• Stuttgart/Immendingen, Nov 22, 2021 - For those who find a conventional estate car less than suitable off-road, and an SUV too high-legged, Mercedes-Benz now offers an all-rounder as an alternative in the C-Class segment: the C-Class All-Terrain.
  • Stuttgart, Oct 26, 2021 - Following the recent launch of the new C-Class generation it is now possible to order the C 300 e (combined fuel consumption, weighted: 0.8-0.6 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions, weighted: 17-13 g/km; combined power consumption, weighted: 23.3-20.8 kWh/100 km)1 and the C 300 e Estate (combined fuel consumption, weighted: 0.8-0.6 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions, weighted: 19-14 g/km; combined power consumption, weighted: 24.1-21.6 kWh/100 km)1 as the first plug-in hybrid models.
  • Stuttgart, Aug 18, 2021 - For those who find a conventional estate car less than suitable off-road, and an SUV too high-legged, Mercedes-Benz now offers an all-rounder as an alternative in the C-Class segment: the C-Class All-Terrain.
  • Shanghai, Apr 19, 2021 - At Auto Shanghai 2021, Mercedes-Benz celebrated the world premieres of the new, all-electric EQB compact model, the long-wheelbase version of the new C-Class and the new four-door CLS Coupé.
  • Stuttgart, Mar 30, 2021 - The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class is electrified throughout thanks to plug-in hybrids and mild hybrids with 48-volt technology and an integrated starter-generator. Other technical refinements include optional features such as DIGITAL LIGHT and rear-axle steering.
  • Stuttgart, Feb 15, 2021 - Sporty, emotional, efficient, and intelligent: the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class
  • Stuttgart, Jun 29, 2018 - Additional engines for the new C-Class can now be ordered at the dealers. This makes a total of more than 50 models of the new C-Class family available – 30 saloons and estates as well as 21 coupés and cabriolets.
    Fuel consumption combined: 9.8-4.5 l/100 km; Combined CO2 emissions: 223-119 g/km*
  • Stuttgart, Apr 23, 2018 - Arriving in good time for the summer, the new C-Class Cabriolet is now available to order from retailers, and alongside it another C-Class two-door model: the Coupé.
    Fuel consumption combined: 9.8-4.8 l/100 km Combined CO2 emissions: 229-126 g/km*
  • Stuttgart, Apr 11, 2018 - The best-seller is progressing to the next level: extensively modified, the new C-Class saloon and estate can be ordered with immediate effect.
    Fuel consumption combined: 7.0-4.4 l/100 km; Combined CO2 emissions: 159-117 g/km*
  • Stuttgart, Mar 21, 2018 - Just a few weeks after the world premiere of the saloon and estate the two-door version of the C-Class proves it is also enjoying its new top form with the coupé and cabriolet.
    fuel consumption combined: 9.8-4.9 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 223-130 g/km*
  • Stuttgart, Mar 6, 2018 - The most successful model series from Mercedes-Benz is entering its fifth year in production with extensive modifications. The design of the exterior and interior benefits from a stylish makeover.
    Fuel consumption combined: 9.4 – 4.6 l/100 km; Combined CO2 emissions: 214 - 123 g/km*
  • Stuttgart/Geneva, Mar 5, 2018 - The Geneva Motor Show will see the debut of two new Mercedes-Benz preproduction models that combine state-of-the-art diesel technology with the 9G-TRONIC 9-speed hybrid transmission.
  • Stuttgart, Feb 14, 2018 - Alongside the A-Class, the G-Class and the new four-door Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé, highlights at this year's Geneva Motor Show include the world premiere of the new C-Class in Saloon and Estate guise with new petrol and diesel engines, and as plug-in hybrid models.
  • Stuttgart, Aug 16, 2017 - The Mercedes-Benz C-Class, GLC and GLC Coupé are benefiting from numerous enhancements like the Smartphone Integration available for Audio 20 USB and Audio 20. The offering also includes sporty special models for the C-Class Saloon, Estate, Coupé and Cabriolet.
    Fuel consumption combined: 7.5 – 5.3 l/100 km; Combined CO2 emissions: 169 – 122 g/km*
  • Bremen, Jun 14, 2016 - The first C-Class Cabriolet has rolled off the production line at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen. This is the first Cabriolet in the history of the C-Class and the fourth model of this product family which is being built at the Bremen plant, including the AMG versions.
  • Geneva, Feb 29, 2016 - The brand with the three-pointed star unveiled its first highlights ahead of the 86th Geneva International Motor Show at the “Mercedes-Benz Night of Dream Cars”. Making its debut on the eve of the show was the first cabriolet in the history of the C-Class, unveiled in a double world premiere. Rolling into the spotlight alongside the Mercedes-Benz production model was the performance model, the Mercedes-AMG C 43 4MATIC Cabriolet.
