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The new EQS under the magnifying glass: see, hear, smell, feel

Jul 24, 2021

The EQS can be experienced with almost all the senses. This elevates the all-electric luxury model to a new dimension in aesthetics and luxury. Seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling and tasting, these are the classic human senses. The new EQS appeals to the first four in many ways:

Visual perception: over 100 million rods and cones are located in the retina of the human eye. These sensory cells enable us to see, for example, the features of the EQS that are revolutionary for the luxury class, such as the cab-forward design or the coupé-like "one-bow" lines with fastback. This clearly distinguishes the EQS from vehicles with combustion engines at first glance and is further emphasised by the Black Panel front and the design of the lights.

The designers had the mission and the chance to tread a completely new path in styling the interior. They made use of this freedom: the MBUX Hyperscreen is one of the highlights in the new EQS. The concave screen stretches out in front of the occupants from the left to the right A-pillar like an ocean wave. Besides the sheer size, the high-quality, detailed design also guarantees a "wow" effect. The MBUX Hyperscreen is integrated into the instrument panel in minimalist fashion. Only a thin silver shadow frame, a vent band and a narrow leather frame surround it. The vent band spans across the entire width at the top and is very slim at the same time. These extreme proportions, together with the glass wave of the MBUX Hyperscreen, create the avant-garde architecture of the cockpit. The calm and clear design of the door panels borrows from the interior design of modern living spaces. Avant-garde as well as traditional materials and colours give the interior a special atmosphere. Another visual highlight is the head-up display with augmented reality content.

Auditory perception: people perceive sound waves with their ears. The listening impression of the EQS ranges between comfortable silence and an interactive, sensual sound experience. With a holistic sound production, the sound experts from Mercedes have made the paradigm shift from the combustion engine to the electric car acoustically perceptible. The EQS comes from the factory with two soundscapes: Silver Waves and Vivid Flux. They can be selected or switched off as sound experiences on the central display. Driver and passengers are already greeted acoustically when approaching the vehicle and when getting in. A corresponding aura sound also accompanies exiting and locking the EQS. The optional driving sound, which is reproduced by the speakers of the sound system in the interior, is also within the respective soundscape. The new ENERGIZING NATURE programs of ENERGIZING COMFORT also offer an impressively realistic listening experience. The soothing sounds called Forest Glade, Sounds of the Sea and Summer Rain were created in cooperation with nature acoustician Gordon Hempton. As with the other ENERGIZING COMFORT programs, other senses are addressed with lighting moods and images. Streaming services are another alternative to the new type of silence and interactive driving sound in the car:
Mercedes-Benz has fully integrated the major music streaming services into the MBUX infotainment system with the "Online Music" service.

Olfactory perception: scents are constantly being introduced when we breathe. Two systems report odours to the brain independently of each other: millions of receptors in the nasal mucosa and the ends of the trigeminal nerve. The EQS has something against unpleasant odours: its large HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) not only cleans the outside air very effectively of fine dust, minute particles and pollen. Special activated charcoals in the HEPA filter and the interior air filter also filter out sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides as well as odours. Due to their pore structure, they have a very large inner surface area. Around 600 grams of activated charcoal are used in the HEPA filter of the EQS. The adsorption area is equivalent to about 150 football fields.

The active fragrancing of the EQS, which is part of the AIR-BALANCE Package, also appeals to the sense of smell. A new fragrance has been composed for the new top-of-the-range electric model: No.6 MOOD Linen - carried by the green note of a fig lying on a piece of linen.

Haptic perception: the skin is the largest human sensory organ. With its help, we perceive touch and feel, for example, whether things are soft or hard, warm or cold, wet or dry. There is a lot to feel in the interior of the EQS: flowing leather surfaces with intricate seam patterns or dynamic perforation; the modern fine structure NEOTEX, which combines the look of nubuck leather and high-tech neoprene; trim elements made of open-pore real wood or in 3D relief look. The MBUX Hyperscreen's central and front passenger displays also offer haptic feedback. If a finger touches certain points on the touchscreen, the user feels pulses on the smooth surface that give the impression of a mechanical switch. Another operating aid is the so-called force feedback of both displays. Different levels of pressure on the glass change the response. For example, MBUX then jumps to another menu level. Finally, the up to ten different massage programs of the EQS can be felt not only with individual fingers, but with the whole body. They use the vibration motors in the seats and can also enhance the effect of the relaxing massage with heat based on the hot stone principle. For this purpose, the seat heating is combined with the inflatable air chambers of the multicontour seats.