On tour with the new Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé: A sportier choice

Jun 23, 2015
Mercedes-Benz is combining two classes of vehicle – each with its own distinct style – to make a new model, the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé. The sporty nature of a coupé predominates, rather than the distinctive lines of a pure off-roader. With its flowing side contour, elongated and low greenhouse, striking radiator grille with central chrome louvre and rear end design, the GLE Coupé cites styling features typical of particularly sporty Mercedes-Benz models. The GLE Coupé will be premiered with the following engine variants: a diesel rated at 190 kW (258 hp) and the petrol model rated at 245 kW (333 hp). On top of this are the particularly powerful and exclusive AMG models with an engine line-up ranging from 270 kW (367 hp) to 430 kW (585 hp). In addition to the generous amount of standard equipment, DYNAMIC SELECT with up to five driving modes, the Sports Direct-Steer system and the driver assistance systems typical of the brand, the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé always comes with the 9G-TRONIC nine-speed automatic transmission as well as 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive.
The GLE Coupé is the new addition to the successful portfolio of Mercedes-Benz coupés. Alongside the classic two-door C, E and S-Class models and the four-door CLS and CLA Coupés, the new Coupé combines the physiognomy and lightfootedness typical of this family of vehicles with the versatility and robustness of an SUV.
DYNAMIC SELECT driving modes:
highly variable – from racy and sporty to poised and comfortable
The GLE Coupé feels very sporty right from the word go. Despite the similarity to an SUV with its raised seating position and an all-round view that is expansive for a coupé, the occupants are led to believe that they are in sports rather than off-road mode. The sound is reminiscent of a sports car, and combined with the spontaneous and direct response to all commands provides an emotional driving experience. Optionally the GLE Coupé can also create a superior feeling of calm, coupled with unshakeably serene driving dynamics. These two opposite worlds can normally only be experienced in two separate vehicles – an agile sports coupé and an easy-going, comfortable SUV. But the new GLE Coupé, with DYNAMIC SELECT, is different.
Thanks to DYNAMIC SELECT, the feat of combining sporty with comfortable is admirably achieved. The four driving modes available in conjunction with AIRMATIC ADS, namely INDIVIDUAL, COMFORT, SLIPPERY and SPORT, and the optional SPORT+ mode for the GLE 400 4MATIC, are selected using the rotary actuator in the centre console. The variable dynamic control system then activates pre-programmed setups. The system networks all the control systems, generating different sets of parameters for distinct driving experiences. The names speak for themselves: SPORT turns the GLE Coupé into a sporty and dynamic vehicle with strong linear and lateral dynamics. The experience is even more intense in SPORT+ mode: this exhilarates with an even more sporty steering and accelerator response, plus the gear changes of the 9G-TRONIC transmission whose downshifts with double-declutch function are acoustically emphasised. The completely new configured AIRMATIC lowers the suspension in SPORT and SPORT+ for even more agile and direct handling.
COMFORT mode is the opposite end of the spectrum. Here the emphasis is on the feel-good parameters so typical of Mercedes-Benz saloon cars, for relaxed, effortless cruising with the greatest possible energy efficiency. The COMAND displays take on lesser importance and, like the engine, dial instruments such as the rev counter show a relaxed response to the driver's commands. In combination with the comfort-oriented control of the powertrain and suspension, the result is a feel-good ambience at the level of a saloon. The engine sound is reduced to a pleasant timbre, and the feedback from the road surface and surroundings is considerably quieter in the interior.
SLIPPERY optimises the handling on surfaces with low friction coefficients such as snow or ice. In addition, INDIVIDUAL mode enables the driver to programme and store personal preferences in the individual control strategies, regardless of the engine variant.
The large central display visualises the individual DYNAMIC SELECT modes with photo-realistic graphics. In SPORT+, for example, the vehicle is depicted on a racetrack with red-and-white kerbs, and the driver is able to read off data such as linear and lateral acceleration or the steering angle in real time.
A perfect combination: 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive and 9G-TRONIC nine-speed automatic transmission
In the GLE Coupé, Mercedes-Benz is showing the possibilities of the new 9G-TRONIC nine-speed automatic transmission in an all-wheel drive coupé with a longitudinal drive configuration. Depending on the choice of driving mode, the 9G-TRONIC functions with high agility and responsiveness or effortless calm. The potential of the new transmission is exploited to the full. It offers an impressively high shift speed and perfect transitions for energetic sprinting as well as with gentle, barely perceptible gear changes for enjoyable cruising.
