Refrigerated van from "Winter"

Oct 15, 2013
The weight of the fitments and refrigeration unit is only around 140 kg, the air conditioning evaporator is integrated and adds no height, the fitments with GRP surfaces follow the wall contours and the one-piece floorpan is fully formed. Equipped in this way, refrigerated vehicles by Winter have a very distinctive character. With around 650 vehicles per year, the company based in Eichenzell near Fulda is one of the leading suppliers in the refrigerated vehicle segment.
Typical customers include meat product suppliers, party services and catering businesses, hotels and restaurants and other sectors where temperature-controlled transport is necessary. Sales are on a Germany-wide basis, while service is on a European basis. For single invoice transactions via Van Solution, Winter already produces the Sprinter as a refrigerated vehicle in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Vans. For dual-invoice transactions it produces further variants of the Sprinter and vehicles based on the Vito.
Accordingly the Citan fits into the range very well. Winter produces the conversions on the basis of the long and extra-long Citan. On the basis of the long version, the load compartment capacity is 1.7 cu.m. (extra-long Citan: 2.5 cu.m.), with floor space for 5 (7) Euro-crates and a capacity of 22 (31) Euro-crates measuring 600 x 400 x 200 mm. As the evaporator is integrated, the vehicle height remains unchanged. The Citan with refrigeration package therefore fits into garages and narrow entrances without problems. Standard equipment includes a continuous lashing rail half-way up the load compartment. The conversion meets the requirements of DIN 1815, HACCP, EU Directive 93/43 EEC and the food hygiene regulations.
The refrigeration system can be combined with the cab air conditioner installed ex factory. As options Winter provides an electric auxiliary cooling system as well as various equipment packages such as a deep-freeze package, a cargo securing package or a catering package, plus individual solutions in line with industry-specific requirements.
Mercedes-Benz Citan: Citan109 CDI, Refrigerated van from "Winter", exterior
Mercedes-Benz Citan: Citan109 CDI, Refrigerated van from "Winter", exterior
Mercedes-Benz Citan: Citan109 CDI, Refrigerated van from "Winter", interior
Mercedes-Benz Citan: Citan109 CDI, Refrigerated van from "Winter", interior