Interior: Dynamics and modern luxury

Nov 10, 2015
Driver and passengers enjoy an ambience that leans toward the interior of the C-Class Saloon yet raises it to a new, sporty level.
The interior is likewise an emphatic statement of the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy of sensual purity. The door and rear side panelling as well as the sweeping centre console merge smoothly, thus emphasising the coupé character. As a DIRECT SELECT selector lever handles gear selection on vehicles with automatic transmissions, a large, one-piece centre console panel sweeps elegantly from the centre air vents to the touchpad in the handrest above the controller on the centre tunnel. These seamless, clear-cut lines create a sense of open space and convey a sense of simple, purist modernity.
The large solitaire component is available in a host of materials – for example, with modern wood surfaces, in piano lacquer design or carbon.
On vehicles with manual transmission, the centre console is slightly steeper and features two separate trim elements in order to create optimal space for ergonomic operation of the shift lever.
At a high level
A centrally positioned free-standing central display is the main eye-catching feature above the centre console – with a screen diagonal of 17.78 centimetres (7 inches), or 21.33 centimetres (8.4 inches) if COMAND Online is specified. It floats in the ergonomically best position above the centre console and is connected with a piece of horizontal trim. Thanks to its ergonomic positioning, the eye easily adapts to the central display. Visualisations and animations on the central display enhance the operating convenience and make the functions of driver assistance and communications systems tangible.
A wing-shaped piece of trim separates the upper and lower sections of the instrument panel. Its design makes it look like it is floating in the air. The visual split also makes it possible to choose different material and colour combinations.
Interior lighting is largely provided by long-lasting and energy-saving LED technology. This also applies to the optionally available solar (amber), polar (ice blue) and neutral (white) ambience lighting.
The touchpad in the handrest of the central controller developed by Mercedes-Benz marks an evolutionary step. As on a smartphone, all the functions of the multimedia system can be operated using finger gestures.
The door panels of the frameless doors have a completely new design. The door panels and the rear side panelling merge together smoothly.
Surfaces, colour combinations and seam patterns not only characterise the value appeal and an ambience moulded by the Mercedes guiding principle of modern luxury, but also underscore the sporty nature of the Coupé interior.
This also comes courtesy of the newly designed seats with integral seat look, which enhance the sense of spaciousness compared with the predecessor model. Convenience features are the easy-to-operate coupé-specific controls of the easy entry function on the side of the backrest. For the first time, optionally available automatic belt extenders aid in fastening the seat belt. The rear seats are designed as individual seats.
The stowage volume increased by 6.9 litres compared with the predecessor and now amounts to 24.8 litres (manual gearbox) and 28 litres with automatic transmission.
The unique position of the new C-Class Coupé is emphasised by the special upholstery colour combinations: saddle brown, porcelain and – in the Edition 1 – nut brown/black with turquoise topstitching.
Head-up display - focus on information
An optional head-up display provides less distraction from traffic. As in a jet aircraft, it projects important information directly into the driver's field of vision in front of the windscreen. It displays the current speed, posted speed limits, navigation instructions and DISTRONIC messages  – depending on the selected settings.
The technology is based on mirror optics and a full-colour display module with a resolution of 480 x 240 pixels which is driven by high-power LEDs. They project the virtual image, which measures around 21 x 7 centimetres, into the driver's field of vision where it appears to float above the bonnet around two metres away. The resolution of more than 60 pixels per degree of viewing angle ensures a needle-sharp image.
A light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the head-up display to the exterior lighting conditions. In addition, the driver can adjust the height of the virtual image so that it is easy to read.
Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupé C 300, selenit grey, leather cranberry red
Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupé C 300, selenit grey, leather cranberry red
Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupé C 250 d 4MATIC, hyacinth red, leather porcellain/black