Infotainment system: Connected on every seat

Jul 19, 2017

All S-Class models are equipped with the latest-generation infotainment system COMAND Online, starting a new era in digitisation and connectivity.

LINGUATRONIC voice control has for the first time been extended to include vehicle functions. Voice commands can now also be used to control the air conditioning and seat heating/ventilation, interior lighting (ambience lighting, reading lights, lighting in the rear), fragrancing/ionisation, seat massage function and head-up display. Depending on the language version and equipment level, up to 450 individual voice commands are now possible – among them e.g. commands such as "Ambience lighting violet" or "Fragrancing medium level". If the voice command is spoken without the addition of "front passenger", it refers only to the driver's side.

Also new with LINGUATRONIC 2.0: The driver is able to request a wealth of information – e.g. the next service date, the current speed limit, the remaining range or the date.

Another new feature lends a friendly, almost human touch to the voice control system of Mercedes-Benz. Initially only in the German and English versions, LINGUATRONIC uses so-called "Varying Voice Prompts". by virtue of which the system no longer responds to commands with the same acknowledgement each time, but rather with a variation and uses up to four sentences with a similar meaning.

Individual Rear Entertainment: personal entertainment programme

Films on Blu-ray or DVD, TV, internet, video games, music – Individual Rear Entertainment gives passengers in the rear a completely personal entertainment programme. In combination with high-quality RF headphones (optional), two 25.9 cm (10.2-inch) displays on the front seat backrests ensure brilliant video and audio quality. The system is conveniently controlled via the COMAND remote control. It includes a Blu-ray player, is networked with COMAND Online and has connections for external devices. This means that passengers are independently able to access the entertainment source of their choice. The content of MP3 players, game consoles, USB sticks, iPods® or iPads® is also available via connections in the rear armrest.

The "COMAND Touch" app has been extended in terms of its functions, especially in the ace of the Rear Seat Entertainment, allowing access via smartphone to various vehicle functions. A new feature is that passengers in the rear can now study the planned route during the journey and send points of interest along the route to the head unit for the driver. This also works when the passengers are not online, since the maps can be downloaded in advance for offline use. The "COMAND Touch" app is available free of charge from the Apple™ App Store and Google Play Store.

Free web browsing is possible when the vehicle is stationary, thanks to the integrated SIM card in the communications module. A separate data contract is required for this. With COMAND Online, Mercedes-Benz apps can also be used while driving.

The Burmester® High-End 3D Surround Sound system with a system output of 1520 watts was expanded with a speaker in the overhead control panel and two speakers in the sides.

Navigation: Up-to-date traffic reports thanks to Live Traffic Information

COMAND Online offers fast 3D hard-drive navigation with topographical map display, photo-realistic 3D buildings and 3D map rotations. The system presents its content interactively and includes features such as an animated compass.

Comprehensive information is displayed on the navigation map: in addition to real-time traffic density information it can e.g. include Car-to-X warning messages, the weather, filling stations including current fuel prices and free parking spaces.

Live Traffic Information allows the reception of precise traffic information which is updated by the system every two minutes. Taking the current vehicle location into account when requesting traffic information also ensures that the enquiring vehicles receive all the traffic information of relevance to them. The received traffic information is based on so-called "Floating Car Data", the key technology for precise acquisition of traffic data.

Smartphone: wireless charging and extended messaging

The features relating to smartphone connectivity have also been expanded: With the Smartphone Integration package, Apple's smartphone-based infotainment system CarPlay and Google's Android Auto can be used. If a corresponding smartphone is connected by USB, the customer can, if desired, switch to the CarPlay or Android Auto interface.

With the help of Near Field Communication, the smartphone transforms into the digital vehicle key and the controller for parking.

Mobile phones can be charged as standard, wirelessly and without a telephone holder. Wireless charging works with all mobile devices that support or can be retrofitted to support the Qi standard. The charging pad is integrated into the stowage compartment at the front of the centre console. Wireless charging is optionally also available in the centre console in the rear. In addition, Multifunction Telephony (optional feature) allows connecting mobile phones with the vehicle's exterior aerial.

The "Business Telephony in the Rear" equipment feature was expanded with additional functions such as connecting a second mobile phone and transferring calls between front and rear passengers. The Bluetooth® handset was also redesigned.

Front and rear passengers now have more text messaging options. They can now receive, send, forward and use voice-to-text to dictate text messages. Telephone numbers from text messages and embedded URLs can be used for further actions. The messages are also displayed as pop-ups on the right half of the wide-screen cockpit. Another new feature is the notification by text message if the vehicle is involved in a fender bender. The sensors of the vehicle detect such a situation and trigger a text message being sent to a preset mobile number.

Concierge service: personal support

Even the Mercedes me connect Standard Services make life for Mercedes-Benz drivers easier all-round – for example, vehicle diagnostics in the event of a break down or an accident. The Mercedes me services "Vehicle Set-Up" and "Vehicle Monitoring" allow drivers to connect to their vehicle from anywhere and at any time, to access vehicle information and to remotely activate a variety of functions. The range of functions includes Vehicle Tracker, Remote Door Locking and Unlocking, and Programming of Auxiliary Heating. This works both with the Mercedes me app (available for iOS and Android) and via the Mercedes me Portal (

And the new Concierge Service gives participating customers a wealth of personalised assistance: from making restaurant reservations and obtaining tips about tourist routes, to gathering information on cultural or sporting events and sending navigation destinations directly to the vehicle.

Access is straightforward: registered Mercedes me connect users can establish a telephone connection with the Concierge Service in a preset language in 19 countries across Europe using either the iCall button in the overhead control panel or the Mercedes me app. The personal concierge takes care of everything else.