F-CELL World Drive

  • Stuttgart, Mar 30, 2011 - 59 days after setting off from Stuttgart, the F-CELL World Drive has reached the third continent of its round-the-world tour. On 29 March the locally emission-free cars left Sydney for their journey to Melbourne. The next destination after Melbourne is Adelaide, after which the cars will start a 6-day journey to Perth that takes them through sparsely populated regions.
  • Genf, Mar 1, 2011 - Cultivated sportiness is the common feature of the many new models presented by Mercedes-Benz at the first major European motor show of the automobile’s 125 anniversary year. The C-Class Coupe, which celebrates its world premiere, is just as remarkable as the new-generation C-Class sedan and station wagon for its driving fun and outstanding efficiency. In keeping with their sporty character, the new C-Class models were introduced by players from the successful German women’s national soccer team. A further highlight of this year’s
  • Stuttgart, Feb 25, 2011 - On 25 February the F-CELL World Drive embarked on the second leg of its tour when three striking green B-Class F-CELL set out from Fort Lauderdale on the East Coast of the USA on their first North American leg towards New Orleans. In total, the vehicles will be covering around 7500 kilometres in the USA and Canada, after which they will leave via Seattle to continue their journey to Australia. So far the F-CELL World Drive has already clocked up more than 3600 km on the roads of Europe.
  • Stuttgart, Feb 14, 2011 - After the forth press event of the F-CELL World Drive in Madrid, the vehicles travelled for two days from 11th until 12th February – due to an overnight stop in Badajoz – to reach the Portuguese capital Lisbon. On the last leg in Europe, the vehicles have covered a distance of more than 660 kilometers. Every single B-Class F-CELL has travelled a total of 3250 kilometers during the first part of the F-CELL World Drive, not including the distances, the cars covered in the course of local activities.
  • Stuttgart, Feb 10, 2011 - The third press-event of more than 20 similar activities during the F-CELL World Drive, took place on 7th February in Barcelona. On 8th February 2011, the three B-Class F-CELL vehicles travelled further to Valencia. One day later, the Tour continued their journey towards the Spanish capital Madrid. 700 kilometers were added to the mileage during the fourth leg.
  • Stuttgart, Feb 5, 2011 - On 4th February 2011, the third leg of the F-CELL World Drive led the vehicles to Perpignan in France. The day after, the vehicles embarked on a 200 kilometers journey towards the Spanish coastal town of Barcelona. The vehicles covered an overall distance of about 690 kilometers. On 3rd February, the second event for local media took place in Lyon.
  • Stuttgart, Feb 3, 2011 - The second leg began in the early morning of 2nd February 2011 in Paris and led through Sermoise sur Loire, where the vehicles were refuelled for the first time, straight to Lyon. The three B-Class F-CELL vehicles covered a distance of 500 kilometers – locally emission-free. One day before, on 1st February, the first press-event of the F-CELL World Drive offered local journalists the opportunity to see for themselves that the B-Class F-CELL is technically mature.
  • Stuttgart, Feb 1, 2011 - The first leg of the F-CELL World Drive started on 30th January 2011 at 8:00 a.m. in Stuttgart, Germany. The vehicles first drove to Reims, via Loudres, where the first refuelling stop took place. The three B-Class F-CELL vehicles finally arrived at their destination Paris at noontime on 31st January. During the first leg, the three fuel cell vehicles covered a distance of 660 kilometres, while driving locally emission free.