Mercedes-Benz Procurement scouts for suppliers in Korea

Oct 18, 2017

Seoul - As first OEM with own presence at the fair Korea Electronics Show (KES), supplier scouts were establishing direct contact with trendsetters in consumer electronics. The four-day electronics and IT show is as important for Korea as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is for the US. Six scouts informed themselves about innovative ideas of start-ups and established players who might supply Mercedes-Benz with the very latest high-tech components, software and services in the future. "At Mercedes-Benz Cars we already know today what will be integrated into our vehicles in five years. Therefore we need the right partners. We already have a broad supply base in Korea, and we are open to expand it with new and innovative start-ups," says Dr. Klaus Zehender, Member of the Divisional Board of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Procurement and Supplier Quality. For Mercedes-Benz “ innovative” means, offering the customer true added value with new functions in top quality. Therefore the company already partnered up with Korean suppliers such as LG Electronics for onboard displays and Navis Automotive Systems, Inc. for navigation software. Furthermore, components such as cells for electric vehicles and steel are also procured from Korean suppliers.

At the KES, the supplier scouts for example had a business talk with the start-up Geo-Line, founded by Sunggyoo Geo three years ago. For the product PLUG&PAY, an electric vehicle mobile charging - payment solution, they have an opportunity to maybe work together with Mercedes-Benz.

Looking ahead onto the trends of the automobile industry, suppliers from the consumer electronics sector are becoming more and more important. Mercedes-Benz unites these trends within its CASE strategy. Networking (Connected), Autonomous Driving (Autonomous), Flexible Use (Shared & Services) and Electric Drive Systems (Electric) will change the mobility of the future and therefore the requirements for suppliers. To further encourage this transformation, Mercedes-Benz collaborates closely with new high-tech partners to bring innovations into Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

New suppliers can apply at the booth of Mercedes-Benz Purchasing and Supplier Quality at the Korean Electronics Show 2017.
Mercedes-Benz supplier scouts at the Korean Electronics Show 2017 looking for innovative startups: Jing He, Bastian Bendrich, Silke Effenberger, Elisangela Andre (left to right).
Mercedes-Benz procurement representative gave a keynote at the Korean Electronics Show 2017: Jochen Schaefers (presenter)