4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive always goes hand in hand with safe, harmonious and sporty handling. The GLE 350 d 4MATIC and GLE 400 4MATIC models feature even torque distribution of 50:50 between the front and rear axles. Thanks to perfect interaction between the modified dynamic control systems of ASR, ESP® with Curve Dynamic Assist, the 4ETS all-wheel drive system and ADAPTIVE BRAKE, longitudinal and lateral dynamics are increased to an above-average level.
Stability pact: AIRMATIC with ADS Plus and Sports Direct-Steer
In addition to the ground-breaking powertrain configuration, the AIRMATIC air suspension newly designed specifically for the GLE Coupé, and available for the first time with the continuously variable damping system ADS Plus, guarantees extremely stable driving. The damping system changes its priorities depending on the preselected driving mode. SPORT+ focuses on the greatest possible lateral dynamics with the best possible ride comfort. Conversely, COMFORT mode enables maximum ride comfort with the best possible dynamics.
The current handling conditions are detected via a steering angle sensor, four rotation sensors and also the driving speed from the ESP® signal and the brake pedal switch. The control unit uses these signals for infinitely variable adjustment of the current damping force required for each individual wheel.
In combination with the newly configured, degressive Sports Direct-Steer system, whose steering ratio is very direct at 17.4:1, and the compact sports steering wheel, the handling is outstanding in all operating conditions – whether manoeuvring in the city, at high speeds on the motorway, or with a brisk style of driving on winding mountain passes.
From December 2015 the ACTIVE CURVE SYSTEM will be available for the GLE 350 d 4MATIC. The active roll control further enhances the sporty and agile handling. At the same time, the active anti-roll bars on the front and rear axles raise the comfort to saloon level and compensate for one-sided excitation – for example when driving over potholes.
As standard the GLE 350 d 4MATIC and GLE 400 4MATIC models offer the AGILITY CONTROL steel suspension with amplitude-selective damping system.
Wide range of outputs from 190 kW (258 hp) to 245 kW (333 hp)
Alongside the appealing design, the exceptional suspension and drive technology, and also the assistance systems familiar from the C, E and S-Class, the GLE Coupé is also equipped with numerous standard or optional equipment details and packages that further enrich the GLE Coupé experience. An overview of the model range:
GLE 350 d 4MATIC
V6 diesel engine, direct injection, turbocharger
V6 petrol engine, direct injection, twin turbocharger
Displacement (cc)
Output kW (hp) at rpm
190 (258) / 3600
245 (333) 5500
Torque Nm at rpm     
620 / 1600 - 2400
480 / 1400 - 4000
Emission standard
EU 6
9G-TRONIC nine-speed automatic transmission
4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive
Länge/Breite/Höhe mm
4900 / 2003 / 1731
Radstand mm
Spurweite v/h mm
1658 / 1725
Räder / Reifen
8.5 J x 20 / 275/50 R 20
The GLE 350 d 4MATIC diesel model delivers 190 kW (258 hp) and maximum torque of 620 Nm from 1600 rpm. A variable radiator shutter is used to optimise the airflow to the radiator and increase efficiency even further. The GLE 400 4MATIC petrol model is powered by the direct-injection V6 biturbo engine with 245 kW (333 hp) and 480 Nm from 1400 rpm. The impressive appearance of both models is further enhanced by 50.8 cm (20-inch) 10-spoke light-alloy wheels with size 275/50 R 20 tyres or optionally 53.3 cm (21-inch) light-alloy wheels with mixed-size tyres. If that is not sporty enough, from December 2015 it will be possible to order 55.9 cm (22-inch) light-alloy wheels with mixed-size tyres for the GLE 350 d 4MATIC in conjunction with AIRMATIC air suspension and ADS Plus as well as the active roll stabilisation ACTIVE CURVE SYSTEM.
The chrome-effect shoulderline trim strips and the simulated underguards at the front and rear lend the Coupé additional exclusiveness alongside the twin-pipe exhaust system with chrome-plated tailpipe trim. Green-tinted, heat-insulating glass reduces the glare of the sun in the summer, and LED technology features in the headlamps, daytime running lamps, rear lights and third brake light.
DYNAMIC SELECT, the EASY-PACK tailgate with power opening and closing, as well as the reversing camera with dynamic guide lines in the display are standard features. Additional active handling safety is provided by ESP® Curve Dynamic Assist and Crosswind Assist, as well as COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS. The GLE Coupé is also equipped as standard with the brake system BAS PLUS, optionally available with Cross-Traffic Assist.
The AIRMATIC package including air suspension and the variably adaptive damping system (ADS Plus) with level control and automatic suspension lowering at high speeds are also available for both models.
