Comfort appointments: Pampering in total peace and quiet

Nov 21, 2019

In addition to sumptuous spaciousness and exquisitely comfortable seats, the interior of the Mercedes-Maybach GLS offers the high standard of comfort appointments one would expect in the luxury class. The effective insulation of the interior to prevent disturbing noise and vibration means that these systems have an additional requirement to fulfil: they need to perform their tasks extremely quietly. This makes it easier for the driver and Executive passengers to converse, as does the intercom (two-way in-car communication) included as part of the standard-fit Burmester® surround sound system.

The standard-fit THERMOTRONIC is likewise designed so as not to disturb the peace in the Mercedes-Maybach GLS. Accordingly the fan motor rests on rubber bearings so that no vibrations are transferred to the housing that might lead to a noise in the interior. A coating on the air ducts additionally dampens airflow noises. The air is then conducted to the vents after thorough filtering and temperature control according to the weather and the occupants' wishes.

The standard-fit Executive Climate System (ECS) has a separate air conditioner for the rear and controls the temperature and the air quantity on the left and right and in both seat rows separately. Numerous vents ensure effective and draught-free air supply to exactly where it is needed. Those in the footwell at the front and rear operate independently from those in the B-pillars, for example. Above the rear doors there are additional, fixed outlet openings which are used by the rear air conditioner and make the ventilation particularly pleasant and indirect. Two additional electric heating elements in the rear footwell provide a pleasant temperature in double-quick time, even when it's cold outside.

Discreet and comfortable: the air conditioning system thinks for itself

The ECS system is configured so that the passenger adjusts the system for their seat once, and the automatic system then ensures the desired, pleasant interior climate every time. This is why several sensors measure the inside and outside temperatures, the angle of the sun and even the air humidity at the windscreen, so as to prevent misted-up windows before they can cause an issue.

The control unit also detects poor air quality outside the vehicle, or receives a warning from the navigation system if the vehicle is approaching a tunnel. In both cases, the system automatically switches to air recirculation mode, and the side windows and sliding sunroof are closed. Like a good butler, the control system also remembers the personal preferences of up to seven different, regular users and one guest.

A separate control panel in the rear and the menus in the MBUX Rear Tablet or MBUX Rear Seat Entertainment System allow control of the Executive Climate System from the rear seats, too. Mercedes me connect can be used in conjunction with the optional auxiliary heater to pre-heat or pre-cool the vehicle by remote control before setting off.

The optional auxiliary heater, Warmth Comfort package, heated multifunction steering wheel and AIR-BALANCE allow individual adjustment of the ECS system. The Warmth Comfort package includes heatable areas in the armrests and door centre panels on all four doors and the armrest in the fixed centre console.

Even better air quality and enhanced wellness thanks to the AIR-BALANCE package.

Even more wellness is assured by the AIR-BALANCE package. This has two particularly clever features. One is active fragrancing of the interior: activated, deactivated and variably controlled via a separate menu in the infotainment system, a fragrance generator perfumes the air entering the interior with a pleasant fragrance from a glass flask. The new Mercedes-Maybach GLS has its own signature fragrance: the white osmanthus blossom, floral and light, is rounded off by a gentle leather note and spicy tea.

Fragrance in the interior contributes greatly to the luxurious ambience but is also a matter of individual taste. Familiar AIR-BALANCE fragrances from the Mercedes-Benz range are therefore also available as alternatives to the exclusive Maybach fragrance. The fragrancing system's technology ensures that the fragrance also actually evaporates after system deactivation and air exchange. No perfume droplets stick to clothing or the occupants.

Another function of the AIR-BALANCE Package is air ionisation by a high-voltage ioniser in the air duct. The ioniser generates negative ions which are attracted by the mainly positively charged airborne particles. Owing to the magnetic attraction, they form heavier agglomerations and fall to the floor. In this way, certain viruses, bacteria and spores whose deactivation measurably benefits asthmatics and allergy sufferers are precipitated from the breathable air. Ionisation freshens the air and keeps the occupants feeling fit for longer.

Use the time: equipment for work and entertainment

The Mercedes-Maybach GLS connectivity allows passengers to take their own digital environment with them into the car and integrate it perfectly there. At least four USB ports and WLAN/Bluetooth® enable the occupants to incorporate and power their devices. The MBUX infotainment system supports the popular formats and internet protocols, and can manage up to eight different user profiles. Folding tables and a 115/230 V socket can be ordered for the large compartment in the fixed rear centre console, turning the rear area into a comfortable mobile office.

THE MBUX Rear Seat Entertainment System is available for entertaining the rear passengers. It includes two 11.6-inch touchscreens on which films or music can be played or, at a later point, the integrated web browser can be used. Each screen displays the content selected by the individual user. Special Mercedes‑Benz Bluetooth® headphones are optionally available for a high-quality sound. In addition to the options offered by the MBUX infotainment system, users can also play their own media from a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. The MBUX Rear Seat Entertainment System can also be controlled via the standard-fit MBUX Rear Tablet.

The low noise level inside the Mercedes-Maybach GLS creates the ideal conditions for the standard-fit Burmester® premium surround sound system. The Burmester® high-end 3D surround sound system is designed to meet the highest individual requirements. Some 27 high-performance speakers and 24 separate amplifier channels provide an overall output of 1590 watts. It offers superb sound quality precisely tuned to the interior. Both systems have an integrated two-way ICC (In-Car Communication) system to make it easier for occupants in the front and rear seats to converse.