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Under the microscope: actuators make the S-Class more comfortable - Over 100 little helpers

Jul 2, 2013
The new S-Class features highly sophisticated, automatic climate control functions. The seats likewise lay claim to being the benchmark in automobile engineering. In both cases this is accompanied by maximum operating convenience, ensured by numerous actuators and electric motors – there are a good 100 of these in the interior alone.
In the fan filter tract of the air conditioning unit the air is taken in by a blower consisting of a twin-shaft motor and two impellers. The temperatures in the four air mixing chambers are regulated to the desired vent temperatures by the use of mechanically coupled cooling and warming flaps. A total of 14 step motors control the flaps of the mixing zones and air vents, and three step motors (four if optional THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control is specified in the rear) control the flaps in the air ducts to the side vents and rear centre vent. There is also a step motor in each of the two air deflectors in the rear footwell. Plus there is a rear fan and a fan for the temperature sensor, making a maximum total of 21 motors.
With full specifications, up to nine seat adjustment motors bring each of the front seats and EASY ADJUST luxury head restraints into position. There are also six seat ventilation motors. In the rear there are up to twelve motors for each seat. This means that in an S-Class, 54 actuators take care of occupant seating comfort, while two more move the steering wheel to the desired position. There are also 14 pneumatic massage cells per seat, each of them activated by solenoid valves.
Other motorised helpers:
  • Four power window motors
  • Five motors controlling exterior mirror adjustment, folding and the parking position for the front passenger mirror
  • Five motors for silent closing of the doors and boot lid
  • Two motors move the tweeters in the mirror triangles if the Burmester® High-End 3D Surround Sound system is ordered (incidentally this has 24 speakers)
  • A vibrator in the steering wheel in conjunction with Active Lane Keeping Assist
  • A fan motor for the central display
  • Two motors powering the panoramic sliding sunroof and sunblind
  • Three motors to drive the electric sunblind for the rear window and the sunblinds in the rear doors
  • Two motors for the rear belt feeders, two motors for the reversible belt tensioners in the front
  • Two drives for DVD players