Under the microscope: The "smart control" app: Permanent online connection to the smart

Feb 22, 2017

With the "smart control" app a host of electric drive information can be called up via smartphone, tablet or PC and functions such as pre-entry climate control or intelligent charging can be conveniently controlled remotely. The new model has more operating options than the predecessor. For example, two programmable departure times mean that intelligent charging and pre-entry climate control do not always need to be re-set for frequent journeys.

Always informed: the "smart control" app enables simple operation of many functions of the smart electric drive. smart drivers can see the current battery state of charge and the range before they set off or activate the pre-entry climate control of the interior while the car is charging.

The most important functions at a glance:

  • Vehicle information: battery charge level, range, average fuel consumption, mileage, eco score, next service, tyre pressure.
  • The vehicle functions departure time and pre-entry climate control: compared with the previous series two programmable departure times mean that these functions do not always need to be re-set for frequent journeys, for example the daily commute. The programmed departure time can be used both for intelligent charging (see below for details) and for the pre-entry climate control. If the departure time is set the previous evening, the vehicle has a perfect interior temperature the next morning. If the customer wants to spontaneously set the temperature before a trip for a vehicle that is not connected to a charging station this can also be done via the "smart control" app as long as the battery charge level is at least 30%. For further information on pre-entry climate control please see the corresponding section.
  • Charging properties: during the charging process the charge level, remaining charging time, charging capacity, range, the current state of charge (SOC) and the charging profile (expected state of charge depending on the time) can be called up. In addition, the smart electric drive enables convenient charging with automatic authentication and cashless payment in accordance with the ISO 15118-defined Plug & Charge profile. When a contract has been concluded with an energy provider the contract certificate needed can be transferred to the vehicle via a charging station. The "smart control" app assists the customer with the contract conclusion by displaying the Plug & Charge ID. The current contract status in the vehicle is always shown on the "smart control" app. Furthermore, "intelligent charging" can be activated for a charging process. With the help of information from the infrastructure or – if this is not available – a tariff table specified by the driver on the "smart control" app cost-optimised charging of the vehicle is possible. The tariff table can also be used to select solar power from the customer's own photovoltaic system as the preferred charging option, for example.