Mercedes-Benz at CES 2017: Connectivity

Jan 5, 2017
Stuttgart/Las Vegas

Already today, all our vehicles are "always on" and intelligently connected. In addition to real-time traffic service and up-to-the-minute information directly on the navigation map (weather, fuel prices, parking spaces), we also already have Car-to-X technology in the vehicle. Our vehicles are part of the "Internet of Things". With Mercedes me connect, our customers have access to their car at all times and from anywhere. In future, our vehicles will become digital, automotive companions, which, based on habits, time and day of the week, will be able to predict the wishes of the occupants and thus actively assist them. Innovative control concepts will transform interaction with the vehicle into an experience: brilliant graphics and 3D real-time animations are displayed on high-resolution screens. The HMI combines Touch Control, touchscreen, touchpad as well as natural-speech interaction and gestures. Daimler is working with HD Live Maps of HERE and is currently using them in Mercedes-Benz prototypes. In the medium term, Daimler plans to launch HD Live Maps.

Current examples:

  • Community Based Parking: Daimler and Bosch are working to provide other motorists with information on the location and size of free parking spaces, so that the daily search for a parking spot does not take the same amount of time as the journey itself.
  • Home Automation: based on the ETA (trigger: geofencing), certain functionalities of the Smart Home can be used automatically, such as turning the outside lights on or off. Arriving in the first months of 2017 Mercedes-Benz customers will be able in specific markets to communicate with their cars through their Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices. They will be able to use Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices to ask information about their car like fuel level, charge level, lock status as well as interact with their car in order to lock doors, send destination to navigation and many more.
  • Artificial Intelligence & Prediction: based on daily use, the vehicle learns the driver's habits and can thus predict certain things, such as potential navigation destinations, calls or radio stations. These suggestions are added to the "Favourites" menu in the vehicle and are therefore available to the driver quickly and conveniently at the press of a button.
  • In Car Office: In Car Office helps to perform office tasks in the vehicle more efficiently, thus saving time (this involves connection to the user's calendar). Intelligent use of the cloud renders smartphones in the vehicle superfluous. Upcoming appointment details (places, access numbers for telephone conferences, etc.) are transmitted straight to the vehicle.

General information:

Data protection and data security

  • Data security, data privacy and anti-theft protection are important elements of our research and development activities. The development of protection and security mechanisms continues for the entire life cycle of a vehicle.
  • We already keep data privacy in mind when designing connectivity services, and we have developed our systems and services from the very start in compliance with high data protection standards. For this reason, we flank new technical developments with the three principles of "transparency", "self-determination" and "data security".

OTA Updates

  • With over-the-air updates, the software in our vehicles is always up to date, from the navigation map to the browser to the firmware.
  • The Mercedes-Benz of the future will be an intelligent, automotive companion that identifies the driver's and passengers' moods, desires and preferences and proactively predicts control operations.
Mercedes-Benz Home Automation
Mercedes-Benz Home Automation
Mercedes-Benz also aims to make finding a parking space simpler in future with the aid of intelligent technology. With "Community-based Parking", the company is trialling a corresponding service together with Bosch.