Dimensional concept: Space for the good life

Nov 21, 2019

The spatial concept of the Mercedes-Maybach GLS starts with the seated position high above the road surface, which puts the SUV concept into the luxury segment. Compared with the S-Class, the driver sits more than 25 cm higher, the rear passengers almost 28 cm higher. This makes it particularly easy for occupants to get in through the wide door openings using the electric running boards. The interior of the Mercedes-Maybach uses the generous dimensions of the GLS to offer drivers and passengers comfortable and spacious seating. The interior is designed as a feel-good zone. The rear compartment especially, with seats 120 mm further back than they are in the Mercedes-Benz GLS, serves as both an office and a private relaxation zone. The outer rear seats with their calf supports and the exceptionally wide backrest that can be inclined backwards up to 43.5° are ideal for deep relaxation on long journeys or even a rejuvenating power nap.

The long wheelbase length of 3135 mm is used to the full to provide generous spaciousness in the interior. This results in the vast legroom of 1103 mm, in which the calf supports for both outer rear seats can be extended. They are standard for both seating configurations – the five-seater or the optional four-seater. If the front passenger seat is moved into the chauffeur position, there is up to 1.34 m of legroom behind it.

Moving the front passenger seat into the chauffeur position not only extends the legroom behind, it also inclines the backrest towards the seat cushion, taking account of the statutory requirements for the driver's field of vision, which may vary from market to market. Combined with the slightly higher sitting position in the rear seats compared with the front seats, this results in an exceptionally generous feeling of spaciousness with good forward visibility.

The rear seats are optimised to provide an outstanding level of seating comfort, particularly in the two outer seats. Compared with the position of the second seat row in the Mercedes-Benz GLS, the seats are each moved 30 mm inward and 120 mm rearward. This means there is 15 mm more elbow room between the seat occupant and the door panelling in the Mercedes-Maybach. The headroom in the rear seats is 1020 mm when they are in the normal position with the backrests inclined 27° rearward.

Behind the rear seats, the fixed load compartment partition with exquisitely designed parcel shelf separates the interior from the luggage compartment. This solution offers advantages in terms of body rigidity, low noise levels and high climate comfort. The luggage compartment capacity is 525 litres. The loading space between the wheel arches is 1058 mm wide - enough room for four large golf bags. The through-loading height of the luggage compartment below the parcel shelf is 398 mm, making it 22 mm higher than in an S-Class.

The front seats provide the driver and front passenger with the same generous amount of space that is available in the Mercedes‑Benz GLS. Even exceptionally tall people can find a relaxed and comfortable seated position thanks to the wide adjustment ranges of the seats. There is 1025 mm of headroom up to the standard-fit panoramic tilting/sliding sunroof.