smart drive app 2.0: A lot of infotainment for a low price

Mar 5, 2013
smart became the first car brand to develop its own drive app for the iPhone® in 2010. Now the company is presenting a brand new version in Geneva – the smart drive app 2.0. In addition to familiar functions and modern infotainment applications, this app also brings together numerous unique new features that have been tailored to the smart brand and its customers.
A complete information and entertainment centre for a low price: once an iPhone® has been equipped with the new smart drive app 2.0 for €14.49 per year (in Germany, including VAT) and connected to the vehicle using the cradle available with the “smart Drive kit for the iPhone ®”, a range of unique mobility services will be available.
This app is particularly user-friendly, and it offers a wide range of attractive features in four menu areas – navigation, music, infotainment and telephony – that are intelligently interlinked.
In addition, the fifth menu area, “add-on”, offers additional services for smart drivers such as the simplified finding of discounted parking. These functions have been cleverly integrated into the app, as has the unique “smart community parking” function. Here, users can upload information, including photos and evaluations, on parking spaces that are only suitable for smarts and pass this on to the community as insiders' tips.
An overview of the functions offered by the smart drive app 2.0:
  • Navigation: the smart drive app has one of the most inexpensive offline navigation solutions on the market, and even includes access to worldwide maps. Many functions have been optimised for city driving. The user can, for example, call up a display of car parks in the vicinity or near the destination, and if the car park operators make such data available, they can even view parking rates and real-time information on the current availability of parking.
  • Music: in addition to the music files stored on the iPhone®, the “Web Radio” function also makes it possible to listen to more than 7000 radio stations around the world, while “ Song ID” allows the user to identify unfamiliar songs.
  • Infotainment: with the help of the “smart Event Finder”, users can find out what is going on right then in the city, as it provides a quick overview of current events in the vicinity or at the destination. Organisers can even be contacted without exiting the app.
  • add-on: this app makes it possible for smart drivers to take advantage of various special offers for smarts. APCOA car parks that are participating in the smart add-on mobility programme can be identified and set as the destination, allowing smart drivers to enter and leave these car parks without tickets while benefitting from special low rates. The app also includes all of the rental locations for Europcar where smart drivers can rent a larger vehicle at special rates when necessary.
  • In addition to the integration of APCOA and Europcar locations, in future this app will also provide information on bridges and ferries that offer reduced rates for smarts. The same applies to special low prices for car washes for the compact city runabout. There will also be functions integrated especially for smart electric drive customers such as a charging station finder that identifies available locations in the vicinity and at the destination, and even allows them to be reserved when permitted by the provider.
These wide-ranging services for smart drivers will be continually expanded in future, with the organisation of privately shared parking among the services that are planned. This will bring together those in need of parking spaces so that they can share the rent for a space in the city – because two smarts can easily fit in a standard parking space.