For the first time in this segment, Mercedes-Benz is offering a fully power extendible and retractable trailer coupling, which also includes ESP® trailer stabilisation. The towing capacity of the GLE is up to 3500 kg.
Successful design synthesis of coupé and SUV elements
Sensuality and purity are the two poles that have determined the design idiom of the Mercedes-Benz brand for almost 130 years and have their origin in the nature of the two inventors of the automobile, Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler: Benz was more rationally oriented in his behaviour, whereas Daimler was driven more by his passion. The new Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé demonstrates almost ideally how this bridge between intelligence and emotion, between tradition and modernity, blends into an attractive symbiosis.
The GLE Coupé not only skilfully embodies the firmly embedded principles of Mercedes-Benz design, but also focuses on the essential features of two entirely different automobile genres. On the one hand, the youngest member of the GLE family bears the decisive, essential stylistic feature of all modern Mercedes-Benz coupés: it combines sheer sportiness with a high-level aesthetic and sensual demand for modern luxury. At the same time, however, elements of the classic SUV are recognisable. With its muscular wings, large wheel arches, high beltline and generous ground clearance, this model raises the concept of a large four-door coupé to a new level.
The extreme proportions with superior aesthetics of the new GLE Coupé have emerged from this stylistic gene pool. This is particularly due to the dramatic relationship between the low greenhouse and striking body; the silhouette signals dynamism and agility. The upright sports grille with single louvre, framed by three-dimensionally designed all-LED headlamps, is the major feature of the front end with its short, stylish overhang. The forward-sloping bonnet with its typical Mercedes power domes underscores the membership of the GLE Coupé in the line-up of particularly sporty Mercedes-Benz models. A discreet reference to the SUV genes of the vehicle is provided by the harmoniously integrated, illuminated running boards, a typical feature of classic SUVs or off-roaders and available as an option.
The coupé-like nature is also emphasised by the design of the rear end with its obvious elements of the design line first presented with the S-Class Coupé. The styling characteristics here include the slim band of rear lights with their three-dimensional look, the wide chrome insert fitted above this and the registration plate incorporated into the bumper. Another feature that has for generations distinguished the large coupé models from Mercedes-Benz is the typical shape of the rear window which is rounded off at the top. A discreet SUV reference is made by the chrome-plated underguard at the front and rear, here with the integrated twin tailpipes of the exhaust system.
The attractive sports seats and the compact sports steering wheel, as well as the infotainment features familiar from the C, E and S-Class initially catch your eye in the interior. The information display, which is not entirely free-standing but partially integrated into the instrument panel, attracts attention and is fitted in an optimum ergonomic position. The centre air vents next to the display and the outer air vents are framed by a silver shadow surround. The head unit has the same appearance to underline the homogeneity of the interior. The centre console houses the COMAND Controller with the touchpad fitted above in an optimum ergonomic position.
Attractive equipment packages and individual options
Popular equipment details are also combined in attractive packages for the GLE Coupé. The Driving Assistance package Plus includes DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist and Stop&Go Pilot, PRE-SAFE® Brake with pedestrian detection, BAS PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist and PRE-SAFE® PLUS. The Parking package with 360° camera and Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC guarantees an excellent overview and problem-free manoeuvring into and out of parking spaces. Night-time visibility is improved by the LED Intelligent Light System which is a standard feature on all models; adverse weather conditions resulting in impaired visibility are defused by MAGIC VISION CONTROL – the heated, adaptive windscreen wiper system. In addition to convenience functions, for the first time the optional Mirror package also comprises projection of the Mercedes star onto the floor, a feature which is integrated into the ambient lighting and is activated on opening and closing the vehicle.
What for a coupé is an extremely large interior provides space for up to five people. The rear seat bench in the GLE Coupé is even the widest in its class. Drivers who order the optional large panoramic glass roof are rewarded with an even greater feeling of spaciousness for all the passengers. At a maximum of 1720 litres, the Coupé also offers the largest luggage compartment in its class and coincidentally holds the world record for luggage compartments in coupés.
Good infotainment is guaranteed by the Audio 20 CD system with eight loudspeakers and the Remote Online communication module for the use of the Mercedes connect me services in Europe (may vary from country to country). As an option, the latest generation of COMAND Online offers perfect infotainment with a 20.3 cm (8-inch) TFT display and intuitive touchpad. The system also includes a DVD player and Traffic Sign Assist with traffic sign recognition including wrong-way warning function. If required, the customer can equip COMAND Online with the 6-disc DVD changer, Rear Seat Entertainment System with remote control, TV receiver or Bang & Olufsen sound system.
