Seating comfort: Luxury you never stop feeling

Nov 21, 2019

Seating comfort in all seats has always been a stand-out feature of all Mercedes-Maybach vehicles. In the new Mercedes-Maybach GLS, all seats are electrically adjustable, heated, climatised and equipped with massage functions as standard.

Multicontour seats, which can adapt to drivers and front passengers of any stature, are fitted as standard in the front. The seat cushion length, i.e. the part of the seat that supports the thighs, is electrically adjustable, as are the position and angle of the seat cushion and backrest. The backrests feature four-way adjustable lumbar support. Even the head restraints and the steering column are electrically adjustable. A memory function allows the settings to be stored together with those for the electric exterior mirrors.

But even the ideal seat position can be too one-sided in the long run, which is why the ENERGIZING seat kinetics function is included as standard for the driver and front passenger. The system supports advantageous changes in the seating posture by means of minute movements of the seat cushion and backrest when on a journey. This encourages the driver and front passenger to "sit actively". Their seats also feature inflatable active cushions in the seat backrest bolsters for additional lateral support when cornering. In conjunction with the Driving Assistance package Plus, this feature is also used by PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side.

There is also a massage system included as standard for the rear Executive seats and the two front seats: ten pressure points in each backrest, which can be combined with heating elements for a 'hot-stone massage', can give the seat occupant's back an effective massage. Each of the front seat cushions also includes four additional pressure points for massaging the seat occupants.

Climatised seats for enhanced well-being

The front and rear seats in the Mercedes-Maybach are climatised, including ventilation and heating of the seat cushions and backrests. Once activated, the ventilation operates in 'reverse' mode initially – in other words, air is drawn away from the passenger's body for around one minute at first. Cooled air is then directed at the passenger's body during continuous operation. In this way, the unpleasant effect of excessive heat transfer away from the body can be avoided. In cold temperatures, the fast-acting seat heating provides thermal comfort with almost no delay. If the GLS is equipped with the optional auxiliary heater, seat heating and seat ventilation can also be activated before getting into the vehicle using the Mercedes me App on a smartphone or an optional additional key.

The Executive area in the rear is available in a choice of two different designs - with two or three seats. In both versions, the two outer seats are Executive seats with calf supports and backrests that recline a long way back. The multicontour upholstery offers good lateral support through the backrest and thus high comfort on long journeys and when driving on rough terrain.

The height and angle of the comfort head restraints on the Executive seats are electrically adjustable. These head restraints feature additional cushions, which have already become a popular feature among Mercedes-Maybach S-Class customers. They are exceptionally comfortable, keep vibrations away from the passenger's leaned head and also meet the latest Euro NCAP requirements. Customers ordering the optional designo Leather package get leather cushions for the thigh supports on the Executive seats and additional accompanying cushions with matching leather trim. These individually positionable cushions can make the sitting position even more comfortable.

The comprehensive adjustment options for the rear seats make it sensible to have a memory function here, too, allowing several favourite settings to be stored and recalled. Another practical feature is the 'tidy up' button: a single push of the button is all it takes to return the rear seats and, if it has been moved into the chauffeur position, the front passenger seat to their original positions.

The familiar and often copied Mercedes-Benz control panels are fitted in the front and rear doors to operate the many convenience features and adjustment options. It is even possible to activate the central locking from the rear doors. All of the rear seats' comfort functions can be controlled using the MBUX Command Centre Rear as an alternative to using the control panels in the doors.

There are also command menus that can be called up in the MBUX, MBUX Rear Tablet and MBUX Rear Seat Entertainment System. The MBUX Rear Tablet is housed in the extended centre console in the four-seater variant, while it is located in the fold-out luxury centre armrest with chrome trim element in the five-seater version. It also has space for an illuminated stowage compartment with two USB ports. Optionally a wireless charging module for smartphones can be installed here.

The removable tablet further enhances ease of operation when the rear passenger has adopted a particularly comfortable, reclined position with the separate cushions. If the occupant then also wants to use the seat's climatisation or massage function, listen to music or adjust the ambient lighting, they do not need to sit up again to select the setting.

Relax in comfort even more with ENERGIZING comfort programmes

The climatised seats and the massage functions are integrated into the ENERGIZING package's comfort control. ENERGIZING comfort control networks various comfort systems in the vehicle and uses lighting and musical moods plus a number of massages for a wide range of feel-good programmes. The ENERGIZING COACH, which recommends these programmes based on the situation, can offer programmes such as Freshness and Vitality or, in conjunction with the Warmth Comfort package, also Warmth, Joy and Comfort programmes. If a compatible wearable or a smartwatch is worn, personal values such as stress level or quality of sleep optimise the accuracy of the recommendation.

The programmes all run for ten minutes. They are visualised on the media display with colour graphics, and backed by suitable music. Individual functions of the programs can be deactivated. ENERGIZING comfort control also incorporates ambient lighting, which is harmoniously tailored to each of the individual screen designs. The light stages the interior like a work of art by composing colour worlds from different colours.