Mercedes-Benz A-Class: fully galvanised body for high long-term quality

Oct 14, 2004
With a fully galvanised body, the new A-Class provides exemplary long-term protection against corrosion – just one of the ways in which it reflects the high quality standard of the Mercedes-Benz brand with regard to durability and reliability.
As in every other new Mercedes passenger car, the body panels of the A-Class are hot-dip galvanised on both sides for lasting protection against corrosion. In addition, certain areas of the body such as the doors, bonnet, tailgate and side-members are electrolytically galvanised on both sides and treated with an organic coating which also contains rust-inhibiting zinc pigments.
Mercedes-Benz also protects the most vulnerable structural areas of the bodywork with a cavity-fill preserving agent, for example on the front longitudinal members, the upper longitudinal member plane, the door sills and the rear wheel arches.
The Mercedes-Benz experts also weather-seal the welding seams in order to prevent the onset of corrosion. This seam sealing benefits not only the bonnet, doors, tailgate, rear wheel arches the fuel filler flap, but also a large proportion of the welded joins in the floor structure of the new A-Class, including the spare wheel and battery recesses.
Using plastic a large-area plastic underbody panelling has allowed Mercedes engineers to dispense with conventional PVC underseal. In addition to its aerodynamic benefits, this underbody panelling protects the body from stone chippings, water and soiling.
The exterior paintwork of the Mercedes compact car has been developed further to enhance its colour, sheen, resistance to aging and protection against scratches and stone chippings. A further-improved powder-based clearcoat gives the A-Class paintwork a brilliant and lasting shine and is applied without the use of solvents. All the other paint materials are also water-soluble and as such largely free of chemical solvents.
In keeping with all Mercedes passenger cars, the new A-Class is also protected by the 30-year MobiloLife warranty.
The bodyshell and body structure of the new A-Class with robust members at the front, sides and rear
The body of the new A-Class is protected against corrosion thanks to fully galvanised panels, cavity sealing and seam sealing
The body of the new A-Class is protected against corrosion thanks to fully galvanised panels, cavity sealing and seam sealing (german)