Comfort of the rear seats and MBUX rear-seat tablet: Served on a tablet

Jun 24, 2019
Stuttgart/Salt Lake City

Luxury in the new GLS is shared generously among all passengers, particularly if the Rear Comfort package Plus is ordered. It includes a 7-inch Android tablet in its own docking station in the second row's larger luxury centre armrest. The tablet allows control of all MBUX comfort functions of the rear seat rows and of many infotainment functions of MBUX (see previous chapter) such as access to destination entry into the navigation system, media, telephone and web browser from the rear seat rows. The driver can assume control of all options and features from his or her seat at any time, of course.

The tablet primarily controls the Rear Seat Comfort Package and the five-zone automatic climate control for the rear seats. Thanks to the electrified rear seats, functions are possible in the second row that previously were only known from the first row. As an additional option for the second row, luxury seats with lumbar massage function and climate control can be added to the Rear Comfort Package Plus. The two outer head restraints are power-adjustable and can be ordered as luxury head restraints with additional cushions, adjustable angle and adjustable "ears" like in the S-Class.

The new GLS underscores its suitability as a chauffeur car also with the fact that the front passenger seat can be moved up electrically from the rear seat bench to enable full use of the ample legroom. However, the GLS also has a heart for families and accommodates three child seats on the middle bench.

The docking station of the tablet is integrated into the centre armrest and has a locking function to keep the tablet as secure as possible in a crash. The docking station also charges the tablet. To be able to charge additional devices, the centre armrest of the Rear Seat Comfort Package Plus also offers a wireless charging tray for smartphones and has additional USB ports.

The centre console between the front seats was extended towards the rear and features a control panel for the THERMOTRONIC functions of the second row. It can optionally pamper the rear passengers with a thermal cup holder – warm beverages stay warm, cold beverages are cooled. The specification with heated and climate-controlled multicontour seats in the second row features additional switches in the door frame, which allow operating these comfort functions when the tablet is stowed in the centre armrest and the middle seat is occupied by a person.

Comfort doesn't stop in the rearmost row either. The available heated seats for this row underscore that the GLS offers only full-fledged seats. This also applies to the fifth climate zone of the THERMOTRONIC system, which is controlled separately (see next chapter).

A feast for eyes and ears: MBUX Rear Seat Entertainment System

The MBUX Rear Seat Entertainment System is available for all seating variants - for even more entertainment and convenience. It includes two 11.6-inch touchscreens that allow passengers in the second row to enjoy movies or music, use the integrated web browser, or call up and input trip information. Each screen displays the content selected by the individual user. In addition to the options offered by the MBUX infotainment system, users can also play their own media from a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. If the GLS is equipped with the optional MBUX rear seat tablet, the MBUX Rear Seat Entertainment System can also be controlled with it and, for example, manages several different mobile devices connected to the network of the vehicle.

Special Bluetooth headphones are available for a high-quality sound, which provide one passenger with classical music, while the other listens to rap and yet another hears the soundtrack of a cartoon that is playing on a screen.

Speaking of sound: The quiet-running of the new GLS is definitely an invitation to listen to music on the road. Already the standard specification of MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) with seven loudspeakers delivers good overall acoustics and performance. Two audio systems specially tailored to the interior of the new GLS are available as optional equipment – a Burmester® surround sound system with 13 speakers and an additional amplifier, and a Burmester® high-end 3D surround sound system which ensures an impressive musical experience in every respect with its design features and a total of 26 speakers. The subwoofer of the system is installed under the boot floor.

The two Burmester® systems integrate a two-way system for voice amplification between the first and third row of seats. This makes it easy to have conversations from one end of the large interior to the other even when travelling at high speeds.