  • Stuttgart, Feb 29, 2016 - Mercedes-Benz is launching into the open-air season with the first cabriolet based on the C-Class, thereby rounding off its range of cabriolets with a classic fabric soft top. The new cabriolet's design interprets modern luxury with a youthful touch. Featuring plenty of high-quality details, its distinctive character is most apparent when the top is down. The cabriolet is optionally available with the AIRCAP automatic draught stop system and AIRSCARF neck-level heating – for exceptional comfort during open-top driving 365 days a year.
  • Affalterbach, Feb 29, 2016 - Mercedes-AMG is unveiling the first open-top member of the still young C-Class family in the shape of the new C 43 4MATIC Cabriolet. Just like the C 43 4MATIC Coupé, the all-season Cabriolet features a combination of 270 kW (367 hp) 3.0-litre V6 biturbo engine, fast-acting 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission and standard-fit AMG Performance 4MATIC all-wheel drive.
    Fuel consumption, combined: 8.3 l/100 km; CO2 emissions, combined: 190 g/km
  • Affalterbach, Feb 24, 2016 - Mercedes-AMG has added another sporty model to its C-Class family: the new C 43 4MATIC Coupé. For the highly dynamic driving experience that is the hallmark of the brand the Affalterbach-based development teams have put together a scintillating engineering package: the 270 kW (367 hp) 3.0-litre V6 twin-turbo engine is combined with the new 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission that provides agile gearshifts.
    Fuel consumption, combined: 7.8 l/100 km; CO2 emissions, combined: 178 g/km
  • Guangzhou, Nov 20, 2015 - Mercedes-Benz and smart are continuing along the road to success in China and will be using Auto Guangzhou 2015 for an impressive demonstration of their future potential: Mercedes-Benz models on display at the prominent motor show in the southern Chinese economic centre will include the new GLC, which continues the product initiative in the booming SUV segment, plus the long-wheelbase versions of the S 500 e and C 350 e Plug-In Hybrid Saloons.
  • Stuttgart, Oct 6, 2015 - Athletic and sporty, the vivid, sensual design of the new C-Class Coupé cuts a fine figure on the road and embodies modern luxury. At the same time, its interior raises elegance and style to a sporty level. A dynamically configured chassis, with optional air suspension, forms the basis for a high level of suspension comfort, low road roar and tyre vibration, agile handling, and driving pleasure.
  • Affalterbach, Aug 20, 2015 - Mercedes-AMG is setting a further landmark in the brand history: the new C 63 Coupé is the next step on the way to yet more technical and visual distinctiveness. The far-reaching technical modifications are evident at first sight: strikingly flared front and rear wheel arches, an increased track width and larger wheels give the Coupé a muscular look while at the same time providing a basis for the highly agile longitudinal and lateral dynamics.
  • Stuttgart, Aug 14, 2015 - Mercedes-Benz is adding a Coupé to its C-Class family. Athletic and sporty, the vivid, sensual design of the new Coupé cuts a fine figure on the road and embodies modern luxury. At the same time, its interior raises elegance and style to a sporty level. A dynamically configured chassis, with optional air suspension, forms the basis for a high level of suspension comfort, low road roar and tyre vibration, agile handling, and driving pleasure.
  • Stuttgart/Affalterbach, Jul 22, 2015 - Mercedes-AMG is presenting new AMG accessories: with exclusive attachments and sporty side stripes, the dynamic look of the C 450 4MATIC AMG and the AMG Line models will be further increased. For the C-Class sedan, the exclusive AMG accessories are now available at all retailers. At years end, the corresponding offer will also be available for the C-Class station wagon. An additional program for further body versions and other series follows in 2016.
  • Stuttgart, Jun 30, 2015 - Mercedes-Benz has set a new record for the diesels in the legendary Pikes Peak hill-climb race with a near-production C 300 d 4MATIC: Test driver Uwe Nittel completed the 19.99 km long route which includes more than150 bends at a range in altitude of nearly 1400 metres in just 11.37 minutes.
  • Stuttgart, May 28, 2015 - Since the launch of the C-Class in 1982, Mercedes-Benz has delivered over eight million Saloons and Estates of this model series to customers. The brand has sold more than 250,000 Saloons and Estates of the current, fifth model series alone since it was introduced in 2014. Thus, the C-Class remains the top-selling model in the Mercedes-Benz product portfolio.
  • Stuttgart, Apr 8, 2015 - Mercedes-Benz is introducing a new entry-level model to round off the C-Class family downwards in cost terms. Similarly upping the stakes on the price front are two new cost-efficient four-wheel-drive variants. In terms of output, the new C 300 rated at 180 kW (245 hp) now takes the lead among the four-cylinder models. Yet more power comes with the equally new C 450 AMG 4MATIC, whose V6 engine delivers 270 kW (367 hp). At the same time Mercedes-Benz will be introducing new equipment options for the C-Class.
