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Road #4: e-Mobility services: The mobility of the future will be more flexible and more connected

Oct 9, 2017

For years Daimler has been evolving from an automobile manufacturer to a provider of mobility, and is thereby systematically implementing its CASE strategy. The four letters stand for the mobility topics of the future: "Connected", "Autonomous", "Shared & Services" and "Electric".At Daimler Financial Services, "Shared & Services" is the consolidation of all mobility services - from carsharing (car2go) to ride hailing (mytaxi) and mobility platform (moovel).

Mercedes-Benz is systematically continuing to strengthen its leading position as a provider of digital mobility services: In the first half of 2017, the worldwide number of customers using digital mobility services such as car2go (global market leader in free-floating carsharing), mytaxi (market leader in Europe) or moovel more than doubled. Daimler also has shareholdings in Blacklane, Careem, FlixBus, Turo and Via. 15 million customers are registered with the Daimler mobility services operating in more than 100 cities in Europe, North America and China.

The strong growth of the mobility services has been assisted by the acquisition of Clever Taxi (Romania) and Taxibeat (Greece/Peru). With 9.2 million users, mytaxi is the number one taxi app provider in Europe. car2go is likewise increasing its customer numbers, and is the world market leader in the carsharing segment with 2.8 million users. The mobility platform moovel creates an operating system for urban mobility, and provides on-demand access to a variety of mobility packages - including booking and payment. All in all, more than 3 million customers in Germany and the USA use the moovel products.

Turo: Daimler has a stake in the P2P carsharing market leader

As part of a financing round, Daimler Mobility Services has acquired a stake in the US company Turo. Turo is the US market leader in peer-to-peer (P2P) carsharing, with more than 4 million customers and over 170,000 vehicles. At the same time Daimler's private carsharing platform Croove is being merged with the US company. Following the successful launch of the pilot project in Munich at the end of 2016, Croove started operations in Berlin and other German cities in mid-April 2017. Croove brings private vehicle renters and providers together. The entry of Turo into the German market is planned for 2018. The expertise and experience of Croove in Germany is the basis for the market entry of Turo.

flinc: Daimler takes over the ridesharing pioneer

In September 2017 Daimler Mobility Services announced the full acquisition of flinc GmbH based in Darmstadt, Germany. flinc is the leading provider of address-specific door-to-door ridesharing over short and medium distances. At present around half a million customers are registered with this ridesharing platform. Moreover, several well-known companies use the corporate ridesharing solution by flinc to ensure and improve the mobility of employees.

Mercedes me: Exclusive functions for electric cars

Mercedes me provides digital access to the world of Mercedes-Benz. Customers can use the portal to access services, products and lifestyle offerings from Mercedes-Benz, Daimler and cooperation partners. Once registered, Mercedes-Benz drivers have access to personalised content – as well as to their own vehicle.

Customers owning an electric or plug-in model from Mercedes-Benz are able to use exclusive functions with Mercedes me connect: with the standard remote online functions, customers are able to have the charge status, range and the nearest charging station conveniently displayed on a smartphone.

Further Mercedes me connect services available for all Mercedes-Benz vehicles include Mercedes-Benz Emergency Call, Accident Recovery, Breakdown Management, Maintenance Management, Telediagnosis, Real-Time Traffic Service*, Mercedes-Benz Apps*, Location Services*, Remote Door Locking/Unlocking*, Remote Vehicle Status Interrogation*, Programming of the auxiliary heater*, Sending navigation destinations directly to the vehicle*, Concierge Service*, Car-to-X Communication* and Online Map Update* (*depending on vehicle equipment).

EQ Ready app: Trying out everyday e-mobility the virtual way

Ready for electric mobility? The new EQ Ready app went online to coincide with the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA) in September 2017, and helps motorists decide whether it makes sense for them personally to switch to an electric car or hybrid. The smartphone app can record real journeys made by users, analyse their everyday mobility behaviour and compare it with numerous parameters of electric and hybrid vehicles. This makes it possible to try out e-mobility in a virtual, yet realistic way. The EQ Ready app also recommends which alternatively powered model by smart or Mercedes-Benz best matches the user's individual characteristics. To use the app, those interested merely need to log-in using their Mercedes me account or name and email address.

moovel: Mobility search, booking and payment by just one app

The aim of moovel Group GmbH is to make mobility easier in the cities. It is working on a form of "operating system for urban mobility" which offers access to suitable mobility options and prepares the way for a future with autonomous vehicles. More than 3 million customers use the moovel products, and a transaction is carried out via the mobility app every 2 seconds.

The free moovel mobility app for iOS and Android brings together local public transport, the car sharing provider car2go, mytaxi, hire bikes and Deutsche Bahn trains. Most offers can be directly booked and paid for in the app.

In August 2017 the moovel Group acquired Hamburger Familonet GmbH, the provider of the location messenger app Familonet. This gives access to expertise in the areas of geofencing and live locating, so as to develop solutions for the urban mobility of the future.

moovel transit: Mobile ticketing solutions for transport organisations and operators

The moovel Group's moovel transit product portfolio offers white label solutions for transport operators and organisations worldwide. The mobile ticket applications of moovel N.A. are used by 16 transport operators in the USA, and enable customers to purchase tickets for public transport by smartphone. This makes moovel N.A. the leading provider of mobile ticket technology for US ticket apps.

In May 2017, moovel together with the Karlsruhe Transport Association KVV in Germany brought the joint mobility app "KVV.mobil powered by moovel" to market. The app shows the connections and departure times of buses and trains from all 1900 stops in the KVV area, as well as available rental bikes provided by the regional bikesharing provider "Fächerrad", a service by Nextbike, and vehicles from the carsharing provider Stadtmobil. With this new application, moovel Group GmbH is expanding its business model in Germany with a white label solution for transport organisations and operators.

car2go: Mercedes-Benz and smart cars on time rental in 26 cities worldwide

With the flexible mobility package car2go, customers are able to rent a smart or Mercedes-Benz at short notice at any time, and after use simply park it anywhere within the relevant business area. In three locations there are 1400 fully electric smart fortwo and Mercedes-Benz B-Class cars in use - the world's largest fleet of fully-electric free-floating carsharing vehicles.

The customer finds the vehicle using a smartphone, and only pays for the rental time, which is exact to the minute. Parking fees, fuel costs, taxes and insurance are already included. This not only saves money, but also protects the environment – free-floating carsharing demonstrably helps to keep the air clean in cities. Moreover, car2go uses only electric vehicles in Amsterdam, Stuttgart and Madrid. In this way the pioneer in flexible mobility concepts provides an opportunity to try out electromobility for oneself.

Favourably priced long-term rental packages are a completely new feature: since 5 September in Austria and 13 September in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, car2go has offered its customers favourable hourly prices for rental periods of two, four, six or 24 hours.

The worldwide carsharing market leader currently has more than 2.8 million customers, and is available in 26 cities and eight countries in Europe, North America and China.

The world in three words: Innovative address system

A new coordinate system is organising the world: Founded in 2013, what3words assigns three words to every point on Earth, making locations easily and unambiguously identifiable – even where there are no addresses. Mercedes-Benz will be the first automotive manufacturer to use the new address system.