Telematics/control and display concept: Visionary infotainment system

Sep 13, 2011
With "@yourCOMAND" the F 125! shows a vision for future Mercedes-Benz telematic systems. The range of features includes:
  • Natural Handling: operation is substantially by natural voice commands, supplemented with intuitive gestures and touch control.
  • Seamless Experience: the multimedia systems are seamlessly and cross-functionally networked, socially interactive and non-distracting.
  • Remote Convenience: the vehicle and its multimedia system, as well as all applications and content, can be fully pre-configured by remote control.
  • Sensory Perfection: the F 125! offers high-end sound quality and high-resolution monitors with brilliant, individual displays for all seats.
The car as a fully interactive partner
The F 125! "understands" natural speech and gestures, and becomes the perfect, constantly alert "companion" for its driver and passengers. In the interests of maximum driver-fitness and operating safety, the driver is able to interact flexibly with the vehicle using voice commands and intuitive touch gestures. For the best possible accuracy level, the speech recognition system of the F 125! uses both onboard and - since it is always online - internet-based speech recognition. Whether navigating, accessing news updates or receiving and sending SMS, email and Facebook messages, updating appointments or selecting enter-tainment media – the driver of the F 125! can control them all with natural voice commands.
The control options go well beyond those of currently available systems. The driver is e.g. able to request the latest stock exchange information to suit his personal needs ("What is Daimler stock trading at?") and make specific, contextual enquiries ("What developments are forecast by the analysts?"), choose music that suits his mood ("Please play romantic music!") and listen to/answer incoming messages without taking his hands from the wheel.
Seamless Experience: man and machine are completely linked
Thanks to its mainly Cloud-based functions, the F 125! for the first time becomes a genuine, comprehensive "communication centre" which is able to provide all media and services at any time. The exchange of information is no longer impeded or interrupted on journeys, but is an integral part of the concept. The so-called "digital lifestyle" of many customers can therefore be continued both seamlessly and - above all - safely when on board.
Because of constant connectivity with the Cloud, the driver has seamless access to all the media he normally uses. The audio book he started at home yesterday evening can be continued from precisely the right point in the car, the music or TV programme he chose over breakfast is continued, and incoming messages are read out.
Always online and always up-to-date
As all the infotainment systems of the F 125! are concertedly "Cloud-based", not only data but also functions in the network can be used. Speech recognition, for example, or a filtered search for news. As another advantage, the tedious synchronisation of different communication and entertainment devices is completely eliminated. All information, playlists, address books, to-do lists and diaries are always up-to-date, and are always fully available during a journey.
The intelligent head unit: thinking infotainment
The COMAND of tomorrow will not merely respond, but also be proactive. In the future the driver will be able to start with the traffic report or retrieve personal messages before starting the individual music programme. The weather report will then automatically come on before the journey ends. The vehicle will relieve the driver's workload by accessing knowledge from the Cloud: if an urgent message cannot be delivered to a colleague by SMS, for example, it will suggest another means.
Social networking at a new level
The F125! also opens up completely new dimensions when it comes to external communication and the use of social networks. With the help of the Social Community Assistant, the driver alone can decide who is allowed to "disturb" him, or who receives information. Friends and family, for example, can be informed about the current location or expected time of arrival at any time, while business calls or news can be rigorously blocked e.g. over the weekend.
Individual and extremely comfortable – to suit the mood
Whereas personalisation has often been tedious and awkward in the past, individual settings can be made very quickly and easily in the F 125!, thanks to the mood-based configuration function "Moods". "Moods" allows simple and intuitive configuration of music, all climate control settings or the communication functions, thereby also contributing to driver-fitness safety.
Remote Convenience: regulating, finding and controlling from a distance
Fully networked at all times, the F 125! becomes an integral part of the "Cloud". This e.g. means that via the vehicle's specific homepage, authorised individuals have access at all times to information such as the fuel level, next scheduled service or fuel consumption. Just as easily, a home PC or of course a smartphone can be used for remote configuration of the onboard navigation or entertainment system, or to select individual interior temperature settings for each seat.
Via a computer or smartphone, using the so-called Object Spotter function, the driver is also able to locate objects in the vehicle, and even operate them if they are technically equipped for this. If he inadvertently leaves his mobile phone in the car, for example, he is still able to check for incoming calls and access mailbox messages. Luggage and clothing items, child seats or an umbrella can be "found" in the vehicle at any time using futuristic object recognition technology.
The Alert function provides additional security and convenience when away from home. If the doors or boot of the parked vehicle are opened, for example, marked items are removed from the interior or the vehicle is moved, the driver is immediately informed by an alarm message on his smartphone.
Sensory Perfection: natural vision and operation to perfection
The F 125! has large, high-resolution displays. The autostereoscopic 3D display for spatial representation of the instrument cluster is immediately in the driver's field of vision. Depending on requirements or driver preference, it can show the relevant information in clustered form. The 3D image adapts natural visual habits, allows a better overview and thus relieves the driver of stress. The display is operated using two touchpads integrated into the steering wheel.
In the upper section of the centre console, the display surface is seamlessly integrated into the curved interior. This so-called head unit operates with projector-beam technology, and is controlled via a 3D select pad located within easy reach. It can still recognise a finger if it does not touch the surface directly, but is moving a few millimetres above it, a solution which allows a more stable display and control. In addition to the head unit, the integrated selection bar enables the instrument cluster and rear-view display to be selected. Activated in this way, these displays can also be centrally operated.
A further, retractable 17-inch display is installed on the front passenger side, and as this is primarily intended for passenger entertainment, it is fully controlled by hand gestures. To make this possible, infrared LEDs and a stereo camera are fitted along its lower edge. In this way a rear passenger who is relaxing on the chaise-longue can select his personal film programme with no physical contact.
A clear view of the entertainment screen from the front passenger side in the rear is made possible by the folding front passenger seat, which can be electrically adjusted at the touch of a button from the rear. The driver is unable to view this monitor, and is therefore not distracted from the traffic situation.
Hand gestures for convenient door opening and closing
Opening and closing the gull-wing doors is also contact-free, from the outside. Simple wiping gestures control all the functions. The relevant control element is integrated into the rear side window.
Door operation from outside is also possible by smartphone. Opening and closing from the interior is at the touch of a button, with control switches in both the front and rear.
Full visibility to the rear
Instead of conventional rear-view mirrors, the F 125! is equipped with a high-resolution wide-image display. This shows the images from a rear-facing stereo camera integrated into the third brake light. This allows the entire traffic situation behind the vehicle to be monitored, and also makes exterior mirrors unnecessary. In their place the F 125! has two aerodynamically shaped fins accommodating the sensors used by Blind Spot Assist.
The rear-facing stereo camera also allows extended image display possibilities, e.g. a view directly behind the rear end - with distance measuring function - when reversing into a parking space, or a longer-distance image for fast motorway driving. The image is adapted to human perceptive powers at all times, and once again provides a much clearer overview with more rapid and intuitive registration of the relevant traffic situation.
Mercedes-Benz F 125! research vehicle: @yourCOMAND - The visionary infotainment system
The Mercedes-Benz F 125! research vehicle: @yourCOMAND – The visionary infotainment system
The Mercedes-Benz F 125! research vehicle: @yourCOMAND – The visionary infotainment system