Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class: More Dynamic and Appealing Than Ever, Thanks to Comprehensive Model Update and Three New V6 Engines

Apr 21, 2005
This June, the CLK-Class coupe and convertible will become even more irresistible for customers. Not only will Mercedes-Benz be offering four new model variants, it will also upgrade the CLK models by giving them a redesigned front as well as numerous technical innovations for even more safety and comfort. For example, the range of standard features is being augmented with the all-new crash-active headrest system NECK-PRO. The new models include the three six-cylinder engine vehicles CLK 320 CDI, CLK 280 and CLK 350, which are available as both a coupe and a convertible. The cars are priced at between 41,064 euros and 53,302 euros ex works. Mercedes-Benz is meanwhile offering the all-new CLK 220 CDI coupe for 39,614 euros ex works.
For many years now, the letters CLK have been synonymous with fascinating coupe design and open-air driving pleasure. The second generation of the CLK-Class has thrilled more than 200,000 motorists worldwide since it was launched in May 2002 as a coupe. A convertible version followed a year later.
Beginning in early summer 2005, three all-new six-cylinder engines will make the CLK-Class even more powerful and sporty. The new CLK 350 with seven-speed automatic transmission as standard (200 kW/272 hp) will succeed the CLK 320, and offer 25 per cent more output and about 13 per cent more torque.
Another new model is the CLK 280, whose 170 kW/231 hp V6 engine is 36 per cent more powerful than its predecessor, the CLK 240, while the torque has been boosted by 25 per cent. The vehicles’ driving performance has been correspondingly increased as well, with acceleration from 0-100 km/h shortened to 7.4 seconds in the CLK 280 coupe and to 6.4 seconds in the CLK 350 coupe. Both V6-powered models are therefore up to 1.8 seconds faster than their predecessors.
Mercedes-Benz offers the CLK 280 coupe for 41,064 euros and the convertible for 46,748 euros ex works, while the CLK 350 costs 47,618 euros (coupe) and 53,302 euros (convertible) ex works.
Convertible debut: Powerful diesel engine with six cylinders
Diesel fans will also find more driving pleasure and dynamic performance in the CLK-Class in future, thanks to the new CLK 320 CDI with state-of-the-art direct injection diesel. The engine output (165 kW/224 hp) and torque (510 Nm with 7G-TRONIC) are extremely impressive, as is the fuel efficiency (combined) of 7.2 to 7.3 litres per 100 kilometres (coupe). The CLK 320 CDI coupe is priced at 42,804 euros ex works. Beginning in the fourth quarter of 2005, the CLK 320 CDI will also be offered as Mercedes-Benz’ first diesel-powered convertible. The car costs 48,488 euros ex works.
In the future, the tried and tested four-cylinder diesel with 110 kW/150 hp will also be available in the CLK coupe. This engine consumes only 6.4 to 6.5 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres. The CLK 220 CDI coupe costs 39,614 euros ex works.
The prices of the CLK models at a glance (ex works):
39,614 euros

