Number of conversion solutions on the rise: the new Mercedes Benz Citan as a micro camper

Number of conversion solutions on the rise: the new Mercedes Benz Citan as a micro camper

Oct 26, 2021

Stuttgart. Van life is booming. Over the past years, Mercedes‑Benz Vans has successfully established itself in all motorhome categories with its base vehicles, and with the new Citan, which has been available to order since mid-September, the brand with the three-pointed star has laid the foundation for further growth.  The new Citan allows Mercedes‑Benz Vans to make the most of the versatile possibilities in the increasingly popular micro-camper conversions sector. This will be demonstrated shortly by SORTIMO Switzerland at the Suisse Caravan Salon in Bern, starting on 28 October. SORTIMO Switzerland will be presenting the new Citan with a roof tent and a multifunction box equipped with a kitchen and bed unit at the Mercedes‑Benz exhibition stand. And there are further conversion solutions based on the new Citan on the market, for instance from VanEssa mobilcamping. The increase in popularity of micro-campers has a number of reasons: they are comparatively cheaper in terms of acquisition costs; their often modular conversion concept enables flexible installation and removal; thanks to their compact exterior dimensions they are easy to operate; and their weight of under 3.5 tonnes means they can be driven on a regular category B driving licence. With qualities like these, micro-campers have an increasing fan base, especially among young van lifers.

"The motorhome market is essential for Mercedes‑Benz Vans. We expand our presence continuously and work closely with various motorhome manufacturers around the world. The brand new generation of the Citan is another milestone here. We are very pleased that our costumers can already select between various mirco-camper conversion soultions just a few weeks after the new Citan was released for sale," says Klaus Rehkugler, Head of Sales and Marketing Mercedes‑Benz Vans.

About the new Mercedes-Benz Citan

The new Mercedes‑Benz Citan is a completely new development. The Tourer models start at a price of 26,481.07 euros (in Germany, incl. 19 % VAT). With regard to its design, connectivity, driving characteristics and safety, the vehicle bears the typical DNA of the brand with the three-pointed star; and unites it with compact exterior dimensions and a cleverly designed interior space concept.

Further information and technical data on the new Citan is available at the Mercedes me media online platform, at and at the Daimler Global Media site at

With SORTIMO and VanEssa mobilcamping, create a Citan micro-camper in no time at all

Turn your daily driver into a micro-camper and back again in a few easy steps – that's the overriding principle in the van life scene when it comes to small vans. It works on the basis of so-called furniture modules which can be flexibly installed and removed. This concept is used for the new Citan among others by VanEssa mobilcamping from Upper Bavaria and Swiss vehicle conversion specialist SORTIMO from Bern.

Conversion solution from SORTIMO[1]:

  • The so-called multifunction box from SORTIMO Switzerland provides a two-in-one solution with a kitchen and bed unit. It is installed in the rear of the new Citan. The kitchen unit uses a drawer system and features include a sink system, two-ring removable gas cooker and a drawer for cooking utensils. Optionally available is a coolbox which can also be integrated in the kitchen unit. The bed system is installed above the kitchen unit. In just a few moments, this can be folded out to create a bed with a surface area measuring 2020 millimetres by 1510 millimetres. When it is folded away, the rear seats of the new Citan can be used unimpeded. The multifunction box from SORTIMO Switzerland is available in the colours black, grey and red/orange.
  • The roof tent from SORTIMO Switzerland is installed on the roof bars of the new Citan. It can be installed in just a few minutes and, with its 2400 millimetre by 1400 millimetre area, it offers additional sleeping space for up to two adults. The tent is waterproof and features a canopy above its entrance. Two windows equipped with mosquito nets ensure air circulation and a view of the great outdoors. Meanwhile, access to the roof tent is afforded by the aluminium ladder provided.
  • What's more, SORTIMO Switzerland has a range of other accessories which are available to order for the new Citan, including a mobile solar energy system with portable power pack.

Conversion solutions from VanEssa mobilcamping1:

  • The VanEssa kitchen system for the rear of the new Citan is also based on a drawer system and comprises, among other things, an integrated gas cooker, a sink system and an optional coolbox. There is also enough space for crockery, pots and pans, and supplies. The kitchen module weighs around 60 kilogrammes and can thus be installed or removed in a matter of minutes. Various design options, including two wooden finishes, provide additional opportunities for personalisation.
  • With the VanEssa sleeping system, the rear of the new Citan can be transformed into a comfortable bed in just a few simple steps. The system carrier is lashed in place in the luggage compartment and allows a 1890 millimetre by 1150 millimetre bed surface to be unfolded. The bed system is available either individually or in combination with the kitchen system.

[1] The content was provided by the bodybuilder. Mercedes-Benz AG and its subsidiaries accept no liability nor do they issue any warranty for content provided solely by the bodybuilder.