Under the microscope: new app smart cross connect - Multimedia buddy

Nov 4, 2014
As early as 2010 smart became the first car brand to develop its own drive app for the iPhone®. With smart cross connect the company is now presenting a revolutionary new app for the smart fortwo and smart forfour. smart cross connect offers even more features while on the move and outside of the vehicle. smart parking is among the features which now offer a more user-friendly design and incorporate new functions: the smart driver is not only able to save a parking facility but can also recommend it to the community, rate it and upload pictures. The extremely user-friendly app runs on a wide range of smartphones with iOS or Android operating systems and is offered worldwide.
smart cross connect is the name of the revolutionary new app from smart that can be downloaded free of charge for the third smart vehicle generation. In combination with the smart Audio-System and the universal cradle for smartphones (both optional equipment) a mobile phone becomes a clever co-driver, skilful navigator and multimedia buddy.
The app starts up automatically when the smartphone is connected to the car via Bluetooth®. The main menu is then displayed in easy-to-read landscape format on the smartphone's screen. The individual submenus can be accessed by tapping the screen or swiping.
The most important functions at a glance:
  • Community: with smart parking insider tips can be shared with friends. Not only can smart drivers save parking facilities, they can also rate them and pass information onto friends. Photos of the parking space can also be uploaded. A further sub-function in this menu: Glympse can be used to share the current location with friends with just a few operating steps
  • Driving score: around 180 facts and figures are automatically transferred from the smart to the smartphone. They provide information about the driver's mobility behaviour in an entertaining way. Efficient driving is rewarded in the "driving score". The following data are displayed in graphic form during the journey: speed, fuel (fuel consumption, graphic display: trees grow/shrink) and G-force. The driving score (maximum 100 points) is calculated from this data and can be viewed in the Trip History menu at the end of the journey
  • Navigation: smart cross connect enables maps to be downloaded to the smartphone's storage medium – an important feature for example in the event of poor mobile phone reception or abroad where off-board navigation roaming charges would be incurred. A further important function is the search for Points of Interest such as restaurants or filling stations
  • Music: an important new feature is control of the radio via a smartphone. For example, the app can be used to select different stations. AUPEO! personal radio offers free online music and concentrates on the recommendation of new songs and artists. With the like/dislike function users can adapt the playlist to suit their personal taste or choose from various genres/artists. In addition, smart drivers can access the music stored on their smartphones
  • Guidebook: APCOA car parks, JET car washes, Europcar rental offices participating in the smart add-on mobility programme and car2go shops for free registration can be entered as destinations in the navigation system. The Event Finder provides a quick overview of current events in the vicinity or at the destination
Outside the vehicle smart cross connect automatically switches to hand-held mode. When leaving the car the position is automatically saved and a clock starts. This means that smart drivers no longer need to remember where they have parked and can always rely on knowing the precise parking time. Lots of further information such as the last trips, the driving score or fuel consumption on the last trips can also be displayed. All this information always remains on the mobile phone and – with the exception of smart parking – it is never uploaded to a server.
smart cross connect was developed at the Mercedes-Benz Silicon Valley R&D centre headquarters in Sunnyvale/California. The physical proximity to companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook, as well as small, creative start-ups, allows Mercedes-Benz to integrate innovations into its vehicles quickly and in close cooperation with its partners, as well as to keep pace with the world of consumer electronics in terms of development cycles.
smart add-on: parking, sharing, renting, washing
The service programme smart add-on offers drivers of a smart special motoring-related services. Cooperation with well-known service providers offers customers savings and makes individual mobility less stressful, faster, more flexible and convenient. JET is the newest partner.
After simple, free registration with the partners individually selected by the smart driver, the process of using the smart app couldn't be easier: outside the vehicle add-on partners can be selected with the menu item "Guidebook" and sent as a navigation destination for a later journey. Further information about smart add-on is available online at .
The following smart add-on services and partners are currently available in Germany:
Sparkle for less: enjoy a discount at JET car washes
Small cars can soon be made clean again. And now for less when they are cleaned at JET: the company is offering all smart drivers (and also drivers of earlier models) a discount of four euros off the "Glanzpflege" ["Gloss Care"] premium wash. Depending on regional prices this represents a discount of between 30 and 40 percent. When selecting an underbody wash, smart drivers will receive a further discount of 50 percent. No registration is necessary to take advantage of the smart rates: drivers only need to show their vehicle key.
Convenient parking: enjoy special benefits at APCOA car parks
One of the biggest advantages of the smart fortwo is that it can be parked in the smallest of spaces. Parking the small runabout is now even more flexible and convenient at participating car parks belonging to the smart add-on partner APCOA (currently available in Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Esslingen, Munich and Cologne). After registration, smart fortwo drivers receive a little RFID chip from their smart service outlet which can be affixed to the windscreen and provides the following benefits:
  • Reduced parking fees (15 percent discount)
  • No parking ticket necessary – no having to search for and queue up at pay machines
  • Convenient cashless payment to suit customer requirements (direct debit or bank transfer)
  • Itemisation of parking activities as part of documentation of private/commercial parking transactions, monthly invoicing to enable an overview of cost control
  • Entry into car parks even when "car park full" signs are displayed
Low-cost car hire: VIP service at Europcar
The smart is agile and trendy, but sometimes you simply need a bit more room for passengers or luggage. Occasional transport problems can be solved easily by using a hire car. And this is now a particularly attractive and convenient solution with the aid of smart add-on partner Europcar. Registered smart drivers enjoy the following benefits:
  • A discount of up to 20 percent off the best available daily rate
  • Express VIP service (Privilege Ready Service) when collecting and returning vehicles
  • Guaranteed vehicle reservation (the vehicle will not be hired out to another customer, even if the customer arrives very late to collect it)
  • Applies in all branches of the global Europcar network
Register for free: participate in car2go
Drivers of a smart with a passion for travel now no longer need miss out on using their urban runabout when they find themselves in a different city. Thanks to smart add-on sharing, they can register free of charge for participation in the car2go scheme. They will then have access to the mobility service from car2go in a number of major German cities (currently Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart and Ulm).
In addition, since 1 May 2014 car2go has offered European roaming. So smart drivers who register in Germany can also use car2go in all other European countries. ().