Strong colour contrasts meet powerful shapes: the new sunglasses and corrective eyewear from Mercedes-AMG and ic! berlin

Strong colour contrasts meet powerful shapes: the new sunglasses and corrective eyewear from Mercedes-AMG and ic! berlin

Mar 22, 2022

Stuttgart. Following the Mercedes-Benz glasses presented in January, the eyewear manufacturer ic! berlin is now presenting its collection of corrective eyewear and sunglasses, developed in cooperation with Mercedes-AMG. In these models, powerful rectangular shapes, strong colour contrasts and refined details make a clear statement. The collection includes three pairs of unisex corrective glasses and two pairs of men's sunglasses, all of which are extremely comfortable to wear. The lenses of the sunglasses come from the driving range of Zeiss Sunlenses and are engraved with an AMG logo. All ic! berlin glasses are handmade in the company's own factory in Berlin.

Detail highlights of the unisex corrective frames include the iconic ic! berlin 10 mm bar on the AMG 03 and AMG 04 models or the forward-curved bridge of the AMG 05 model, reminiscent of a spoiler. The sunglasses play with volume and colour contrasts and offer unexpected combinations such as shiny copper with dark, velvety aubergine on the AMG 06 model or semi-transparent grey acetate with gold accents on the AMG 07 model. In addition to the lens, the AMG logo is also engraved on the frame temples. 

The following models are available to choose from:

AMG 03: powerful and yet almost weightless  

The iconic ic! berlin 10 mm temple with engraved AMG logo underlines the powerful design of the model with its medium-sized, oval-shaped frame. The air slit in the eye rim area provides lightness and a feeling of weightlessness. It makes the lens appear to float and allows the coloured interior finishes to shine through. This elegant contrast is particularly effective in the black with AMG red colour variant. Thanks to the temple ends made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomers), the glasses also provide a secure fit during sporting activities. Additional wearing comfort is provided by the special nose bridges, which can be flexibly adjusted.  

AMG 04: downright classic - and nevertheless a statement   

This model impresses with its larger, almost classic rectangular shape. As with the AMG 03 model, the air slit in the upper eye rim ensures lightness. Here, depending on the colour choice, the interior finish shimmers through in yellow, red or blue. The glasses fit securely and comfortably and are highly suitable for varifocal lenses thanks to the large frame.

AMG 05: striking, youthful and sporty   

The smaller but nevertheless very striking rectangular shape features a dynamic detail: the forward-curved bridge is reminiscent of a spoiler and gives the glasses an architectural line. Available in bright matt yellow, or AMG red or AMG blue depending on your choice, the glasses provide eye-catching colour contrasts. Thanks to the sporty design, this model is also well suited for teenagers and young adults.

The corrective glasses are available in three colour combinations: matt black with AMG red, gun metal with AMG yellow and pearl with AMG blue.

AMG 06: classic with refined details

The AMG 06 model with its classically rounded rectangular shape has an ingenious stainless steel shade held only by push-in connectors, which makes this model a real collector's item. The colour combinations of dark aubergine with shiny copper, graphite with bronze and matt black with pearl provide elegant contrasts.

AMG 07: sporty, aggressive eye-catcher 

With its eye-catchingrectangular shape and a luminous acetate front in rich AMG orange with gold accent in the hinge area, the AMG 07 model is a design statement! For fans of more subdued tones, there is a model with a semi-transparent grey acetate front and gold accents in the hinge area. 

All models are available from authorised ic! berlin opticians.

About ic! berlin  

The eyewear manufacturer ic! berlin was founded in 1996 in Berlin and makes innovative eyeglasses by hand in Germany, in line with the company's philosophy: Style. Made in Germany". ic! berlin models are extremely light, flexible and are characterised in particular by a worldwide unique, screwless hinge solution. Nowadays eyewear from ic! berlin is sold in more than 60 countries around the world. The company is based in Berlin and currently employs more than 150 people. 

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