Safety: Intelligent Drive: Assistance in all driving situations

Feb 27, 2016
With the Driving Assistance package Plus (option), the driver can relax even while driving in stop-and-go traffic, as the Distance Pilot DISTRONIC with Steering Pilot assists by keeping the car a safe distance behind the vehicle in front and in the centre of the lane. The LED Intelligent Light System, fitted as standard, ensures the best possible visibility conditions regardless of the light and driving conditions.
As standard the SL features Active Brake Assist, known as COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS in other model series. In addition to radar-based proximity warning and braking assistance by Adaptive Brake Assist, this Active Brake Assist system carries out autonomous braking to reduce the danger of rear-end collisions. If the driver fails to act when a risk of a collision is detected, despite the warning lamp in the instrument cluster and the intermittent audible alert, the system will initiate automatic braking. This significantly reduces the vehicle speed. At low relative speeds, this intervention may be sufficient to prevent a rear-end collision with slower-moving, stopping or stationary vehicles.
Optionally available for the SL is the Driving Assistance package Plus with stereo camera and in some cases new as well as improved functions. Overview of the features of the Driving Assistance package Plus:
  • Distance Pilot DISTRONIC with Steering Pilot: assists the driver with maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front and staying in the centre of the lane. The radar and camera-based system brakes when necessary and accelerates again, if possible, to the preset desired speed. The Steering Pilot can take the strain off the driver when it comes to lateral guidance of the vehicle. On straight roads and gentle curves it generates steering torque which contributes to keeping the vehicle in the centre of the lane. To achieve this the system makes use of a stereo camera to orient itself based on clearly visible road markings and, at lower speeds, on the vehicle in front.
  • Active Brake Assist with cross-traffic function: is able to warn the driver of impending crash situations, provide optimum support with emergency braking and if necessary also automatically apply the brakes itself. In addition to detecting slower-moving, stopping or stationary vehicles, it also detects crossing traffic at junctions, the tail ends of traffic jams and pedestrians in the danger zone ahead of the vehicle, for example. The PRE‑SAFE® Brake is able to detect not only slower-moving, stopping or stationary vehicles but also pedestrians, to brake autonomously if the driver fails to react and as a result help to avoid accidents up to 50 km/h and reduce their severity up to 72 km/h. In flowing traffic, the PRE-SAFE® Brake provides assistance according to the same mode of operation throughout the speed range from 7 to 200 km/h.
  • Active Blind Spot Assist: is able to warn the driver when changing lanes, for example, and can contribute to averting an impending collision by means of one-sided brake actuation.
  • Active Lane Keeping Assist: is able to detect unintentional lane departure, warn the driver by means of pulsating steering wheel vibrations and contribute, by means of one-sided brake actuation, to guiding the vehicle back into its lane.
  • PRE-SAFE® PLUS: if a rear-end collision appears imminent, the system can activate preventive measures to protect occupants. These include warning vehicles following behind and applying the vehicle brakes when at a standstill.
The optional Parking Pilot can take the strain off the driver by helping them to search for a suitable parking space and making it easier to manoeuvre into and out of parking spaces with active steering intervention. A new feature is assistance with parking perpendicular to the road. The Parking Pilot includes six ultrasonic sensors in each of the front and rear bumpers which measure the size of the parking space when driving past it. In addition, the Parking Assist PARKTRONIC is also a part of the system. It provides visual and audible warnings of obstacles in front of and behind the vehicle, thus helping to avoid damage when manoeuvring.
LED Intelligent Light System: Outstanding visibility in all conditions
For optimum visibility on country roads and motorways, when cornering and on bends, the standard-fit LED Intelligent Light System automatically adapts to all light and driving conditions. The LED technology features low energy consumption, a long service life and a pleasant white light which approximates the daylight spectrum. The five functions of the LED Intelligent Light System include motorway mode, cornering light function, camera-based active light function, roundabout light function and also the enhanced fog light function. On unlocking the SL, the welcome light also greets the driver with an exceptional lighting display: the LED fibre optics in the headlamps light up in blue after opening the vehicle and then transition to white locator lighting.
Anti-dazzle continuous high beam comes courtesy of the optional Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus. When high beam is switched on, this system always makes the optimum headlamp range available. The driver can concentrate on the traffic and does not have to continually switch between low beam and high beam. Via a camera positioned behind the windscreen, the Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus detects other illuminated road users, for example oncoming vehicles or vehicles travelling in front, and adjusts the headlamps independently to the new traffic conditions. A mechanism in the headlamp module masks the portion of the cone of light of the LED headlamps where there are other vehicles to prevent their drivers from being dazzled. The driver can therefore leave the high-beam headlamps on at all times and use their full range without bothering or endangering other road users. This function is active at speeds above 30 km/h when travelling in the dark on roads without street lighting.
Mercedes-Benz SL. Ambient lighting