Our driving force: The Vision EQS show car as a milestone in a new era for the automobile

Sep 10, 2019

Everything is in constant change. It has always been so, as mobility requires technical progress. "First move the world" is therefore the deeper purpose of our work at Mercedes-Benz, and our motivation. It means pursuing more than the directly attainable. This pioneering spirit is part of the brand's DNA. Which also makes it a cornerstone of the new, sustainable business strategy.

The Vision EQS show car is an outlook on the future of Mercedes-Benz. Because two things are timeless: the need for mobility and the need for luxury. Plus an inner uncertainty about what will come next.

The VISION EQS is a first milestone on the way to a CO2-neutral mobility of the future. Mercedes-Benz has always stood for technical innovation, responsibility and fascination. And sustainability is now another integral component of the brand philosophy. The show car already meets these aspirations today, and gives an outlook on the future, large electric saloons by the brand.

With the show car, Mercedes-Benz is making a clear statement for the continued future of high-quality vehicles and self-determined driving. Supreme craftsmanship, emotive design, luxurious materials and individual driving pleasure will continue to be desirable in the future. Because nowadays, luxury is also partly defined as personal freedom.