Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC: traction, comfort and safety in perfection

Apr 19, 2011
  • Viano 4MATIC: outstanding traction and maximum safety
  • Permanent all-wheel drive and automatic transmission make life easy for the driver
  • Refined all-rounder with high-grade equipment specification
The latest generation of the Mercedes-Benz Viano sets a new benchmark for large-capacity vehicles. New engines and transmissions reduce both fuel consumption and emissions while at the same time improving performance. The suspension provides the highest levels of ride comfort and driving safety. Cockpit and passenger compartment have been made more ergonomically friendly and attractive than ever before. The icing on the cake is the Viano 4MATIC with permanent all-wheel drive. With its superior traction, this vehicle makes its mark as a saloon for business users and families, as a camper van or as a towing vehicle. On top of that, the permanent all-wheel drive could hardly be easier to use.
Viano 4MATIC: outstanding traction and maximum safety
The driving dynamics and handling of the Mercedes-Benz Viano benefit inherently from the vehicle's rear-wheel drive as well as from the comfort and safety of the suspension. The Viano 4MATIC now takes this one stage further: with its permanent all-wheel drive, it delivers optimum traction and consequent maximum safety even under the most unfavourable conditions. Whether it be in snow or on ice, on a dirt track or in a field or in the role of taking a boat to water or towing a trailer – the Viano 4MATIC is in its element with any such task.
Its permanent all-wheel drive could hardly be more user-friendly: even in tricky situations, all that is required of the driver is judicious use of the accelerator − the rest is taken care of by sophisticated electronic traction systems. The all-wheel drive is perfectly integrated into the standard-equipment ESP Electronic Stability Programme. All-wheel drive and safety systems complement each other to produce a unique drive and safety system capable of satisfying the most exacting needs.
The 4MATIC all-wheel drive is available in combination with the new CDI four-cylinder engines with power outputs of 100 kW (136 hp) and 120 kW (163 hp). The result is a synthesis of a powerful drive and a modern, economical, smooth-running, clean engine equipped as standard with a particulate filter compliant with the Euro 5 emissions standard.
Refined all-rounder with high-grade equipment specification
The high-grade interior of the Viano 4MATIC confirms the impression of a thoroughly refined all-rounder capable of giving reliable support to the driver, including when the going gets tricky. The ergonomic instrument panel boasts a high-grade specification: from the Ambiente equipment line up, for example, the Viano 4MATIC is pleasing to both sight and touch with its four-spoke multifunction steering wheel trimmed in nappa leather for superior grip.
In the rear, the Viano 4MATIC welcomes its passengers with a spacious passenger compartment offering a pleasant atmosphere. It combines the high functionality of the flexible interior with an air of refinement, noticeable from , among other things, the well-thought-out ambience illumination. Whatever the version, it is a pleasure to travel in the Viano 4MATIC − regardless of whether the focus is on practicality, as in the Viano Fun, on elegance, as in the Viano Trend, or on luxury, as in the Viano Ambiente. Available in three length variants as well as in a range of different passenger-compartment layouts, the Viano 4MATIC satisfies every wish for a cultivated ride, whether it is a family or a business user travelling from A to B.
This impression of superior comfort is underlined by the comfort and safety of the suspension in the latest generation of the Viano 4MATIC, which is also quieter than ever before.
Viano 4MATIC: comfortable permanent all-wheel drive
The especially comfortable permanent all-wheel drive in the Viano 4MATIC provides maximum driving stability in many different situations: when starting off, accelerating and cornering, on ice, in snow, with leaves on the road, in wet conditions or on poor roads or when towing a trailer. The driver's job could hardly be easier: all that is required is measured use of accelerator and steering wheel − the rest is taken care of by the traction control system. The all-wheel drive system is based on the Mercedes-Benz 4ETS Electronic Traction System, which has proven highly effective, for example, in the ML-Class. Although all-wheel drive does not transform the Viano 4MATIC into a cross-country vehicle, it does guarantee maximum tractive power − and thus safety − when the going gets tricky.