CLK 200 KOMPRESSOR              Coupe


37,468 euros

43,152 euros

CLK 320 CDI                                Coupe


42,804 euros

48,488 euros*

CLK 280                                       Coupe


41,064 euros

46,748 euros

CLK 350                                       Coupe


47,618 euros

53,302 euros

CLK 500                                       Coupe


58,696 euros

64,380 euros

CLK 55 AMG                                Coupe


79,692 euros

85,376 euros

*Available beginning in the fourth quarter of 2005
In Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland, Mercedes-Benz will be equipping the CLK-Class diesel models with particulate filters as standard.
Standard equipment in all CLK models: Crash-active NECK-PRO headrests
Beginning in May 2005, Mercedes-Benz will be expanding the CLK’s comprehensive range of standard safety features by introducing the all-new, crash-active NECK-PRO headrest. These headrests improve safety for the driver and the front passenger in the event of a rear-end collision. Once the sensors have determined that such a collision has occurred and that the impact has exceeded a defined level, the prestressed springs in the headrest are released. As a result, the headrest is shifted some 44 millimetres forward and about 30 millimetres upward within a split second. The heads of the front occupants are properly supported as a result, reducing the risk of whiplash injuries.
After NECK-PRO has been activated, the headrests can be unlocked and pushed back to their original positions by hand, using the tool provided.
Other standard CLK safety features will include the automatic tyre pressure loss warning system and the ISOFIX child seat mounts. As an option, customers can also purchase bi-xenon headlamps with an active cornering function for 1,589.20 euros ex works.
Dynamic look: Redesigned front and alloy wheels
The appearance of the Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class also expresses the increased power of the extensively upgraded coupe and convertible. The redesigned front bumpers with their striking wedge shape and larger air intakes create a more dominant look, as does the modified radiator grille with three instead of the previously four louvers. In the future, the CLK’s AVANTGARDE equipment line will feature 17-inch five-spoke alloy wheels as standard, while the ELEGANCE line will have nine-spoke alloy wheels (16-inch; 17-inch wheels for the CLK 320 CDI and up).
Top quality down to the last detail: New colour and material concept for the interior
With their proverbial attention to detail, the Mercedes designers have not only upgraded the CLK’s interior but also ensured that the various equipment lines have become even more distinct. The AVANTGARDE line vehicles will, for example, be equipped with new black seat coverings as standard, consisting of a combination of fabric and ARTICO imitation leather. Alternatively, an all-new leather design is available as an option in which seats, door centre panels and rear side panels feature contrasting colours. The AVANTGARDE’s instrument panel comes with a matte aluminium faceplate, white dials with special lettering, and chrome rings for the round gauges.
The colour and material design of the ELEGANCE line has also been updated, and the interior’s discreet elegance will be accentuated by a new fabric design in black or basalt grey (coupe); new, optional leather coverings in black, basalt grey or stone beige; and new decorative wood trimming made of dark ash.
More dynamism available ex works: Sports packages with an extensive range of equipment
Mercedes-Benz is fulfilling the request of many drivers for even more sporty vehicles by introducing two new equipment packages. These packages include 18-inch alloy wheels, wide 225/40 R 18 tyres (front) and 255/35 R 18 tyres (rear), perforated brake disks and a sports suspension that enables the body to be lowered by 15 millimetres. For the interior, the sports package offers multi-contour front seats as well as gearshift buttons on the steering wheel (automatic transmission only). Depending on the model variant in question, the sports package costs between 1,392 and 1,624 euros ex works. Mercedes customers opting for the AMG sports package (from 4,756 to 5,220 euros ex works) also receive an AMG front apron, the AMG rear trailing edge, the AMG rear silencers with chromed twin tailpipes, 18-inch alloy wheels and much more.

CLK 220 CDI                                Coupe

Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class: More Dynamic and Appealing Than Ever, Thanks to Comprehensive Model Update and Three New V6 Engines
Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class: More Dynamic and Appealing Than Ever, Thanks to Comprehensive Model Update and Three New V6 Engines
CLK-Class, CLK 320 CDI Cabriolet
CLK-Class, CLK 320 CDI Cabriolet
CLK-Class, CLK 320 CDI Cabriolet
CLK-Class, CLK 320 CDI Cabriolet, AVANTGARDE
CLK-Class, CLK 320 CDI Cabriolet, AVANTGARDE
CLK-Class, CLK 320 CDI Cabriolet, AVANTGARDE
CLK-Class, CLK 320 CDI Cabriolet, AVANTGARDE
CLK-Class, CLK 350 Coupé, ELEGANCE
CLK-Class, CLK 320 CDI Cabriolet, AVANTGARDE
CLK-Class, CLK 350 Coupé, ELEGANCE
CLK-Class, CLK 350 Coupé, ELEGANCE
CLK-Class, CLK 350 Coupé, ELEGANCE
CLK-Class, CLK 350 Coupé, ELEGANCE
CLK-Class, CLK 350 Coupé, ELEGANCE
CLK-Class, CLK 350 Coupé, ELEGANCE
CLK-Class, CLK 350 Coupé, ELEGANCE