Well worth a look: colour and material combinations for the GLE Coupé
There are almost limitless possibilities when it comes to customisation of the GLE Coupé – and the equipment packages again play an important role. For instance, customers can give their GLE Coupé an especially sporty look with the AMG Line exterior, including the AMG front and rear apron or large 53.3 cm (21-inch) and 55.9 cm (22-inch) AMG light-alloy wheels. Those who like things even more sporty and expressive can combine this feature with the Night package, in which the louvre in the radiator grille and the exterior mirror housings are in high-gloss black, for example. At the same time, the wide selection of solid and metallic paints and the almost limitless possibilities for interior design increase the potential for individual customisation. A total of 11 paint finishes are available, of which seven are metallic colours and two are special paint finishes with special-effect pigments in designo diamond white or designo hyacinth red metallic.
The interior radiates modern luxury and can be given a design ranging from ambitious and sporty to classic and elegant, depending on personal taste. The scope here ranges from single-tone black interior appointments to various combinations in which black is used with ginger beige, crystal grey, saddle brown or porcelain. The interior of the GLE Coupé is particularly impressive in two-tone designo exclusive nappa leather in porcelain/black. The AMG Line Interior transfers the sporty look to the interior with features such as AMG sports seats, AMG sports steering wheel, nappa leather appointments and aluminium sports pedals. With the EXCLUSIVE interior things become significantly more exclusive. Luxury seats with leather upholstery, the roof liner in either black, crystal grey or porcelain, contrasting topstitching on the dashboard and door panels, high-gloss black poplar wood trim, black piano lacquer, high-gloss brown eucalyptus wood or open-pore brown ash wood, ambience lighting and the Interior Light package create a particularly luxurious atmosphere.
The designo Exclusive package provides even more luxury: heated luxury seats and door centre panels with diamond-pattern stitching, dashboard, beltlines and armrests in designo leather and the black DINAMICA roof liner make for even more exclusive travel. As standard the GLE 350 d and GLE 400 feature black upholstery in ARTICO man-made leather, an ARTICO-lined dashboard, sport seats, a leather multifunction steering wheel and a crystal grey roof liner. The large areas of trim are in light longitudinal-grain aluminium. Trim in open-pore brown ash wood, brown eucalyptus wood, dark-graphite poplar wood or AMG carbon-fibre/black piano lacquer is available on request.
Hybrid components oft he GLE 500 e
GLE 350 d Coupé 4MATIC, exterior: designo diamond white bright
GLE 350 d Coupé 4MATIC, exterior: designo diamond white bright
GLE 350 d Coupé 4MATIC, exterior: designo diamond white bright, headlamps with  LED Intelligent Light System
GLE 350 d Coupé 4MATIC, exterior: designo diamond white bright
GLE 350 d Coupé 4MATIC, exterior: designo diamond white bright, 6-cylinder diesel engine of the GLE 350 d
GLE 350 d Coupé 4MATIC, exterior: designo diamond white bright
GLE SUV, exterior: cavansite blue metallic - GLE Coupé, exterior: designo diamond white bright
GLE SUV, exterior: cavansite blue metallic - GLE Coupé, exterior: designo diamond white bright
GLE SUV, exterior: cavansite blue metallic - GLE Coupé, exterior: designo diamond white bright
GLE SUV, exterior: cavansite blue metallic - GLE Coupé, exterior: designo diamond white bright
GLE SUV, exterior: cavansite blue metallic - GLE Coupé, exterior: designo diamond white bright
GLE Coupé, bodyshell of the GLE Coupé (german version)
GLE Coupé, bodyshell of the GLE Coupé
GLE Coupé, DYNAMIC SELECT control unit
Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé
Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé (german version)
GLE Coupé, DYNAMIC SELECT control unit (german version)
GLE Coupé, functional digramm DYNAMIC SELECT (german version)
GLE Coupé, functional digramm DYNAMIC SELECT
9G-TRONIC automatic transmission for four-wheel-drive cars
Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé, dimension drawing
Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé, dimension drawing
Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé, dimension drawing
Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé, dimension drawing
Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé, dimension drawing
Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé, dimension drawing
Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé, dimension drawing
Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé, design sketch
Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé, design sketch
Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé, design sketch
Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé, design sketch
Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé, design sketch
Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé, design sketch
GLE 350 d Coupé 4MATIC, exterior: designo diamond white bright
GLE 350 d Coupé 4MATIC, exterior: designo diamond white bright
GLE 350 d Coupé 4MATIC, exterior: designo diamond white bright
GLE 350 d Coupé 4MATIC, exterior: designo diamond white bright
GLE 350 d Coupé 4MATIC, exterior: designo diamond white bright
GLE 350 d Coupé 4MATIC, exterior: designo diamond white bright