With the Viano 4MATIC's permanent four-wheel drive, under normal driving conditions the power from the engine is transmitted to the front and rear axles in a 35:65 ratio. This guarantees a handling which, in everyday situations, does not differ significantly from that of the conventional rear-wheel-drive Viano.
The traction system takes the place of up to three differential locks
Instead of using mechanical differential locks, the all-wheel drive system employs the 4ETS Electronic Traction System. If one or more wheels lose traction on a slippery surface, 4ETS automatically brakes the spinning wheels by applying a series of short pulses while consequently increasing the drive torque at the wheels with good traction by a similar amount. The 4ETS system uses the ABS wheel sensors for this purpose. Automatic application of the brakes by 4ETS is capable of simulating the effect of up to three differential locks: interaxle differential lock, rear-axle differential lock and front-axle differential lock.
The transfer case is flanged directly onto the main gearbox. The front-axle drive, which is of highly compact design, is provided with a lifetime oil fill and is maintenance-free, as are the additional front-axle drive shafts, which have only a small articulation angle in the interests of a longer service life. The new front-axle subframe is designed to provide the same exemplary crash performance in the Viano 4MATIC. Wear is reduced by a new mounting of the front-axle drive unit and an increased oil volume. Helical gearing of the differential results in improved smoothness of operation.
Full integration into the Adaptive ESP stability programme
The 4ETS system is fully integrated into the ADAPTIVE ESP Electronic Stability Programme. While its control characteristics are specially matched to the all-wheel drive, all the functions of the ADAPTIVE ESP are retained: ABS anti-lock braking system, ASR acceleration skid control, EBV electronic brake-force distribution, BAS brake assist and AAS start-off assist. In combination with a factory-installed trailer tow hitch, the system is rounded off by the Trailer Stability Assist system, which counteracts fishtailing movements of the trailer by means of selective application of the brakes. The interaction between 4MATIC and ESP functions to perfection: the vehicle is stabilised and brought back onto course.
Although the Viano 4MATIC is not a fully fledged cross-country vehicle, it is certainly no mean performer in off-road conditions. Thanks to its raised body, the approach angle is 20 degrees (conventional drive: 14 degrees) while, in the variant with short wheelbase and short overhang, the departure angle is 28 degrees (conventional drive: 22 degrees). The breakover angle – which is important for driving over humps – is 19 degrees in the Viano 4MATIC with short wheelbase and is otherwise 14 degrees. The ground clearance is 150 mm at the front axle and approximately
210 mm at the rear. Depending on engine version, the hill climbing capability is around 20 percent higher than in the Viano with a conventional drive system.
The Viano 4MATIC fits in the garage
The additional weight of the all-wheel drive comes to just 80 kg. As the all-wheel drive raises the overall height by only just under 70 mm depending on model, the Viano 4MATIC still has an overall height of less than two metres, allowing it to fit into normal garages, multi-storey car parks and car washes – a key factor with regard to total flexibility and suitability for everyday use. The Viano Marco Polo camper van with its pop-up roof is the only model to minimally exceed the two-metre mark.
On the road, the Viano 4MATIC impresses with its exemplary driving stability and perfect traction. It conveys an air of safety and effortless superiority typical of the brand. As the vehicle starts off, the rear wheels first spin briefly if there is limited traction. The warning lamp flashes at any speed if at least one tyre has exceeded the grip limit. For optimum traction, the driver should select an increased accelerator position at lower speeds despite the flashing warning lamp. The 4ETS system automatically controls the wheel slip and optimum locking power on each individual wheel.
ASR disengageable for certain driving situations
Depending on the driving situation, it may be advisable to disengage the ASR acceleration skid control, which can be done at the touch of a button. This briefly raises the control thresholds so as to increase the traction by increasing the wheel slip, which is of advantage, for example, when snow chains are being used or when the vehicle is being driven on a gravel road. The ASR system is automatically reactivated at speeds between 40 and 60 km/h. The same is true if the wheel slip exceeds permissible limits or after more than ten seconds in ASR Off mode. ESP remains active even if ASR has been deactivated.
