smart at CES 2017: smart "ready to" services

Jan 5, 2017
Stuttgart/Las Vegas

smart makes life in the city easier by extending the usage spectrum of the vehicle beyond mere mobility with "ready to drop" /"ready to share". smart is predestined for "ready to drop"/ "ready to share", because, thanks to car2go, smart vehicles already have a sophisticated software and electronics architecture for locating, opening & closing (in just 2-3 seconds, without a key) and starting the vehicle. Further services will follow. For the fast development and realisation of such creative projects around urban mobility, smart has set up the "smart lab" as the brand's think-tank.

ready to drop

  • smart launched "ready to drop" in autumn 2016 with a beta test in collaboration with the DHL parcel service, initially in Stuttgart and Cologne. As additional cities in Germany, Bonn and Berlin will follow this month.
  • The beta test with "ready to drop" is the biggest real-world trial to date of car-boot deliveries in Germany.
  • The new service is a hit: since autumn 2016, several hundred parcels have been sent by "smart ready to drop" and delivered to the boots of smart cars.
  • smart "ready to drop" is just the start; with the "Connectivity Box", the vehicle will be turned into a "connected car", allowing it to be used in the near future for additional, innovative services available from smart over the air.

ready to share

  • The new and innovative "ready to share" service from smart (private car-sharing), will launch with a beta test in selected German cities in spring 2017.
  • With "ready to share", smart drivers can share their vehicle with a defined community and earn money at the same time. Vehicle usage is thus made even more efficient with "ready to share".
  • smart "ready to share" is smartphone-based. The "ready to" app simplifies handling and works in a similar way to a digital vehicle log.
  • Keyless access is made possible by the "Connectivity Box" behind the windscreen.
smart ready to share
smart ready to share
smart ready to drop.
smart ready to drop.
smart ready to drop.
smart ready to drop.