Whether warm or cold: just feeling good

Oct 28, 2020

The climate control system is a completely new development. Improvements have been made to the acoustic properties, air quality in the interior and ease of operation and control in particular. Both the maximised cooling output and the heat output are highlights. For maximum comfort on cold days, all models with petrol engines have a 48 V PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) booster heater as standard. This heats the interior especially rapidly, and a warm outlet air temperature can be felt at once. Thermotronic with two climate zones is standard equipment, with 4-zone Thermotronic in the rear as optional equipment.

The two climate control systems share a number of other functions. For example:

  • 7 personal climate profiles can be stored, plus a guest profile.
  • Automatic switching to air recirculation when approaching a tunnel, and when the air quality sensor detects poor outside air quality. At the same time all windows and the sunroof are closed – then returned to their previous positions when switching back to fresh air. They are also closed if the air recirculation switch is pressed for longer than two seconds.
  • Residual engine heat utilisation
  • 2 solar sensors (in the rain sensor and on the parcel shelf)
  • The window misting sensor in the stem of the rear-view mirror measures the window temperature and the interior humidity level. The humidity level of the intake air is also assessed. This enables the energy requirement of the compressor to be reduced in cool temperatures with dry ambient air. Energy is saved, and too dry interior air is avoided.
  • 5 sensors for the outlet air temperature (Thermotronic Rear: 4 plus 2 heat exchanger sensors)
  • 2 interior temperature sensors
  • 17 step adjustment motors to control the temperature and airflows (Thermotronic Rear: 20)
  • With ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL, Mercedes-Benz offers its customers a high-quality filter system that removes particles and pollutants from the air. This uses an innovative particle filter with activated charcoal to reduce fine dust, pollen and odours.
  • Electric refrigerant compressor (in combination with petrol engines)

AIR-BALANCE package: active fragrancing and ionisation

The preceding series was the pioneer, and active fragrancing has now become a popular feature for the high-end Mercedes-Benz model series. As part of the AIR-BALANCE package, the intensity of the fragrancing can be set in three stages. Two special fragrances were created for the new S-Class: BAMBOO MOOD is an unobtrusive, light fragrance full of power and energy. Bamboo is rounded off with a hint of fresh water. COTTON MOOD is an atmospheric fragrance conveying purity and freshness. A touch of ozone conveys this first impression. A hint of green and jasmine accentuate this calming effect. Amber and musk form the basis for this fragrance.

An ioniser is integrated into the side vent in the dashboard. This ionises the air in the duct with a high voltage.