MULTIBEAM LED headlamps: Optimum visibility in all conditions

Nov 28, 2018

As standard the new B-Class is equipped with halogen headlamps with integrated LED daytime driving lamps. The optional LED High Performance headlamps and MULTIBEAM LED headlamps are another example of the technology transfer from the luxury to the compact class. With the MULTIBEAM LED headlamps, the control units calculate the ideal lighting configuration within milliseconds.

The MULTIBEAM LED headlamps allow quick and precise adjustment of the headlamps to the current road and traffic conditions. 18 individually actuated LEDs are housed in each headlamp. The daylight-like light colour of the LEDs is easy on the eyes and has a positive effect on concentration.

The functions of the MULTIBEAM LED headlamps are as follows:

  • Variable dipped beam for country roads and motorways (motorway light with increased range)
  • automatic activation of cornering lights when turning to the left and right. These are activated if the direction indicators are operated at under 40 km/h, and also on tight bends at under 70 km/h. Both cornering lights are switched on when revering, so as to illuminate the swivel range
  • active curve illumination with predictive control
  • cornering light with roundabout function. This is activated approx. 70 metres before entering a roundabout, and approx. 40 metres before junctions
  • city light for wide light distribution at low speeds within built-up areas

Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus is part of the optional MULTIBEAM LED headlamps. It can remain switched on permanently since oncoming traffic or traffic travelling ahead of the vehicle is masked out via the partial deactivation of individual high beam modules. Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus is active at speeds above 30 km/h when travelling on unlit roads.