Driving assistance systems and safety: Bodyguard und Co-pilot

Nov 21, 2019

The new Mercedes-Maybach GLS comes with many of the latest-generation Mercedes-Benz driving assistance systems included as standard. The PRE-SAFE® systems, which can increase the effectiveness of the car's protective functions by initiating in some cases reversible measures prior to an accident, are comprehensive and state-of-the-art, too. Options include a package incorporating Active Stop-and-Go Assist and PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side. One of the stand-out features of the Executive seat in the Mercedes-Maybach is the cushion airbag in the seat cushion. In the event of a frontal impact, it is designed to stop the rear passenger from sliding under the belt when the seat is in the reclined position. The cushion airbag restrains the passenger as effectively as possible in the pelvic area and in this way boosts the restraint effect of the three-point seat belt equipped with inertia-reel tensioners and belt force limiters.

The following assistance systems are installed as standard:

  • Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC
  • Active Speed Limit Assist
  • Traffic Sign Assist
  • Route-based speed adjustment
  • Active Steering Assist with Active Lane Change Assist and "emergency corridor" functions
  • Evasive Steering Assist
  • Active Lane Keeping Assist
  • Active Blind Spot Assist with exit warning
  • Active Brake Assist with turning manoeuvre function and cross-traffic function

The assistance systems fitted as standard in the Mercedes-Maybach GLS can assist the driver in many driving tasks and thus enhance comfort and safety. The car can autonomously maintain its speed and the distance to the vehicle in front as well as stay in lane on multi-lane roads. But it can also reduce the vehicle speed autonomously according to the traffic situation, e.g. when approaching towns or villages, bends, roundabouts, junctions, or even traffic tailbacks.

Its assistance systems can warn the driver if the GLS gets too close to the vehicle in front or if there is a risk of a collision while also monitoring the blind spot, even when the GLS is stationary before the occupants get out, as well as the adjacent lane ahead of, beside and behind the vehicle when changing lanes to overtake. If the driver fails to react, having being warned of the risk of a collision, the Active Brake Assist can initiate emergency braking autonomously. In this case, it can even react to pedestrians and cyclists and when turning ahead of oncoming traffic. If the driver is no longer guiding the vehicle when Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC is activated, the vehicle can detect this and give the driver signals. If the driver fails to react, the vehicle can even stop itself autonomously. It warns the traffic behind and can make an emergency call. This measure is important for medical emergencies, which is why the vehicle is also then unlocked to afford access for first-aiders. In the speed range from 20 to 70 km/h, the Evasive Steering Assist can assist the driver with manoeuvring to avoid a pedestrian in a hazardous situation by using camera and radar images to precisely calculate steering torque and then applying this torque to support the movement of the steering wheel.

The standard-fit Parking package with 360° camera is designed to assist with everyday manoeuvres: Four networked close-range cameras in the radiator grille, in the tailgate and in the exterior mirror housings produce a 360° image which is shown vividly in different selectable views on the media display, making it easier to manoeuvre and park.

Additional option: Active Stop-and-Go Assist

Active Stop-and-Go Assist and PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side (see further below) are optionally available in a package as an additional assistance system. In traffic congestion, Active Stop-and-Go Assist can assist the driver at speeds of up to 60 km/h with high availability. It can maintain the distance to the vehicle in front autonomously, while repeatedly making the car stop and start off again. It complements the Active Steering Assist which can automatically help to form a 'rescue corridor' for emergency vehicles on multi-lane roads based on road markings and the vehicle in front.

PRE-SAFE® for enhanced occupant protection

For many years PRE-SAFE®, the preventive occupant protection system, has supplemented the classic design measures at Mercedes-Benz. The result is comprehensive protection that starts before an accident and is still effective after the accident. The extensive driving assistance systems, as well as the sophisticated crash sensor system, enable PRE-SAFE® to recognise a likely impact in even more situations than before. The protective effect of the systems is improved with a precisely coordinated response of the restraint systems and a number of other measures.

In this way PRE-SAFE® can now recognise an impending impact of a vehicle following behind by means of the radar sensors in the rear bumper and warn its driver with rapidly flashing hazard lights. At the same time, the PRE-SAFE® measures of the occupant protection systems are initiated. If the vehicle is stopped, the brakes are locked to keep it in place and reduce the forward jolt and thus the risk of whiplash and a secondary collision (PRE-SAFE® Plus).

In the new Mercedes-Maybach GLS, PRE-SAFE® can also protect the passengers in an area that often gets forgotten: the hearing. If a probable impact is detected, the standard-fit PRE-SAFE® Sound system transmits a noise signal through the sound system of the vehicle, which can trigger a reflex. It causes the stapedius muscle in the inner ear to contract and thus muffles the noise level of a major collision.

PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side, which is part of the optional Driving Assistance package Plus, uses the close-range radar sensors to detect an impending side-on collision, for example, in the event of accidents at junctions. As a preventive measure, PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side can inflate the air pocket in the outer bolster of the front seat on the side of the expected impact very quickly. It can prompt the driver or front passenger to move further away from the danger zone.