Under the microscope: Pre-entry climate control: Cosy warmth when you're ready to set off

Feb 22, 2017

For a cosy and warm temperature, the "smart control" app can be used to conveniently set the pre-entry climate control for the interior of the smart electric drive in conjunction with the passion, prime and proxy lines. Energy-intensive climate control functions are rescheduled where possible to periods prior to departure and during the charging time of the high-voltage battery, which has a positive effect on the range.

When the smart electric drive passion, prime or proxy is connected to the charging network, the pre-entry climate control can be activated particularly conveniently with the help of the planned departure time. The planned departure time can be entered via the instrument cluster or the "smart control" app. When the departure time has been entered the controller becomes active approx. two hours before this time. The pre‑entry climate control starts up to an hour before the departure time by determining the time needed for this based on the temperature difference between the inside of the vehicle and the outside temperature. Depending on the difference, the rear window, the seats and the steering wheel are heated, for example, or the interior is cooled. The target temperature is 21° Celsius. Particularly convenient and practical: the controller also allows for slightly earlier or later arrival at the vehicle.

Spontaneous pre-entry climate control without a pre-programmed departure time is also possible when the vehicle is not connected to the charging network. In this case the pre-entry climate control time is limited to five minutes. The function is conveniently activated via the "smart control" app on a PC, tablet or smartphone. The target temperature for the interior is also 21° Celsius. In conjunction with the winter package (see section "Equipment and features") the seat and steering wheel heating can also be automatically activated and deactivated.

The smart electric drive has an energy-efficient air conditioning system. An electric heater booster (high-voltage PTC; Positive Temperature Coefficient) heats the interior while an electrically powered AC compressor cools it.

In ECO mode (see "Drive" section for details) the outlet air temperature from the air vents is lowered or raised to reduce energy consumption.