• Stuttgart, Dec 10, 2012 - The distilled essence of fascination in one gleaming silver wind-up toy car: the 300 SL racing car, first produced in 1953 as a tiny model, is a mere twelve centimetres long. But this provides more than enough space on which to project the extraordinary reputation that surrounds the original. The Dux brand toy car, manufactured by Markes and Co. in Lüdenscheid, marked the beginning of a great and fascinating tradition.
  • Stuttgart, Jun 27, 2012 - The Mercedes-Benz SL product range is legendary. The world premiere of the latest SL from the R 231 model series at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2012 showed impressively just how alive this legend still is. One could think that the SL is an icon which really needs no advertising of any kind. On taking a closer look, however, it becomes clear that the publicity agencies employed by Mercedes-Benz have been extremely skilful at making the most of the aura surrounding the SL – and have been doing so ever since 1952.
  • Stuttgart, May 5, 2011 - 125 years ago the Kaiserliche Patentamt (Imperial Patent Office) in Berlin granted Benz & Co. in Mannheim the patent No. 37,435 for a “vehicle with a gas engine drive system”. This patent is see as the birth certificate of the automobile. “Patentirt im Deutschen Reiche vom 29. Januar 1886 an” – “patented in the German Empire from 29. January 1886 on”: thus reads the document; and that very day the automobile’s triumphal march began that was to change the world to an unimaginable extent. The Federal Finance Ministry is issuing a special postage stamp and a special coin to celebrate the automobile’s 125th birthday.
  • Stuttgart, Aug 3, 2009 - Born into the same era, the automobile and the silver screen – the car and the cine camera – were largely parallel developments. At the same time, the cinema came to chronicle in a quite unique fashion the fascination for vehicles from Mercedes-Benz and its predecessor brands shared by international celebrities and the general public alike.
  • Stuttgart/Bradford, UK, Jul 30, 2009 - The National Media Museum in Bradford, UK, is currently in the process of raising a photographic treasure. The project, which aims to scan a large proportion of the photographs housed in the Zoltán Glass archive, will systematically catalogue the work of the artist.
  • Stuttgart, May 6, 2009 - "That people are not there for the sake of work, but work is for the sake of people," was the belief of Paul Riebensahm, member of the Board of Management of Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG), in 1919. In the troubled times following the First World War he was serious about striving for a new corporate culture which would make allowance for the radically changed conditions.
  • Stuttgart/Pforzheim, May 2, 2008 - The now famous long-distance journey of Bertha Benz 120 years ago helped the automobile achieve the breakthrough it was looking for. In August 1888, she and her two sons set off in the patent motor car designed by her husband, Carl Benz, and drove the 106 kilometers from Mannheim to the town of her birth, Pforzheim, returning to Mannheim a few days later.
  • Stuttgart/Monaco, May 20, 2003 - On May 20, 2003, just days before the Monaco Grand Prix, Prof. Jürgen Hubbert – member of the DaimlerChrysler Board of Management – is to unveil a life-size bronze statue of Juan Manuel Fangio. The statue depicts the 5-time Formula One World Champion from the 1950s standing next to his Mercedes-Benz W 196 Grand Prix racer.
  • Stuttgart, Jun 17, 2002 - DaimlerChrysler Classic and Fangio Foundation donate life-size bronze statue of Fangio. Homage to the five-times Formula One World Champion in the fifties. Symbol of the close ties of Mercedes-Benz with the Green Hell.