In any case, 4ETS prevents critical driving situations from arising. For instance, with increasing vehicle speed, the locking effect on the axle is reduced in order to prevent yaw (rotation about the vertical axis) in the interests of driving stability. Also, the braking torque on all wheels is controlled in such a way that braking torque is almost always applied on no more than three wheels. If the total slip of all wheels exceeds the computed slip, 4ETS reduces the drive torque from the engine. Despite such interventions, there is no possibility of the braking system overheating: if, under extreme off-road conditions, the temperature of the brakes rises to excessively high values, 4ETS automatically reduces the locking effect until the brakes have cooled down again. The driver is made aware of this by an indicator lamp.
Powerful engines with BlueEFFICIENCY technology
Clean and extremely fuel-efficient with outstanding performance: the Mercedes-Benz Viano is powered by the new generation of diesel engines from Mercedes-Benz. The new Viano sets a new benchmark in terms of environmental compatibility: all engines comply with the Euro 5 emissions standard. At the same time, low fuel consumption means reduced CO2 emissions. This is where a key role is played by BlueEfficiency technology, which is standard equipment of these vehicles.
Highly advanced, smooth-running engines
Both diesel engines are equipped with an oxidizing catalytic converter, a particulate filter and cooled exhaust gas recirculation. The Viano 4MATIC comes in two variants of the new CDI four-cylinder engine with 2.15-litre displacement:
- Viano CDI 2.0 4MATIC
Output: 100 kW (136 hp) at 3800 rpm Max. Torque: 310 Nm at 1400-2400 rpm
- Viano CDI 2.2 4MATIC
Output: 120 kW (163 hp) at 3800 rpm Max. Torque: 360 Nm at 1600-2400 rpm
The long-stroke engines impress with their high tractive power. The two overhead camshafts operate a total of 16 intake and exhaust valves. Camshaft drive is through a combination of gearwheels and a short chain, a basis for virtually unlimited durability.
Particularly broad useful engine speed range
A common-rail system takes care of fuel injection, which is done with extreme precision by especially durable solenoid valves and seven-hole injection nozzles. Both engine variants include a turbocharger with variable turbine geometry. The combination of a rated speed of 3800 rpm and high torque even at low engine speeds results in an exceptionally wide useful engine speed range between approximately 1500 and 4000 revolutions per minute. This is highly advantageous especially in off-road conditions since, thanks to its engine characteristics, the transmission requires only few gearshifts, which would otherwise mean loss of power and consequently, traction in off-road situations.
The combination of common-rail injection, rear camshaft drive and two counter-rotating balancer shafts results in outstandingly smooth running.
BlueEFFICIENCY reduces fuel consumption
BlueEFFICIENCY technology, standard for the Viano, lowers both fuel consumption and emissions. Battery management, tyres with optimised rolling resistance, ECO power steering pump, on-demand regulation of fuel pump and in-engine measures are hallmarks of the state of the art, also in the Viano 4MATIC.
Automatic transmission and all-wheel drive – a perfect combination
The power from the Viano 4MATIC's engine is transmitted as standard by the Mercedes-Benz five-speed automatic transmission, which is not only especially driver-friendly but also tried and tested a million times over. Its character is in perfect harmony with the Viano 4MATIC and its chassis and suspension set-up, which is tuned for comfort. It also provides the driver with significant advantages particularly in off-road conditions. Thanks to 4ETS, the driver can let the all-wheel drive take care of itself, while the automatic transmission dispenses with the need to select the appropriate gear. . As a consequence the driver can concentrate fully on the road ahead.
