Daimler receives two international “ÖkoGlobe 2009” awards

Sep 10, 2009
  • Environmental award for cooperation with Evonik covering research, development and production of lithium-ion batteries in Germany
  • Award for the new car2go mobility concept
Stuttgart – As last year, two of the internationally coveted “ÖkoGlobe” (EcoGlobe) environmental awards went to Daimler AG in 2009. Once again the jury thereby honoured the world’s oldest automobile manufacturer for its pioneering, innovative and environmentally friendly concepts and developments in the mobility sector. The award-winners were presented with prizes initiated by the artist HA Schult. Daimler AG received the environmental award together with Evonik Industries AG for their cooperation covering research, development and production of lithium-ion batteries in Germany. In addition the project car2go, which Daimler has already put successfully into operation in Ulm, was honoured with the “ÖkoGlobe” award. This completely new mobility concept currently provides smart fortwo cars within the town of Ulmthat can be immediately rented at low cost by anybody - around the clock. The two “ÖkoGlobe 2009” awards are in recognition of Daimler’s efforts and commitment to sustainable mobility. Yesterday the awards were officially received in Cologneby Prof. Herbert Kohler, Vice President Group Research and Advanced Engineering for e-drive & Future Mobility as well as Chief Environment Officer of Daimler AG.
The “ÖkoGlobe” is the first award for the automobile and mobility sector where only ecological criteria are considered. “ÖkoGlobe 2007” was originally founded as a joint initiative by the artist HA Schult, the CAR-Center Automotive Research at the University of Duisburg-Essen, the DEVK insurance company in Cologne and the automobile club ACV. Its patron is the federal minister for the environment, Sigmar Gabriel.
In 2009 more than 20 companies took part in the “ÖkoGlobe” award competition with their projects, which lead from conventional vehicles and infrastructures to innovative and environmentally friendly concepts. The contenders included all the major German automobile manufacturers and suppliers, and also many smaller companies and research institutions. A total of 67 innovations and projects in ten categories were submitted and assessed by a jury consisting of highly qualified specialists.
Laying the foundations for production of lithium-ion batteries
The jury presented the “ÖkoGlobe” award for innovative battery systems to Daimler AG and its cooperation partner Evonik Industries AG, for their joint work on lithium-ion technology. In deciding on a production location for lithium-ion battery systems, Daimler and Evonik have now embarked on the next stage in their strategic partnership for the electrification of the car: Deutsche Accumotive, the joint venture by the two partners, will produce battery systems based on lithium-ion technology in Kamenz, Saxony. Construction of the new production facility is set to begin in autumn 2009. Production is scheduled to start in early 2011, and from 2012 the first lithium-ion battery systems will be installed in vehicles produced by Mercedes-Benz Cars.
This high-tech battery has reached series production maturity, is superior to other products in major respects and will soon be used in electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz Cars. The two partners are therefore laying the basic foundations for the series production of electric vehicles.
car2go – a new mobility concept for the future
The car2go concept started by Daimler in Ulmat the end of March 2009 was given the award as an innovative and successful product in the “Mobility Visions” category. This scheme makes 200 smart fortwo cars available in Ulmfor anyone to rent at any time. Once they have registered, customers can pick up a car immediately or make a reservation, and use it for as long as needed. The customer simply gets in and drives off, then leaves the rented smart in a parking space within the town in Ulmafter completing his journey. The environ-mentally friendly city cars are available all over the town. Charging is electronic and accurate to the minute, at a rate of only 19 Cents per minute.
Just three months after the start of the public pilot phase, more than 12,000 car2go customers had registered at the car2go Shop in Ulm– roughly ten percent of the town’s population. This positive trend is continuing, especially since the neighbouring Bavarian town of Neu-Ulmhas been included in the car2go scheme since 1 September. Daimler AG has therefore realised a completely new mobility concept that provides a future-oriented answer to increasing traffic density in heavily populated areas.
The German pilot project in Ulm/Neu-Ulm is by no means the end of the story, as the scheme was also conceived for international application right from the start. Enquiries have meanwhile been received from cities all over the world which also want offer car2go to their inhabitants. Before the end of this year Daimler will be making an international debut with car2go in Austin, Texas– initially with 200 cars.
Daimler was also among the “ÖkoGlobe” award-winners in 2008
The EcoGlobe awards were presented for the third time this year. Daimler was also among the award-winners in 2008, with two awards. One of them was for the smart fortwo electric drive produced by the Stuttgart-based company. The second “ ÖkoGlobe” went to Daimler for exemplary waste management concepts, the jury taking into account aspects such as environmental certification, the recycling management system, the Mercedes-BenzUsedPartsCenterand innovative concepts for waste avoidance and recycling.