• Stuttgart/Gonnesweiler(Mosel), Jun 21, 2018 - Mercedes-Benz announces collaboration with the Canadian high-end bike manufacturer, Argon 18, on high-performance endurance bikes. Both companies share the claim as leaders in innovative technology and unique user-experience.
  • Stuttgart, May 25, 2012 - Big wheels are all the rage in the world of bikes. Mercedes-Benz is now kicking off the new season with a "Twentyniner": the new fitness bike sports wheels with a diameter of 29 inches (including tyres). Greater traction, smoother running and enhanced riding stability are the merits of this upscale fitness bike. The high-end 2012 Mercedes-Benz Bike Selection additionally includes a full-suspension mountainbike, a comfortable trekking bike suitable for everyday use and a high-end carbon-fibre racing bike.