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Under the microscope: Innovative Mercedes me connect services Parking: Finding a parking space made easy

Apr 18, 2018

The new Mercedes me connect services On-Street Prediction, Real-Time Information and Off-Street Information allow Mercedes-Benz drivers to save valuable time and reduce their stress levels while at the same time cutting their fuel consumption and emissions when searching for a parking space. The optional services can be used with the Mercedes me app as well as in the new A-Class, which comes as standard with the all-new MBUX - Mercedes-Benz User Experience - infotainment system. The realtime information is based i.a. on Mercedes-Benz vehicles which have just left a parking space or driven past potential parking spaces.

In Europe and North America, motorists in cities spend an average of 55 hours every year looking for a parking space. This was the finding of a study by Frost&Sullivan from 2015. Yet there is no shortage of free parking spaces – the challenge is to find them.

This is where the new Mercedes me connect Parking service comes to the assistance of drivers by informing them in real time about the parking space situation in their vicinity – both on-street and off-street (in multi-storey car parks). All the latest Mercedes-Benz cars are intelligently connected. And many vehicles also have optionally available Active Parking Assist, which includes long-range parking sensors capable of detecting parking spaces at the roadside. In the interests of finding a parking space quickly, it is therefore a logical step for Mercedes-Benz to make use of the anonymised data generated as the vehicle drives by.

The current situation is shown on the media display of the A-Class and in the Mercedes me app. Parking spaces that have just been vacated are shown for one minute with a "P" symbol on the map of the surrounding area. The predicted probabilities of finding a parking space are represented by differently coloured lines on the streets.

Here are the services and their features at a glance:

  • On-Street Information:
    • On-Street Prediction: Provides information on the probability of finding a free parking space in a given area. A light blue marking on the screen indicates an average probability, while a dark blue marking shows a high probability. On-Street Prediction uses historical data for its analysis.
    • Real-Time Information: Provides real-time information on free parking spaces and parking spaces that are currently being vacated. When a Mercedes-Benz vehicle is in the process of leaving a parking space, this information is sent to the Mercedes-Benz back-end in anonymised form. Added to this is the information supplied by Parking Assist in other Mercedes-Benz vehicles. When their parking sensors detect free parking spaces at the roadside (at a speed below 50 km/h), this information, too, is supplied in anonymised form to the Mercedes-Benz back-end, where all the data is aggregated and displayed to the A-Class driver and the Mercedes me app user for a short period of time.
  • Off-Street Information: Shows the number of available parking spaces in a multi-storey car park and provides additional information, such as opening times, prices and height limits. For this purpose, Off-Street Information uses current data from the operators of multi-storey car parks.