Mercedes-Benz Classic Magazine 2/2021: Young fans and the love of a classic car with a star

Mercedes-Benz Classic Magazine 2/2021: Young fans and the love of a classic car with a star

Nov 26, 2021

Stuttgart. Fresh, colourful and young: the content of the new Mercedes-Benz Classic Magazine delivers what the title promises. This begins with the fascinating cover picture of a 280 SE 3.5 Coupé (W 111), which photo artist David Klammer and art director Ayhan Belge have staged as a homage to the pop art of the 1970s and 1980s. Under the title “Artwork Coupé”, Klammer and Belge have dissolved the portraits of several iconic Mercedes-Benz dream coupés into brightly coloured surfaces and shimmering contours: in addition to the 280 SE 3.5 Coupé, these include a 380 SLC (C 107), a 280 CE (C 123) and a CL 500 (C 215).

Emotions and lifestyle

Just as colourful, but in a different way, are the stories about the very young women and men who tell of their diverse feelings about classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the cover story, “It must be love”. The photos of these enthusiastic people and their cars with the three-pointed star prove that they are indeed all serious about this love. The story reflects the trend: “Among us younger people, it’s seen as cool to drive cars that are 20 years old or older,” as one qualified vehicle technician from Oberhausen puts it. The 29-year-old restored her 190 E (W 201) in barolo red herself. Another cheerful, tongue-in-cheek comment: “I specifically chose this very handsome partner because he’s also a perfect match for me in terms of age.”

The stories of the young classic car fans are as diverse as the cars themselves: two brothers share three classic Mercedes-Benz cars, all of them green. A young Airbus pilot who is unable to fly around the world because of the pandemic has restored a 280 SL (R 107) in five months. A 21-year-old aspiring computer scientist raves about her 1992 250 GD (W 463), which she drives on a daily basis. A comment she frequently hears about her G-Class: “Wow, cool!” This young woman’s statement sums up the love for young classics as well as for older classic cars with the star: “I call the roadster Romeo. Any more questions?”

“Dad Route” and Fascination AMG

With some extensive photo spreads, the new issue awakens the longing for journeys out, e.g. through the picturesque villages of the English County of Kent. On a tour of the “Dad Route”, Classic Magazine meets the owner of 25 classic Mercedes-Benz automobiles, who takes this opportunity to compare the S-Class models of the 1960s and 1970s: a 300 SEL 3.5 (W 109) and a 450 SEL (W 116). Both are winners.

Or southern Germany, as another example, where two fans have made the three letters AMG a way of life. Four years ago, the entrepreneurs bought their first AMG cars, and now they have 30 – and counting. The corresponding garage and workshop have been opened, and the museum is to follow.

Further contents of the Mercedes-Benz Classic Magazine 2/2021:

  • The marinisation of the M 198 engine from the 300 SL: A racing boat owned by entrepreneur Herbert Quandt achieved three world records in 1959.
  • Adventure on the longest road in the world: Along the Pan-American Highway from Argentina to Alaska with a 300 TE.
  • The “WODI” ladies at the Nürburgring: An initiative to help women drivers enter the classic car scene.
  • Buyer’s guide to the SLK 170 series.

The Mercedes-Benz Classic Magazine 2/2021 will be published on 26 November 2021 in German and English. It is available by subscription, from newsagents and online at

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The magazine’s 20th anniversary is coming up: Centring around the cars, the brand history and the whole culture associated with the classic scene at Mercedes-Benz, the magazine has been in publication since 2002. It is designed and produced on behalf of the company by the Looping Group. The current magazine is Issue 63.

“Es muss Liebe sein: Wie eine junge Generation die Strahlkraft der Sterne entdeckt.” Mercedes-Benz Classic Magazine 2/2021, cover page of the German-language edition.
 “It must be love: A younger generation is discovering the radiant power of the three-pointed star.” Mercedes-Benz Classic Magazine 2/2021, cover page of the English-language edition.