Superb THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control: Perfect climate aboard M-Class and E-Class

Nov 29, 2011
Carefully balanced control of the interior climate is especially important in the winter. This is why Mercedes-Benz offers the THERMOTRONIC luxury automatic climate control system for the E-Class and M-Class. Apart from regulating the climate separately for the driver, front passenger and passengers in the rear, it allows individual pre-settings to be programmed too.
This system furthermore includes a pollutant sensor which automatically switches to air recirculation mode if it detects any sudden increase in the carbon monoxide or nitrogen oxide levels in the outside air – when driving through a tunnel, for instance. Another highlight of the THERMOTRONIC system is the residual heat function: pressing the “Rest” button heats or ventilates the passenger compartment for around 30 minutes when the engine is switched off.
THERMOTRONIC heats up the passenger compartment efficiently, even after a cold start on winter mornings. This is thanks to a heating output of eleven kilowatts, equivalent to the capacity of the central heating system in a modern family home. On the diesel models, a heat exchanger with six integral PTC heating elements (PTC = Positive Temperature Coefficient) is also activated when the outside temperature falls below a certain level in order to boost the effect of the main heat exchanger with an electrical output of around 1200 watts. The assistance from the PTC heater is necessary due to the high thermal efficiency of today’s CDI engines, which is precisely what makes them so economical and means that they dissipate considerably less heat to the coolant under partial load conditions than conventional engines. The
E-Class and M-Class are equipped as standard with THERMATIC, a two-zone automatic climate control system.
To make long journeys or lengthy winter outings in the M-Class even more enjoyable, the centre console holds a little surprise in store: the tempered cup holders include a Peltier element that is capable of keeping drinks hot or chilled in a temperature range of 8° to 55° Celsius at the push of a button. So, a “take-away” coffee can be kept hot on the morning drive to the slopes, for example. Alternatively, with the cooling function activated, the thermal cup holders are able to stop chocolate bars from melting if a very high interior temperature has been set.