MBUX Mercedes-Benz User Experience: Unrivalled experience for the user

Nov 28, 2018

What goes for A also goes for B: The much praised MBUX multimedia system - Mercedes-Benz User Experience - is also revolutionising the user experience in the B-Class. A unique feature of this system is its ability to learn thanks to artificial intelligence. MBUX is customisable and adapts to the user.

Its further strengths include the touchscreen operation of the media display, the high-resolution Widescreen cockpit (optional), the navigation display with augmented reality technology (optional) plus intelligent voice control with natural speech recognition, which is activated with the code word "Hey Mercedes" (or "Hello Mercedes").

Its highlight is the comprehensive touch operation concept – the combination of a touchscreen, touchpad on the centre console and touch controls in the steering wheel. In addition to the intuitive operating experience, less driver distraction is another advantage.

Intuitive operating concept: increased comfort and safety:

MBUX is a revolution of the user experience in the car. Emotively appealing showcasing features underline the comprehensibility of the control structure and thrill through brilliant 3-D maximum-resolution graphics which are rendered, i.e. calculated and displayed, in real time.

Operation is horizontal and makes optimum use of the ten-inch media display's widescreen format. As on a stage, a space is created which sets standards visually.

The operating system of the free-standing Widescreen cockpit comprises three levels with increasing information density for the media display: On the first level, for example, is what is known as the Homescreen. This is where, alongside the freely selectable main applications (e.g. telephone, navigation and radio), the most important information (such as arrival time, song currently being played etc.) is displayed.

The next level – the Basescreen – with the display and controls for the currently selected main application (such as Media and Navigation), is only one step away. The most important information and control options for the given applications are attractively presented at this level. Important functions such as destination or music search are grouped at the bottom edge of the screen. For seldom-used information and settings there is the Submenu on the final level.

In Fullscreen Mode almost the entire area of the instrument cluster is used for displaying Assistance, Journey or Navigation:

Augmented reality: navigation with information on the video image

The hard-disc navigation available for MBUX on the basis of HERE map data predicts destinations in advance, suggests interesting destinations (POIs - Points of Interest) or navigates to the next filling station; the onboard navigation also works without an online connection.

Map display supplemented by augmented reality is a completely new feature. A video image of the surroundings taken with the aid of the front camera is augmented with helpful navigation information, for example arrows or house numbers are automatically superimposed directly onto the realistic image of the surroundings on the media display. This makes it easier for the driver to search for a certain house number, or to find the correct side road for turning off.

Modular structure: MBUX functions

The MBUX functions are modular in structure, so that the precise needs of different customers and markets can be met. They are based on three pillars:

  • Basic variant: As standard this has two 7-inch (17.78 cm) displays for the instrument cluster and media display with touchscreen, a multifunction sports steering wheel with touch controls on the left and right, a USB interface (Type C) in the stowage tray, USB interfaces (Type C) in the rear, Bluetooth® connection for telephony and audio sources.
  • Extended MBUX functions: voice control, including personalisation, a predictive function and theme worlds, a WiFi hotspot. On request a large media display can also be ordered.
  • Large media display (10.25-inch/26 cm).

At extra cost, customers opting for the extended version or the larger instrument cluster are able to order e.g. a touchpad (also available separately), HD navigation (including three years of Live Traffic, Car-to-X communication and map updates), a head-up display and a Burmester® surround sound system.

Other navigation-specific optional equipment such as augmented reality for navigation, Traffic Sign Assist and navigation services can be ordered on top. The larger instrument cluster display (10.25-inch) is available as an option with the large media display.

The Smartphone Integration optional extra links the mobile phone with the vehicle's media system Apple® CarPlay® and Android Auto®. The driver of the B-Class thus has access to important applications on his smartphone. Apps from third-party service providers such as Spotify are also quick and easy to use.