Multi-dimensional musical enjoyment

Oct 28, 2020

There is a choice of three sound systems in the new S-Class. The two Burmester® systems provide multi-dimensional surround sound. 3D Surround Sound is created with the help of special Burmester® algorithms and two loudspeakers integrated into the headlining. Active actuation of each speaker by digital technologies produces an exceptionally expressive and natural sound. The Burmester® high-end 4D surround sound system adds another dimension to the three-dimensional listening experience – 4D sound. This uses exciters to transfer resonance to the seats. In combination with the two Burmester® sound systems the S-Class has in-car communication. This comfort function assists communication between the occupants during a journey.

Here is an overview of the three sound systems:


Standard sound system

Burmester® 3D surround sound system

Burmester® high-end 4D surround sound system

Total number of speakers




Of which
… woofers/mid range/tweeters
… 3D speakers
… centrefill speakers
… surround speakers
… … ear-level speakers for driver/front passenger seats

... Subwoofer (number/litres)






Sound amplifiers








Total output (watts)




31 speakers and eight exciters are included in the Burmester® high-end 430 D surround sound system. Two exciters are integrated into the backrest of each seat. Direct reproduction of the sound resonance in the seats adds another level to the three-dimensional listening experience – 4D sound. The perceived intensity of the sound can be individually adjusted for each seat. The music becomes even more emotional thanks to this feelable component. In addition to playing music, the 4D sound is used for an even more emotional function of ENERGIZING COMFORT (see corresponding chapter).

Speakers integrated into the front seats at ear level make an even further improved surround sound experience possible for all occupants. With the new drivertainment function, information from the infotainment system, e.g. navigation instructions and telephony, can be specifically directed to the driver's seat. With sound personalisation, the user can easily adapt the sound system to suit personal listening preferences. The result is saved to a personal sound set and stored in the user profile.

Two amplifiers with a total output of 1750 watts power 37 separately processed output channels. Hybrid amplifier technology with digital signal processing, analogue filters and separate power supply ensure precise and highly dynamic sound reproduction. Alongside the acoustic attributes, features such as the extending tweeters in the mirror triangle or the lighting are another highlight of the high-end sound system.

The S-Class has the in-car communication function in combination with the two Burmester® sound systems. This function makes communication between the occupants more comfortable by amplifying speech and transmitting it from the speakers. In the new S-Class Saloon, amplified speech is supported in two directions, from the driver/front passenger to the rear passengers and vice versa.

The intelligent signal processing separates voice signals from surrounding noises. The voice signals are amplified, the surrounding noises suppressed. This voice amplification takes the interior noise level into account, and dynamically adapts the amplification of the voice signals.