New service from Mercedes me gives an exclusive insight into production: Joyful anticipation for Mercedes-Benz customers

Sep 8, 2017
  • Via their personalised access to Mercedes me, new car customers in Germany are able to follow the production status of their ordered Mercedes-Benz car in real time.
  • Digitalisation in the Mercedes-Benz plants allows the use of production data for a new brand experience and offers interactive services.

Stuttgart – People spend 374 days of their lives "waiting" for something. During the waiting time between ordering their Mercedes-Benz and taking delivery, we enthuse our customers by digital means.

A new tool within "Mercedes me" makes it possible after ordering the desired vehicle to track its production status online from the comfort of your own home, or while travelling: Between the ordering and delivery time, Mercedes-Benz offers new car buyers in Germany exclusive insights into the production of their Mercedes-Benz car in real time, so as to heighten the "Joyful Anticipation". The new service from Mercedes me at is a very special brand experience on a PC, tablet or smartphone. "Joyful Anticipation" is already available for vehicles in production in the German Mercedes-Benz car plants in Sindelfingen (CLS, CLS Shooting Brake, E- and S-Class), Rastatt (A- and B-Class, GLA) and in Kecskemét (B-Class, CLA, CLA Shooting Brake) in Hungary. Shortly "Joyful Anticipation" will also become available for models from the German Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen (C-Class Sedan, Estate, Coupé, Cabriolet; E-Class Coupé and Cabriolet, GLC, GLC Coupé, SL, SLC). The Mercedes-Benz plant in Tuscaloosa (USA) is still following this year in which SUVs for the German market are running off the line.

Customers in Germany concluding a sales contract in Germany for a new Mercedes-Benz car receive a flyer about "Joyful Anticipation". Using their personal Mercedes me account, customers can log-in and input their ordered vehicle using the order number. In addition to information about the vehicle, they receive an insight into different production stages – from production planning, body shop, painting, assembly and quality control to completion and planned delivery. In addition, interactive services such as a tailor-made Mercedes me car insurance with special terms, or vouchers with special offers, for example for a driving training, enhance the attractiveness of "Joyful Anticipation".

"Joyful Anticipation" consists of four areas, "Welcome", "Your Vehicle", "Your Production" and "Your Handover", which are configured completely individually for the customer and vehicle. The aim is to give the customer an individual, exciting, digital brand experience even during the waiting time for the ordered vehicle. In the "Your Vehicle" section, the customer is given all the relevant information relating to the ordered vehicle. In the "Your Production" section, the customer finds out everything about the individual production stages for the ordered vehicle with real-time tracking. The multimedia content provides an entertaining insight into the manufacture of a Mercedes-Benz car, ranging from the production location to the production processes and the final inspection. Following vehicle completion, the customer can find out all he/she needs to know about the vehicle handover.

Networking the entire value added chain in real time is already more than just a vision for Mercedes-Benz. And the focus here is always on the potential and actual customer. The status of every vehicle in the Mercedes-Benz car plants is reported to the production network. These data are used for production planning and control. The new service of Mercedes me now likewise accesses these vehicle data.

The digital mobility and service brand Mercedes me creates individualised access to the world of Mercedes-Benz. This goes well beyond the car itself, offering an integrated system of products, services and innovations.

Since its introduction, "Joyful Anticipation" has not only been enthusiastically received by customers. The service was honoured with coveted prizes, e.g. the German Online Communication Awards ("Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation") and "Best of Best" winner in the Automotive Brand Contest.

With the digitalisation of our production the prerequisite for this innovative digital service has been made and will be expanded. A vision of the future is that the customer will be able to assign changes to the equipment and even further customization after the purchase order.

A video on this topic can be found on the Mercedes-Benz YouTube channel:

Quotes on "Joyful Anticipation"

Markus Schäfer, Member of the Divisional Board of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Manufacturing and Supply Chain:

“Digital transformation is a key initiative in our production strategy. We further increase the flexibility and efficiency of our worldwide production network. On top we create new services and real added value for our customers. An excellent example is the ‘ Joyful Anticipation’. We are driving digitalisation ahead at full speed in our plants, with the use of leading Industry 4.0 methods."

Dr. Jens Thiemer, Head of Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars:

”Our aim is to place the focus on the customer and his individual needs at all times during the entire customer journey. We will continue to ensure that this is the case, not just when it comes to products and services, but also in terms of our marketing and communication activities. We call this 'human-centred innovation'. We aim to apply this approach to make Mercedes-Benz an even more desirable brand. With this digital transformation in all areas of the company, we have now created the conditions for the new, highly emotionally appealing service ‘Joyful Anticipation’, which will be expanded further in the future. It brings the customer closer to the vehicle of his/her choice even earlier.”

Sabine Scheunert, Head of Digital and IT for Marketing & Sales Mercedes-Benz Cars:

”Joyful Anticipation is one of our projects with which we can show that we are able to translate visions into a digital, emotionally appealing product within a very short time. The unbelievable spirit in the swarm was always focussed on the customer, and efficiently networked a wide range of departments in production, the plants, marketing and IT.”

Dr. Carsten Oder, Head of Marketing & Sales Mercedes-Benz Cars Germany:

”In Sales we are increasingly moving towards the digitalisation of our sales processes - from the advisory stage to purchase and after-sales service. We have now set another milestone with the ‘ Joyful Anticipation’ service. Our customers can now access the production status of their car online at any time via Mercedes me. In this way we can enhance the customers anticipation of the new car from day to day before its delivery.”

Further Videos about "Joyful Anticipation" can be found here:

About Mercedes-Benz Cars Operations

Mercedes-Benz Cars Operations (MO) is responsible for passenger car production at more than 30 locations around the world. Three sites are currently under construction (Mexico, Poland and Russia). As part of a flexible and efficient production network involving round about 78,000 employees this includes the central functions of production planning, technology fabric, logistics, and quality. Mercedes-Benz Cars produced more than two million Mercedes-Benz and smart passenger cars last year, marking the sixth record in a row. The network is based on the product architectures of front-wheel drive (compact cars) and rear-wheel drive (for example the S-Class, E-Class, and C-Class) as well as the SUV and sports car architectures. In addition, there is a powertrain production compound (engines, transmissions, axles and components). Each of these production compounds is grouped around a lead plant that serves as a center of competence for the ramp-up of new products, technology and quality assurance. The focus of day-to-day work is on the continuous improvement and refinement of state-of-the-art production methods, which allow future high-tech vehicles to be produced in a way that is efficient, flexible and environmentally friendly, according to the typical Mercedes-Benz quality standards. All of this revolves around the employees and their expertise, whose work is systematically supported by ergonomic workplace design and intelligent automation. In addition to its own production plants, Mercedes-Benz is increasingly leveraging partnerships as part of its growth strategy.

About the Mercedes-Benz Sales Germany (MBVD)

From its headquarters in Berlin, the Mercedes-Benz Sales Germany (MBVD) employing over 1400 people looks after sales and service for Mercedes-Benz, smart and FUSO customers in the German market. More than 54,000 employees in around 1150 sales and service outlets ensure the best possible level of customer care.


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    Via their personalised access to Mercedes me, new car customers in Germany are able to follow the production status of their ordered Mercedes-Benz car in real time.
  • Release date
    Sep 8, 2017
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    "Joyful Anticipation" consists of four areas, "Welcome", "Your Vehicle", "Your Production" and "Your Handover". In the "Your Production" section, the customer finds out everything about the individual production stages for the ordered vehicle, with real-time tracking.
  • Release date
    Sep 8, 2017