Remote activation of heating and ventilation system: Climate has priority

Mar 13, 2014
Remote activation of the heating and ventilation systems is optionally available for the new C-Class.
In conjunction with a 12V lithium-ion battery remote activation of the heating and ventilation systems makes pre-entry climate control of the parked vehicle possible. It is activated with a dedicated button on the vehicle key.
The heating or ventilation systems are activated dependent on the exterior temperature and the target value set on the A/C control panel. In heating mode the seat heating, the rear defrost and the heated exterior mirrors are active for a maximum of ten minutes.
In summer ventilation using the interior blower improves creature comfort when getting into the vehicle. This function can be activated for up to 120 minutes; in conjunction with seat ventilation it improves entry comfort even further. The ventilation can also reduce heating up of the interior during a stopover, if it is activated upon leaving the vehicle.
One of the system's benefits is quiet and emission-free operation.
Remote activation is not possible with lead batteries. They cannot take a high enough load and would furthermore require two to three hours of driving time to recharge. A lithium-ion on the other hand only needs a few minutes. Lead batteries can also not tolerate frequent discharging and take a long time to warm up. This handicap is much less pronounced in lithium-ion batteries. That is why they are also very efficient in winter.
Another side effect: the lithium-ion battery weighs between 5.5 and 12 kilograms less than a lead battery depending on engine variant and equipment level, with positive effects on fuel consumption.
Pre-entry climate control of hybrid vehicles
Hybrid vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles of the new C-Class are equipped with pre-entry climate control which efficiently increases interior thermal comfort already at departure. Similar to the remote activation of the heating and ventilation systems in conjunction with a conventional drive system, this function activates the rear defrost and the mirror heating in winter. On the plug-in hybrid the high-voltage PTC is activated for auxiliary heating.
In summer the electric refrigerant compressor allows actively cooling the interior and considerably enhancing entry comfort.
Different pre-entry climate control stages are used depending on the degree of hybridisation. In the mild hybrid pre-entry climate control is activated with the key shortly before engine start. On a plug-in hybrid the type of pre-entry climate control is dependent on whether the vehicle is currently being charged. If that is the case, pre-entry climate control can be activated for up to 50 minutes. A plug-in hybrid is also capable of powering the system from the high-voltage battery and continue to operate the climate control system during a stopover.
Pre-entry climate control can be activated by various means – with the electronic key, via KEYLESS-GO or with COMAND Online.