  • Stuttgart, Mar 17, 2015 - The high level of environmental compatibility of the Mercedes Benz C 350 e has now also been confirmed by the impartial auditors of TÜV Süd, a branch of the German Technical Inspection Agency: the new plug-in hybrid satisfies all criteria of an environmentally responsible product development pursuant to ISO standard TR 14062. The distinction is based on a comprehensive life-cycle assessment of the model, documenting every detail of relevance for the environment.
  • Stuttgart, Feb 2, 2015 - As a plug-in hybrid, the new Mercedes-Benz C 350 e combines an extraordinary level of efficiency, dynamism and comfort. In both its Saloon and its Estate guise, the performance of a sports car makes it a convincing proposition, especially combined with certified consumption figures of just 2.1 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres and a range of up to 31 kilometres in all-electric mode. Both the Saloon and the Estate model are equipped with air suspension and a pre-entry climate control system as standard, delivering a unique level of driving and climate comfort.
  • Stuttgart, Jan 29, 2015 - The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is the best medium-size car, whilst the innovative S-Class is the best car in the luxury category. This is the result of the latest reader survey by the specialist automotive publication "auto, motor und sport". It had asked readers to name the best cars of the year. Mercedes-Benz is continuing a grand tradition, for every year cars with the star earn top places as the readers' favourites.
  • Stuttgart, Jan 14, 2015 - The Mercedes-Benz C-Class has achieved first place in its category in the independent Euro NCAP safety tests for 2014. The Euro NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme) is a key objective source of information on car safety for consumers. The basis on which the Euro NCAP tests are compiled includes a variety of selected crash tests and test programmes.
  • Detroit, Jan 12, 2015 - At the first major motor show of the year, Mercedes-Benz is moving seamlessly forward from a record-breaking year in 2014, when the brand achieved an increase of 12.9 percent and marked the best sales result in company history. The focal point of its appearance at the 2015 North American International Auto Show is the world premiere of the new GLE Coupe, with which Mercedes is launching a product offensive in the globally-booming SUV segment. In addition to many more new models, the inventor of the automobile is also presenting the spectacular F 015 Luxury in Motion research vehicle in Detroit, which caused a sensation at the International CES in Las Vegas just a few days ago.
  • Stuttgart, Jan 12, 2015 - Following its premiere in the S-Class, Mercedes-Benz is now offering its most advanced hybrid technology yet in the C-Class and, for the first time, also in an Estate model. The dynamism and efficiency of the C 350 PLUG-IN HYBRID make it a convincing proposition in both its Saloon and its Estate guise. With a range of 31 kilometres in purely electric mode, local emission-free driving is now a reality. Its four-cylinder petrol engine, in conjunction with a powerful electric motor, gives it a total system output of 205 kW (279 hp) and torque of 600 Nm.
  • Stuttgart, Nov 24, 2014 - Mercedes-Benz wins three categories in Australia's Car of the Year awards. Choosing Australia's best cars traditionally falls to the country's leading car website carsales.com.au.
  • Stuttgart, Nov 19, 2014 - Mercedes-Benz is in the fast lane. This is according to the readers of the German specialist motoring magazine "Auto Zeitung", who have chosen the three latest Mercedes models as the best cars in their class. As a result, the AMG GT, the C-Class and also the S-Class have been awarded the "Auto Trophy 2014" in recognition of their top rankings.
  • Stuttgart, Oct 21, 2014 - Following in the footsteps of its predecessor models, the new generation of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class has been voted Japan's best import car. With this achievement the mid-range series saloon continues an impressive winning tradition.
  • Stuttgart, Sep 30, 2014 - Mercedes-Benz Design has set the tone with four first places in the Automotive Brand Contest 2014. A jury of top experts has awarded four of its highest "Best of Best" accolades to models from Mercedes-Benz.
  • Stuttgart, Sep 25, 2014 - On 27 September, Mercedes-Benz will be launching more exclusive lifestyle vehicles onto the market in the form of the new C-Class estate, the new S-Class coupé and the latest generation of the CLS. The new products impress thanks to their sporty design, high-quality interiors and innovative technology, including new, efficient engines, a curve tilting function in the S-Class coupé and high-resolution MULTIBEAM LED headlamps in the CLS-Class to open up a whole new dimension of Slighting technology.
  • Affalterbach, Sep 24, 2014 - Pure fascination and breathtaking dynamics – the new Mercedes-AMG C 63 sets benchmarks. The high-tech drive, the signature AMG handling and the high level of individuality in equipment choices guarantee an utterly unique driving experience. The top model in the C-Class line-up is driven by a 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine closely related to the power unit that provides breathtaking propulsion in the Mercedes-AMG GT.
  • Affalterbach, Sep 18, 2014 - The story of the high-performance C-Class powered by eight-cylinder engines began in 1997 with the C 43 AMG. The successors in the guise of the C 55 AMG and C 63 AMG underscored the significance of the powerful V8 engines for AMG's brand promise of "Driving Performance". With sales of some 40,000 vehicles, the C 63 AMG is also the best-selling AMG model to date. One thing is clear already: its successor will further raise the bar in terms of performance and fuel consumption.