Mar 9, 2016
From "Comfort" to "Individual". There are five different drive programs that allow the driver to influence the characteristics of their E-Class.
The driver chooses the desired driving experience with a switch in the lower control panel of the centre console. Depending on the equipment level, the driver can choose from various preconfigured drive programs and one the driver can design personally to a large extent. This influences the settings of various systems and components, such as the speed-sensitive power assistance for the steering, the shift points of the automatic transmission, the throttle response, the ECO start/stop function and the suspension.
Depending on the installed equipment, the following drive programs are available:
- Comfort 
- Sport
- Sport Plus 
- Individual
"Comfort" mode is the most balanced drive program with corresponding suspension tuning and a consumption-optimised powertrain set-up. "Comfort" mode is activated after engine start initially – it is therefore the basic program so to speak.
The "ECO" drive program trims the vehicle for minimal fuel consumption. The driver can access ECO information in the multifunction display in order to adopt a more economical driving style. With some engines, the vehicle is also capable of coasting when the driver releases the accelerator and lets the vehicle roll on overrun. This decouples the engine from the powertrain and the associated friction losses. The vehicle uses its current kinetic energy for a certain distance and consequently glides on the road with almost no fuel consumption.
"Sport" mode is characterised by agility and driving pleasure with a sporty suspension tuning and direct accelerator pedal characteristics. The suspension is firm, but still offers good ride comfort.
In "Sport Plus" mode, the powertrain responds very directly and rapidly to dynamic load changes. In addition, optionally available multi-chamber AIR BODY CONTROL air suspension has even firmer tuning and approaches motor racing character. The ECO start/stop function is then deactivated.
"Individual" mode additionally offers the possibility to vary individual parameters for suspension (in case of air suspension), steering and powertrain. They are complemented by additional adjustment options such as ECO start/stop, climate control and ECO Assist, depending on the vehicle.
On vehicles with manual transmission, an automatic double-declutching function is active when one of the sporty drive programs is selected. It determines the target engine speed after a gear change and sets the appropriate engine speed automatically. This results in sporty driving characteristics you can feel, accompanied by enhanced comfort.