Viano 4MATIC – customised all-wheel drive
A host of optional equipment packages allow the Viano 4MATIC to be tailored to suit specific applications in which the all-wheel drive is able to come into its own. The "Bike" package with mounted cycle rack is the right choice for those wishing to use the Viano 4MATIC as a recreational vehicle, including off the beaten track. The "Business" package includes, for example, the COMAND APS navigation system and a refrigerator box – an ideal option for the businessman who needs to reach his destination on time regardless of road or weather conditions.
Users who frequently have to drive off-road will appreciate the increased traction afforded by M+S tyres and will also wish to carry a fully-fledged spare wheel for added safety (possible from the "long" variant up). In combination with a trailer tow hitch for max. 2.5 tonnes trailer load, the Viano 4MATIC presents itself as a towing vehicle with high tractive power. Hot-water auxiliary heating guarantees a feeling of well-being on board during breaks while also enabling the Viano 4MATIC on-board temperature to be adjusted prior to use.
A navigation system directs the driver reliably to his destination. Breaks en route can be enjoyed at the folding table or with a refreshment from the refrigerator box. For recreational users, there are roof rails and matching carrier systems for transporting skis or snowboards to winter holiday destinations – the requisite traction for travel by road is guaranteed.
Viano 4MATIC: all-wheel drive in many forms
The Viano 4MATIC can be ordered in all three length variants "compact", "long" and "extra-long". It is also available in the equipment lines Viano Trend and Viano Ambiente as well as for the Viano Marco Polo recreational vehicle.
4MATIC all-wheel drive is available in combination with CDI four-cylinder engines with a power output of 100 kW (136 hp) or 120 kW (163 hp). 4MATIC all-wheel drive is always in combination with automatic transmission, affording a superior driving experience in virtually all conditions. A variety of seating arrangements and equipment combinations for the Viano 4MATIC results in an extensive line-up of variants to suit virtually every conceivable application. In all cases the permissible gross vehicle weight of the Viano 4MATIC is 3050 kg.
The Viano's feel-good cockpit
A clearly laid-out dashboard with easy-to-read instruments – the Viano is a real driver's automobile. Whether it's the look and feel of the materials or the quality of the workmanship – the Viano fully meets passenger-car standards. Driver and passengers are accommodated in anatomically formed seats with attractively-designed upholstery.
Something for everyone: the Viano's numerous equipment lines
Versatility is the hallmark of the Viano's rear passenger compartment. In the Viano Trend and Ambiente, individual seats, which are adjustable on rails, removable and fitted with integral seat belts, head restraints and armrests, provide each passenger with their own personal space. Up to six passengers can be accommodated in the interior in individual seats (up to eight passengers in combination with two three-passenger bench seats). The individual seats can be moved or taken out if lots of luggage or bulky objects need to be transported.
In the "compact" variant, the rear of the Viano Fun features a movable three-passenger bench seat, folding table and swivelling front seats. The "long" variant of the Viano Fun has an extra single seat. In both variants, the bench can be folded into a fully reclining position or removed. The Viano Marco Polo comes with a full complement of camper-van equipment from cabinet to kitchenette and pop-up roof.
Elegant and of superior quality – trim, fabric and leather
Especially high-quality interior trim is a hallmark of the Viano Trend and Ambiente, and optionally also the Viano Fun. The scope of appointments includes optimised stowage facilities and carpeting. In addition to providing for a cosy appearance, the carpeting also prevents scratches and knocks when the vehicle comes in for tough use.
In addition to attractive fabrics and stylish leather covers, the consummately stylish appearance of the nappa leather in fluted design, which goes by the name of Lugano in the Viano Ambiente, is deserving of special mention. This upholstery is complemented by decorative trim in a fine burr walnut finish.
The well-conceived ambience illumination is at the heart of the lighting concept in the Viano Trend and Ambiente (optional in the Viano Fun). A total of six light sources in the footwell illuminate the floor of the Viano. The upper area of the rear compartment is illuminated by interior lights installed in the hand-grip recesses.
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4MATIC, exterior