Model range and bodies - One for all: the wide Sprinter model range, conversions and bodies from Mercedes-Benz VanSolution and from VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz

Sep 10, 2015
  • Extraordinarily wide product range right from the start
  • One new Sprinter, more than 1000 basic models
  • Mercedes-Benz VanSolution: special body ex factory
  • VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz: approved conversions and bodies
Panel van, crewbus, pickup, chassis – this roughly sums up the range of Sprinter models. It is available ex factory in a wide variety of variants. But with a veritable wealth of special equipment it becomes a made-to-measure van. There are also numerous different bodies available via the Mercedes-Benz VanSolution and VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz schemes. These make the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter as versatile and individual as its customers.
Extraordinarily wide product range right from the start
Short, medium-long, long – it sounds like Morse code but refers to the length variants of the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter when it was launched in 1995. Three lengths, two roof heights plus five permissible gross vehicle weights from 2.59 to 4.6 t – the Sprinter showed its versatility right from the start. It was available as a panel van and crewcab, chassis, pickup and twin cab. The choice was wide, the Sprinter was one for all.
In early 2001 Mercedes-Benz decidedly beefed up the range with the Sprinter 616 CDI. This had a gross weight of 5.99 t (five tonnes when weight-reduced) as a chassis, crewcab and platform truck. Its technical features included a distinctive frame running arrow-straight with no throw and a heavy-duty rear axle with a particularly wide track.
Mercedes-Benz also reached tradespeople, service providers and courier services with tailor-made, sector-specific variants. These vehicles were created in close collaboration with specialised body manufacturers. In this way the range was rounded off by purpose-built bodies for chilled and frozen food, construction, courier services, camper vans and buses.
One new Sprinter, more than 1000 basic models
The all-new Sprinter of 2006 also led to an all-new model portfolio. From then on, the bestseller in the van sector was as versatile as never before. The finely graduated weight range now extends from three to five tonnes; the enclosed models are available in three wheelbases and four lengths with load capacities of 7.5 to 17 cu. m. Moreover, there are three roof heights and rear axles with single, twin and supersingle tyres. Just the different body, weight and drive variants amount to more than 1000 basic models of the new van.
The Sprinter is also perfect for special-purpose bodies. The chassis is available with a cab, with a crewcab and as a chassis with cowl, i.e. without a cab. Shortly after the production start-up a further variant was added as a low-frame chassis, something unique for a van with rear-wheel drive. In this case the frame is lowered by 205 mm behind the cab. The rear axle is of special design as a semi-trailing arm version with coil springs. This version is directed specifically at manufacturers of camper vans and sales vehicles.
Mercedes-Benz VanSolution: special bodies ex factory
Mercedes-Benz Vans developed the Mercedes-Benz VanSolution concept to coincide with the new 2006 Sprinter. This is based on intensive cooperation with well-known conversion and bodybuilding specialists. The vehicles of selected system partners are directly incorporated into the Mercedes-Benz sales portfolio. The fully completed vehicles are marketed as single invoice transactions like the company's own vehicles. This means purchase of the complete vehicle, financing/leasing, and warranty/guarantee from a single source with only one point of contact.
In 2015, the anniversary year of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, the range offered by Mercedes-Benz VanSolution has refrigerated and fresh produce vehicles, box bodies, tippers, platform vans and low-bed vans from a total of nine system partners. This covers numerous customer requirements catered for by Mercedes-Benz Vans as single invoice transactions.
VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz: approved conversions and bodies since 2008
And it doesn’t stop there: as part of a multi-stage partnership with converters and body manufacturers, there is also the cooperation scheme VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz. This comprises a large number of approved body solutions produced by certified partners. These are marketed separately. At present almost 100 body versions ranging from car transporters to mobile workshops are available for the Sprinter on the internet platform .