You see that you see nothing

Oct 28, 2020

The flush-mounted door handles (optional) are a completely new development. They are electrically extended when the driver approaches, or the outer surface of the door handle is stroked. Keyless access is provided by KEYLESS-GO.

The door handles are retracted when not in use and when travelling, and are flush with the door. If the door is to be opened, the handle is extended to its operating position in a parallel movement. Compared to pivoting door handles, a handle extending in parallel offers a much larger area of purchase and can be gripped with the whole hand.

When developing this visually impressive handle, great attention was paid to close tolerances and little free-play. The control electronics dispense with classic end position switches and extend the handles with a wide load tolerance, and as a visually and acoustically attractive movement. The door handle makes an impression of high quality and solidity.

Additional operating convenience is provided by KEYLESS-GO functions integrated into the flush-fitting door handle. For example, the door handles are already extended as soon as a person with the key approaches the vehicle. Other operations of KEYLESS-GO are via capacitive sensor arrays on the handle for the main functions: unlocking the vehicle, locking and poss. comfort closing, and requesting a retracted door handle. To open the door it is sufficient to pull the handle slightly, which opens the door lock with electric motor assistance.

With the flush-fitted door handles, the central locking system and KEYLESS-GO blend into a single operation whenever the vehicle is accessed. The door handles are extended in special situations, e.g. after an accident or for a remote parking procedure.