlin this year from May 2 to 4. To mark its tenth anniversary, re:publica has chosen the theme "TEN is NET" in an effort to give a mirror image of digital society. Now for the fifth time, Daimler AG will be represented at re:publica by its in-house innovation lab Business Innovation, responsible for trendsetting business ideas, with the motto: "Touching all senses – beyond mobility". In addition, a Daimler Group Research discussion panel with the motto Future of Travel will focus above all on one question: "Are you still travelling or are you already experiencing?". Speakers from Daimler Group Research, mobility provider moovel Group GmbH and mapping service HERE will discuss new directions for the future of travel as well as the ancient wisdom: "The journey is the reward".

Daimler Business Innovation takes mobility to the next level – with all the senses

Business Innovation, the think & act tank of Daimler AG, will this year be present at re:publica with the theme "Touching all senses – beyond mobility". "This year, we'll be at re:publica with three very exciting areas. Based on the five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, we'll be offering a platform aimed at providing opportunities for encounter, self-reflection and discussions," says Susanne Hahn, Head of Daimler Business Innovation. "In the context of the ‘Learning Society’, employees from Daimler Business Innovation will also be holding mini-workshops as well as brainstorming sessions together with visitors on multi-touch screens in a retro classroom. The highlight for me, however, is the is the Discosphere, where people can sing and dance, and their recordings will be used by a DJ at the end of the event to produce a re:publica soundtrack that everyone can help to create," says Susanne Hahn. Visitors also will be able to try out their sense of taste at the Mercedes-Benz Food Truck by Business Innovation, which will offer a cosy atmosphere while serving up healthy food amid the hustle and bustle of the event.

"Neural Health & Story Maps" - orientation in the age of navigation systems

What's the link between memory and navigation? How do annotated maps and neural health fit in? And what have these subjects got to do with Daimler in the first place? Answers to these and other questions will be given at the "Neural Health & Story Maps" panel discussion by Anke Kleinschmit, Head of Daimler Group Research & Sustainability, Alexander Mankowsky, Daimler AG futurologist, as well as discussion partners Eileen Mandir, Head of Product Development & Lab at mobility provider moovel Group GmbH and Oliver Fink, Chief Technical Architect at mapping service HERE. "For us, it's important to make the mobility of the future safe, convenient and exciting – thereby improving the quality of life. As vehicles and the digital world are becoming ever more closely interconnected, we want to join together with re:publica visitors to discuss the future possibilities of travel," explains Anke Kleinschmit.

About Daimler Business Innovation

Business Innovation is the cross-functional, international innovation lab of Daimler AG with the goal of augmenting the core business of automobile production with creative solutions and new business ideas. The development and piloting of numerous projects in recent years have led to the establishment of successful business areas, such as car2go and moovel. Business Innovation has teams around the world. Headquartered in Stuttgart, it has branches in Sunnyvale, Beijing, Istanbul, São Paulo and Buenos Aires.

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    Daimler at anniversary of re:publica: how we're revolutionising the travel experience
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    Daimler at anniversary of re:publica: how we're revolutionising the travel experience
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