smart x Lena: Inspiration and mindfulness in the crisis. Interview with smart brand ambassador Lena Meyer-Landrut

Apr 27, 2020

Interview with smart brand ambassador Lena Meyer-Landrut

Stuttgart. The isolation caused by social distancing during the coronavirus crisis is a problem for many people. In an interview, Lena Meyer-Landrut tells us how she spends her days in her Berlin apartment and explains what inspires her and helps her to stay positive.

The smart brand ambassador won the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Satellite" and thus made her big breakthrough. Since then she has released several albums, worked as a model and actress and, among other things, acted as a coach on the TV casting show "The Voice Kids".

Lena, how are you doing in the coronavirus situation?

I try to stay positive and use the time at home as best as possible. It’s also important to me to use social media to encourage people to stay alert and mindful. Fake news or shitstorms ultimately harm everyone. Last week I sewed my own mouthguard. It's not magic; the first try went wrong – I guess I just needed to practice sewing a bit.

Can you work right now?

Yes – for example, I recently gave an online concert – the response was really great! And I’m trying to use the break creatively to write new songs and to educate myself musically. I can also be active via social media – very consciously, so that all posts remain true and come from the heart. That also takes time. Maybe that’s a takeaway of the crisis: To take more time for things that we used to do on the side.

What inspires you to create music when you spend so much time at home?

I listen to a lot of music; think about many things like the past and future. And I let my thoughts wander during walks with my dog Kiwi. Nature in particular is a good source of inspiration. Now in the spring, everything grow and blossom that you just have to open your eyes. When I then write down these feelings and thoughts, something new often emerges – even if it doesn't always is the idea for a song. It might sound strange at first but the coronavirus crisis can also inspire. Many people are currently struggling with loneliness and I also find it difficult not to hug my friends now. But together we can get through it – if everyone does their part and only goes out when absolutely necessary. You have to go different ways now, call each other more often, write a letter or Skype together. Family and friends are more important now than ever before – and that too can be an inspiration for music.

What are currently your favourite songs?

I’m a radio listener. I turn on the radio in the morning when I get into the shower and like to listen to the latest hits. Or I turn on the "Happy Hits" playlist on Spotify. I'm already a real pop girl… although I'm a little stuck on country music right now. I'm also listening to a lot of 90s pop these days. Sixpence non the Richer, Natalie Imbruglia and Natasha Bedingfield. Oh, and good summer vibes from Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles.

What does a typical day currently look like for you? What is important for you to avoid cabin fever?

Sport is essential to me; I have to keep moving. Therefore I do at least one longer home workout every day. Sometimes more like yoga; sometimes more like HIIT workouts or I go jogging. Healthy nutrition is also very important to me. That's why I start each day with a fresh smoothie full of vitamins. Apart from that, I’m doing things that I usually don't get to do, like doing puzzles or meditating. But it’s also important for me to keep myself informed; to stay up to date. The positive thing about this time: It’s a possibility to focus on what really counts and to free yourself from the distractions of everyday life. It's also a chance to rid yourself of ballast and carry on with a lighter load. And by that I don't just mean the cleaned-out wardrobe.

Meditation and mindfulness play a big role for you. Do you have any tips for our readers?

I take 10 minutes every day to reflect on what really counts; what’s really important. I listen to music that really relaxes me. Music can be so many things: not only can it bring you down, but it also reduces frustration or just lets it all out. Gratitude is also one such point here. To be thankful for everything positive we have. It makes us stronger and more conscious.

Which topics are important to you?

At present, of course, the human interaction with each other and that we all have to stick together to get the coronavirus crisis under control. We can and must now protect the weak and the elderly and reassure all those who are now increasingly concerned about their work, their health or their family. Some people feel alone in this, and we must all help to ensure that no one is really completely alone. Apart from that, the issues of environmental protection and sustainability are important to me. Even now, in the crisis, these issues must not be forgotten – and that’s what I’m doing.

How are you committed to the issue of sustainability?

I try to make my own small contribution by avoiding some things, such as meat and dairy products, or by looking for more environmentally friendly alternatives and avoiding unnecessary packaging. So everyone can think about what can be changed in everyday life, for example, whether you really need disposable cups for your "coffee to go". That’s why, since last year, I‘ve also been driving a fully electric smart EQ fortwo. It's perfectly adequate for my trips in Berlin, and Kiwi and I don't need any more space. I can charge it in my garage. 

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