Profiles: Active safety

Sep 9, 2019

Active Brake Assist with extended functionality


Lower risk of collision with cross-traffic, pedestrians and cyclists when turning off or crossing a road.

In detail

·         If a collision with unprotected road users crossing the road into which the vehicle is turning is imminent, the driver receives a visual and audible warning. If necessary there is autonomous braking intervention.

·         If there is a risk of collision with cross-traffic (including cyclists) when turning off or crossing a road, the system prevents the driver from moving off and, if necessary, stops the vehicle from walking speed by means of autonomous braking.

·         The driver is made aware of a hazardous situation by an advance visual warning in the instrument cluster. An additional audiovisual warning is given to the ESF 2019 driver to allow a brief time to react before automatic braking is initiated.

·         Should the driver still fail to respond, and from the moment when an accident would inevitably occur, moving off is prevented by locking the brakes or acceleration is limited to prevent the collision.

·         If necessary there is autonomous braking intervention to standstill.


Sensors in the vehicle's front section


360° pedestrian protection


Lower risk of collision with stationary or moving pedestrians or cyclists when parking and manoeuvring. If the driver fails to react, automatic braking is also possible in manual driving mode.

In detail

Sensor fusion allows 360-degree monitoring of the vehicle's surroundings. Should a collision with a stationary or moving pedestrian or cyclist appear likely in the vehicle's path, autonomous emergency braking can be initiated. This works both when moving forward and reversing, and even when the pedestrian is to the side of the vehicle.


Ultrasonic sensors (six in the front bumper and six in the rear bumper), 360° camera (Four cameras in the frontal and rear areas, and also in the exterior mirror housings)